Tuesday, July 31, 2007






Well it's 7 pm here in Germany and my day has been good for the most part. I got up this morning and took Jacob to soccer camp which is every day this week from 9-11 and Jackson played, mostly he ran around the track...so he got pretty tired out himself! LOL





We came home had lunch. Then they got back to work on the playroom. Seriously it's sooo not a mess but because they want to mess around it's taken them now TWO days. They have 20 minutes from right now to finish or they're both getting spankings and hard ones at that. I'm done playing with them. They both still have clothes to put away before they go to bed tonight.





Today I reswept the bathroom (it's just an everyday chore...when the cat walks out of the litter box he drags litter out with him because he's too lazy to shake his feet off as he gets out...stupid cat!). I swept the hall way that's just outside of the bathroom because of course he drags litter through there. I vacuumed the carpet in our  bedroom and swept the hardwood in our bedroom. I vacuumed the dining room, where the bird flings his birdseed (what is it with messy animals???), and of course under the table because my children get messy too! I revacuumed the livingroom, it wasn't really necessary but figured I'm doing it might as well! I swept the dining room floor (hardwood), and the kitchen. I emptied the dishwasher and loaded it and it's running now! I'm about to start dinner (yep it's late, but that's ok). Oh and I picked up the dirty clothes that the boys just threw into the hall way and put them in the basket that I emptied of their clean clothes (they're laying on my bed to be put away). Chad has another load of clothes and a load of towels to do tonight! The laundry should be all done tonight though.



Tomorrow I have PWOC in the morning, then I plan on backing my hospital bag! :) I invited my friend Bobbie and her kids over for dinner, I'm making the Taco Ring via Pampered Chef! :) Thanks Kelly!! Chad's going to make some guacamole dip for him and Bobbie and the kids to eat (I don't like it so I won't be eating the dip). I told Chad no leftovers so....what ever doesn't get ate either goes home with Bobbie or goes to the trash.

Well Chad's home so I better get into the kitchen and start working on dinner! I'm making Round Steak and Tomato Gravy (it's soooo good!)...I might be back later, we'll see! :)


Oh before I forget.....Chad will NOT be updating on here. He does not access my journal because as he said "this is YOUR place and I won't go there". So sorry, you'll either check with Kelly or you'll just simply have to wait until I'm home from the hospital.



Monday, July 30, 2007

So Far Today

Well I'm in a MUCH better mood this time around!: ) Aren't you glad! LOL These mood swings are really ugly and I have got to get it under control, even if it's just 4 more days, yes 4 more days! Actually at this point more like 3 1/2...but anyways! I'm sorry I'm being so ugly. This is a good place for me to come and just get it out.

So what all have we gotten accomplished. My bathroom looks SPECTACULAR! Well the floor and walls anyways! I do need to clean the mirror and sink. We have a nice bathroom, nice size, it was redone before we moved in...it's nice but the sink the tiniest thing shows up on it which stinks. I'll clean it later tonight because I'm taking a well deserved break from cleaning! I hand washed that whole bathroom floor! Then Chad went back in for me a few minutes ago and reswept it. He's going to scoop the litter box when he gets back from the boys haircuts (they just left for them). The sink and mirror will take a grand total of maybe 5 minutes! I cleaned the toilet too...I mean really scrubbed that sucker inside and out. Now if we can just get the males in this house to constantly hit INSIDE the toilet I will have complete success! LOL It looks great though! I swept (with a broom) the dining room area, the kitchen (and swiffered the kitchen). I do want to hand wash the kitchen as well, but I don't know if I have the energy for it. We'll see it's obviously a lot bigger than the bathroom so it'll take a lot more work. I've thought about getting the boys to do it! LOL Good training, their future wives will love me!

Chad got 4 loads of laundry washed, 4 are in the washer. We got baby clothes folded and put away! We have yet to find the rest of Jordyn's clothes, but Chad's not had a chance to look yet. He said that if he doesn't get them found before we have to go on Thursday that he promises that when he comes home Sunday night  he'll go back in there and go through the rest of the boxes and he'll wash everything! He knows how particular I am on laundry so he'll do a good job! I get very controlling about the laundry which is why I'm normally the only one that actually washes them and puts them into the dryer. I will wash things until I get stains out, and 99.999% of the time I get the stains out, even old/dryer dried in ones. Make sense?! LOL I don't give up! LOL IF we can't find the clothes that means they're in Kansas in our storage shed at my parents...so if that's the case my mom will be going in there and pulling them out and mailing them to me. I know it's going to be pricey but still cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe when I have so many beautiful outfits that can be used for this little girl. I have enough to get us by and darn it if I just HAVE to go buy her a few other things I suppose I can force myself to do that! ROFL!!

