Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A little of this, a little of that

It's raining in Germany, again. It's been raining I think for the last 2 or 3 weeks and it's very cool, we're talking 50's and 60's. Right now it's in the 60's but later this week they're calling for mid 50's. This is NOT summer weather. Now being that I am 8 months pregnant I'm not complaining about not sweating to death, oh trust me I appreciate that little fact. But well my kids want to go to the pool, but dang can you imagine how cold that water would be? We do have indoor pools near by and I'm thinking we may have to make a trip to one of them in a few days so we can all get some of this water bug out of our system. With all the rain you can imagine that we're even limited on park days. Yesterday it rained in the morning and then the sun came out and let me tell you I think the whole neighborhood ran out there as fast as possible! LOL We were there for a couple hours and came in and had dinner. We have wooden benches that us Mom's sit on and man they hurt my tush. I guess between the extra weight of the pregnancy, the pressure on my back, it just really rides down hard on my backside and well I am normally so sore by the time we come in all I want to do is sink into my very soft couch!





The boys NEED to get outside and run. I don't get the parents who want to keep their children indoors all the time. They're fools. Seriously there's nothing like letting your kids run themselves ragged, the eat better and they sleep better and they just in general in better moods. We NEED fresh air, we NEED sunlight. Gasp did I just say what's turned into a sinful word in this world..we actually NEED SUN?! Yes, it gives us that little necessary vitamin in our bodies, called Vitamin D and seriously we just all feel better after spending some time out in the sun.




Tomorrow I'm 34 weeks pregnant. I have 3 to 4 weeks left of this pregnancy! I can't believe how fast it's went by. In many ways I feel like I just took that test and got told that I was indeed pregnant. After having baby FEVER for a good 2 years hearing the words "it's positive" was such a true blessing! This pregnancy over all has been so good. She's a very active baby and oh there's nothing like feeling her move inside. I ache for women who can't know this feeling and I pity that men will never know the blessing of feeling their child move, roll, kick, bump in their belly's. Oh God is so gracious to allow us to feel this miracle that he and only He has given us.



Next topic....Independence Day! Well we have a 90% chance of rain so it's obviously going to be a soggy day for us. Chad's going to go pick up steaks to grill, with baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. I'm going to make a chocolate cake with chocolate pudding to go over the top of it for dessert. We've invited Bobbie and her kids over. Chad will grill one way or the other. I need to get my kitchen cleaned up tonight though. It's a mess. Dirty dishes in the sink and I really hate that too, so that'll be all cleaned up so that tomorrow when they come over it's all nice and clean. Then we'll go up to the park here on post (the big one) and join in the celebration. Hopefully it won't rain all day and we can really enjoy being outside. Once it gets dark the fireworks will be set off. We'll take some chairs because there's no way I can stand that whole time or someone just needs to cut off my back and feet. Plus this pregnancy has brought me a whole other new joyous feeling...my thighs go numb. Oh yes, it's a wonderful feeling! It actually gets very painful after a while so sitting is a must. If I stand or just walk for a significant amount of time this happens so I try not to let it happen too often. I know it's the baby's positioning and I know it'll end in just a few more weeks! Anyways, we're all looking forward to tomorrow. Chad will be off tomorrow and Thursday. Of course Thursday we're both going to be coming and going. I have my ob apt. which reminds me I need to talk to Bobbie and see if she can come over and watch for the Culligan man if he's not come by the time I need to go to my ob apt. I am pretty sure they'll be doing the 3-D/4-D ultra sound and I want Chad and the boys there for it. Then that afternoon Chad has his 2nd apt for physical therapy. He had his 1st today and it went well, he said there were some painful moments, but he said it was more of a good pain. He is really happy to be starting this, it's another step in his recovery and he's hoping that in a few weeks he'll be able to start running at his own pace and working out more. He wants to lose some weight and once he does he'll be getting pinned for the next rank up! It's great for him his rank, but I don't wear his rank..I do enjoy the pay jump and it's a nice one! It's a $300.00 pay jump and if you're in the military you know that's one of the BIG ones!!! I have to say I'm looking forward to it! I told Chad that once he's pinned and the pay starts hitting our account he is to set up an allotment for it to go straight to savings. So although it won't "feel" like a pay raise, seeing our savings going up and up and up will feel GREAT!! I hate not having money in savings. We have some but not the amount I'd like. So bring it on I say! LOL


