Saturday, July 28, 2007

Man oh man

Well first off I changed my to get ready for this girl and well it's been 7 yrs since I've had a little girl living in my home. I think in so many ways I'm just numb to this reality. I've prayed for this gift for so long and we're almost to the point of meeting her. None of you can possibly understand exactly the feelings I have going through me. I can't find the words actually.

So Chad went down to the storage room and went through almost all of the boxes and totes. We found one box that had a mixture of sleepers a few outfits, but not everything. He's not done there are a few more, but we're just really perplexed as to where they're at. I was having contractions when we were down there so I had to come up before he was done. I was able to throw two loads into the washer. Oh we also got 4 loads of just our clothes washed. I still have at least that many if not more of ours to wash still, we'll get them all done over the next couple of days. I just want the rest of Jordyn's clothes found. You don't understand all the beautiful clothes we have for her that this little girl can wear and it's just driving me up the wall that they're not found yet. So please will you all pray that Chad finds Jordyn's clothes.


Right now Chad is at the commissary grabbing a few things for dinner tonight. So after dinner and all is cleaned up we'll both go back down there and hopefully we can find her clothes. The good thing is that we've pulled out somethings to get rid of. Jacob ran to the reclycling area twice so far for us. I also found a box of clothes that we're getting rid of. They're baby stuff, but just in terrible shape. I know I never put them on any of my babies. I think they're one of those things that someone gave us and I meant to get rid of and managed never they're going as well. They're in such bad shape that I'll put them into recycling as well, I could never give them to someone they're in horrible shape.

Oh the contractions are still coming, nothing strong now that I'm sitting. More braxton hicks actually. I came up here drank some water and put my feet up so all is well don't worry! I would like a little bit of chocolate right now! :)


happysunshien said...

:)  i need to think about dinner....thinking bout doing something on my stone....


emabecmar said...

glad you found some of the clothes. hope you find the rest of them. i'm making stuffed cornish game hens for dinner, with wold rice and corn on cob. sitting down with feet up is a good thing. ya had to mention chocolate huh, lol. now i am craving a reeses peanut butter cup, lol. (((((hugs))))))

pixiedustnme said...

see, now I can't even be made at you for posting so many times in one day because I'm going to worry about those clothes!  Oh sweetie!!  I hope he finds them, I know how much a part of you they are.  I so wish there were many more years of hand-me-downs for Edith Lucy to wear.  It breaks my heart that yet another truly happy event in your life is forever shadowed by the great hurt you carry in your heart.  I just cannot wait for this little girl to get here!

ksgal3133 said...

I hope you all can find those clothes!
Sending you many prayers,

deshelestraci said...

Hope you find what you are looking for!

springangel235 said...

I hope by now you have found the rest of the is so frustrating I know.  I had Braxton Hicks contractions with my first child...they feel so real.  Hope you have a good week ahead...hugs and love,