The living room and dining room are all nice and clean. All the dirty clothes are done, like I said Chad took the last of them down to the laundry room. I do have a few more baby things that we picked up yesterday for her an outfit and some onsies to wash. Oh and I have to wash diapers...I will do that either tonight or tomorrow. We do cloth diapers! These aren't the cd's from when we were babies...oh no these are cute! No pins, no ugly awful rubber pants...these are just too stinking wonderful! I've used CD's on all my kids at some point. Jack was the most cd'd out of all of them. Before Jack I didn't know of all the work at home mom's (WAHM) that make them and oh let me tell you, they're an addiction! If you have a baby or will be having one and are interested in cloth diapering let me know, I have tons of sites! If you can control yourself it CAN be a lot cheaper than disposables, they're obviously better for your baby since no disgusting chemicals are up against their precious tushes vs disposables that are so full of chemicals. So anyways...I will wash those tomorrow.

Chad has to take our old reclyner and cario cabinet down to the basement and I need to put away my Polish Pottery that I bought when my parents were here! (GASP) it's still in the box! ROFL! oops! Oh I do need to clean my desk off still, but it won't take long actually. I will do that here in a little bit.

Now it's figuring out what we're going to have for dinner. I wanted to make round steak and tomato gravy, but I don't have any steak...so we'll have that tomorrow! :) I'm now thinking of tuna and noodles..it's easy and I have everything for it! I am thinking Wednesday I'll make the Pampered Chef Taco Ring...sounds so good! Then no more cooking for me for about 2 or more weeks! Wahoo!! 

Oh I did forget, we did find an outfit for her to come home in. I was going to share it, but decided I'll just wait until she's in it! Tomorrow I'm going to pack my bag. I want to make sure I have everything, especially since I'm going to be there for an eternity! Oh ok I AM exaggerating, but come on...I'll be there at min. 7 full days maybe longer and we know in the US you're out of there a lot sooner baring no complications! I'm not looking forward to the long stay, but I AM going to try to make the best of it. I've told all of our friends to feel free and come visit and about 10 so far have said they'll be coming so it'll be nice to know I have something to look forward to! Once we're home I know we'll have more visitors and PWOC will be providing us with meals! :) So that'll be nice. Once I'm home I will post some pictures of our new little girl on here and share her name!  Kelly should get an email from Chad so you might want to check her out to find out her name...at the latest he'll email her on Sunday.

Oh Chad also went and ordered the pictures that the boys and I had taken on Friday. I think I talked about that...it's pictures of ultimately my baby belly and the boys with their hands on my belly. They turned out really good. They will be back about the time I get home from the hospital. I don't know if I'll share them on here because that's very personal, but a few special people will get to see them.

Ok...well unless I'm totally inspired I'm done journaling for the day. I know  Kelly is happy as she seems to have issue's staying up with alerts. Not like she has a life, child, school, or work. Man...she really needs to get her priorities in order! LOL ;)

Have a good Monday!


Why do I have to yell and feel like I'm actually losing my mind before anything gets done? I've yelled at all 3 of the males in my life today too, no one seems to be off limits. Chad came home with the boys from Jacob's soccer camp and wants to just sit around not doing anything. I'd vacuumed, had actually just finished about 2 minutes before he walked into the door. It seems if I'm on my feet more than 5 to 10 minutes the contractions start up so I'm trying to do small tasks here and there vs lots of big things for long periods of time. I know I don't get near as much personally accomplished and it's bugging me, because it leaves more on the plates of Chad and the boys, but my gosh I'm 4 freaking days away from having this baby..a little help without me having to tell every single person here what exactly NEEDS and MUST be done would be nice.

