Monday, July 23, 2007


I've seen this quite a few places, but I grabbed it from

Kelly's Green Olives & Pickle Juice (She's private so hope you're on her list!).


I Live: in Germany

I Work: at home as a mother and wife

I Talk: all the time

I Wish: Jordyn was alive

I Enjoy:  not a lot today

I Look: fat and pregnant

I Find:  that I'm getting grouchier and grouchier everyday.

I Smell:  nothing right now

I Listen:Contemporary Christian 99.9999% of thet ime

I Hide:  a lot more than people know

I Pray:  all the time....

I Walk:  not nearly as much as I should (it just hurts right now)

I Write:  in my journal

I See:  a mess on my desk

I Sing:  a lot

I Laugh:  at my children and friends

I Can:  barely get off the couch

I Watch: too much TV....

I Yearn:  to not have my back hurt

I Daydream: about Jordyn being alive and having this baby girl

I Fall:  going upstairs :X

I Want:  liberals to stop being so stupid

I Cry:  a lot

I Burn:  not much of anything

I Read:  every single day

I Love:  JESUS, my family, and my friends

I Rode:  a train 2 weeks ago 

I Sometimes: think ugly, ugly, ugly thoughts

I Hurt:  more than most know

I Fear:  another of my children dying

I Hope:  to see a cure for childhood cancer in my lifetime

I Break:  down here and there

I Eat:  way, way,way too much

I Bathe: normally every other day

I Drink: water

I Stop:  at stop signs ;)

I Save:  too much

I hug: my kids

I Meditate:  never

I Play:  online too much

I Miss:  Jordyn so much it hurts

I Hold: my children

I Forgive:  not very easily sometimes

I Drive: right now a BMW car, but hopefully soon my minivan again.

I Learned:  that not all that happens makes sense in this lifetime

I Dream:  that one day no other parent will have to bury their child

I Have: many blessings

I Don't:  understand a lot of people (especially those who claim to support our troops but not this CAN'T have it both ways)

I Made:  lunch today

I Believe: that Jesus is the only way to heaven..the ONLY way.

I Wait:  for this baby to call

I Need:  peace and quiet

I Owe:  my life to Christ

I Hate:  stupidity

I Feel:  VERY pregnant

I Know:  that Jesus died for me

I Wonder:  why so many people don't care that children are dying from cancer.

I Applaud: Chad for being brave enough to be a US Soldier and fighting this war and actually BELIEVES in what he fights for and "GASP" he's actually BEEN there!

I Love: Jesus, My family, and my friends


mumma4evr said...

I hear that many Moms feel fat and ugly and grouchy towards the end of the pregnancy......
I still think you are beautiful...

happysunshien said...

::sigh:: to be pregnant again.... want the baby without the pregnancy?  guess i am waiting for


jckfrstross said...

love all of the answers


rdautumnsage said...

Wonderful, gives me a chance to get to know you better. (Hugs) Indigo

sangrialel said...

I will have to do this one w hen I get the c hance.  Linda