So what am I looking foward to the most this weekend? Friday! Why? Chad is taking our two boys and two of our friends boys out camping and fishing! They'll be about 45 minutes away. Once he gets off work, he'll come home and change and go pick up each boy and off they're going. I know they're all going to have fun and all 5 of them are looking forward to it! I'm looking forward to quietness! I figure it's going to be the last time I'm going to have a chance to be alone until the baby is here. I may invite Bobbie over for dinner and a movie, but I will still have a couple hours of quiet time before she comes and after she goes home. I rarely get a girls night in so that'll be so nice! Chad isn't sure what time they'll be home so I could have a whole morning and afternoon all to myself as well! Wahoo! Maybe I'll go downtown and see if I can find a coming home outfit for the baby! :) Of course I probably should wait for Chad to pick that out. But hey I can go look and at least FIND something and then drag his tush down there next week!!

Ok so now to some really honest to goodness exciting news!! We're going to SWITZERLAND! I'm so excited! We're going next weekend as long as Chad's 4 day pass is approved! My friend Bobbie just went this past weekend. We'll be going to Zurich, it's only 4 hours away! I thought it was farther, which is why we hadn't went yet, but knowing it's so close we're going! Our last official trip before the baby is born! You guys have no idea how excited I am. I've wanted to go to Switzerland since I was 10 yrs old! After the baby is born and we have her passport we'll go back and go to far less tourist hotspot and get far more into Switzerland and what I actually want to explore and see, but just seeing at least some of it thrills me to no end! It's going to be great! I'm really about to burst. I'd leave this weekend and go there if we could! LOL But I'll wait! I promise I'll be taking tons and tons of pictures, as always! I'll keep you updated on whether or not Chad's pass gets approved. It should, as he has so much leave built up that they're all on him to take some. He has to put that in on Friday and trust me I've bugged him quite a bit, so he'll remember with one last loving reminder Friday morning before he goes to work! LOL


Well I guess I should get off of here...I have the dreaded...laundry. Oh I got this great tag from Donna about laundry it's sooo true for our home!

Now can we all say "Amen" to that? I know I can! Man I hate laundry! I have 3 loads i the dryer, 3 in the wash and 2 more waiting to go in and that's all I'm doing today. I'll try to get a couple more done tomorrow, but I'm not going out of my way or anthing tomorrow. Thursday since we'll be home (even if it is off and on) I'll try to finish up because I can promise you once those boy are gone my happy butt is not going up and down those stairs for laundry!! So if I can get it done on Thursday it'll be that much better. I'm sure when they get home I'll have more than enough for another load or two! Man they're going to stink! LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July! God Bless



PS...please continue to pray for Matt and Emily. The pain doesn't just stop because the funeral is done with. Honestly this is when it really starts. Once everyone's went back to their normal routines (work, family, etc) and you're left to try and figure out what to do next. Breathing in and out is sometimes all you can do. Make sure to keep going by Miller Grace's website. Emily's still putting up entries and well who doesn't want to look at that beautiful face of that beautiful baby girl who's resting in the arms of Jesus now?!


I think Emily has it set up so you don't have to put in your email or a password to get on the page, just to leave an entry in the guestbook. So if you had some issue getting in there before, it shouldn't be an issue now.



mumma4evr said...

come visit me sometime!!!!

ukgal36 said...

you sound good Christy..I like that window pic...hope you get to get outside a bit today and enjoy your day tomorrow..i agree with what you said about our families..i wish they could pop in for a visit...<sigh>

sangrialel said...

I can't believe your that close to having the baby!  It went by so fast.  Linda

pixiedustnme said...

wow - he's taking FOUR boys camping.....is the man crazy?!!!  I hope YOU enjoy the time!

acoward15 said...

It's nice to know that it's not just raining in England.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Yay for getting  to go to  switzerland!!! How exciting!
Of course take pics tons of pics... =)  
Can't wait to hear all about it and see pics.

Keeping Matt and Emily in my prayers...
Going to see if i can access the page now...


ksgal3133 said...

Not much longer and your bundle of joy will be in your arms!
ooo switzerland...take lots of pics!
Still praying for Emily and her family. Your so right, the pain doesn't stop with the funeral...it seems to get worse after that.


rdautumnsage said...

I came over by way of Gretchens journal Living In Savannah 2. I love your outlook on life and kids. I'm delighted she nominated you for a Rocker' Girl award, I can see why. I'll definitely be back by to visit again. Keeping your family and unborn child in my prayers on the smoke! Have a wonderful 4th dear heart. (Hugs) Indigo