He actually took out all the trash. I've been working on the bathroom. I swept it all out and good grief it was a freaking mess. We have I think the worlds most disgusting cat ever. He just will not wipe his feet when he leaves the litter box, I don't get it at all and it drives me insane. I can't stand this cat and let me tell you cats in general are one of my favorite animals...but Pounce is in a different league, he's so stinking aggrevating. So I got all the litter up. Then I took the swiffer wet jet and used that, now I'm working on hand washing the floor. The swiffer does a pretty good job, but not good enough. I think we all know that sometimes a floor just has to be cleaned on your hands and knee's. It's horrible, but it's necessary. So I'm doing that. This is my 2nd break, because my knee's, back, and stomach all start hurting and the contractions start up so I'm getting in a break and will finish in just a minute. Our bathroom isn't even that big.

I have to go check and see if Chad took out the recylcing before he left, probably not. @@ If not then Jacob will be taking that out. Jacob cleaned up the toys and things scattered throughout the livingroom and dining room and Jackson's in the playroom picking up toys.

Oh Chad also cleaned out the recylcing bin, Jack decided it was the trash and threw an apple and some other garbage in it and oh it was disgusting...it was definately a must for being cleaned.

But...none of this happened without me asking nicely a few times and after no one getting up I started losing it...amazing everyone jumps and does it. Oh I also got told I'mthe meanest mom that lives...which is fine. I am not being a parent to win a popularity contest. Jacob did get in trouble for his ugly tone. I don't put up with disrespect. This isn't a democracy household by any means.

Ok well I better get back to the bathroom. Then I need to put laundry away, oh fun..the joys of the most hated chore in this house by me. I'd pay someone so much money to wash, dry, fold, and put away my laundry. I just can't stand doing it. But no one else here seems to be capable. For some reason Chad can't figure out how to put anyone elses clothes up besides his own, amazing how I can do that. @@@

Yep, I'm annoyed and grouchy. Emily if you're reading this...sorry I know I told you I'd try not to be. It worked until they came home! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Name Is.....

Ok so I'm tired of being pestered, you all want to know her name huh? Really are you SURE you can't wait to here her name? You're all so very impatient. Man ok well here it is:



Dora Elora Manora :)


Sorry suckers, it's not coming out until she's here. Despite both of the pesky Kelly's in my life!

Man oh man

Well first off I changed my colors...got to get ready for this girl and well it's been 7 yrs since I've had a little girl living in my home. I think in so many ways I'm just numb to this reality. I've prayed for this gift for so long and we're almost to the point of meeting her. None of you can possibly understand exactly the feelings I have going through me. I can't find the words actually.

So Chad went down to the storage room and went through almost all of the boxes and totes. We found one box that had a mixture of sleepers a few outfits, but not everything. He's not done there are a few more, but we're just really perplexed as to where they're at. I was having contractions when we were down there so I had to come up before he was done. I was able to throw two loads into the washer. Oh we also got 4 loads of just our clothes washed. I still have at least that many if not more of ours to wash still, we'll get them all done over the next couple of days. I just want the rest of Jordyn's clothes found. You don't understand all the beautiful clothes we have for her that this little girl can wear and it's just driving me up the wall that they're not found yet. So please will you all pray that Chad finds Jordyn's clothes.


Right now Chad is at the commissary grabbing a few things for dinner tonight. So after dinner and all is cleaned up we'll both go back down there and hopefully we can find her clothes. The good thing is that we've pulled out somethings to get rid of. Jacob ran to the reclycling area twice so far for us. I also found a box of clothes that we're getting rid of. They're baby stuff, but just in terrible shape. I know I never put them on any of my babies. I think they're one of those things that someone gave us and I meant to get rid of and managed never to...so they're going as well. They're in such bad shape that I'll put them into recycling as well, I could never give them to someone they're in horrible shape.

Oh the contractions are still coming, nothing strong now that I'm sitting. More braxton hicks actually. I came up here drank some water and put my feet up so all is well don't worry! I would like a little bit of chocolate right now! :)

A little better mood

I definately needed to get that vent out last night. Now don't go thinking it was an "attack" on all of you, because some of those comments I was venting over are ones I've been hearing in my daily/real life as well! Add on tired, cranky, and couldn't sleep and well you got to see a whole other side of Christy! LOL

I did sleep good though last night and think it's partly because I got out my frustration last night. I slept until 8:30 this morning and then came to the living room and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up at 10:30 and Chad and the boys were in our bedroom playing on the playstation (they're only allowed to play on it on Saturday's). Chad's been busy folding clothes, although I think they're just all stacked up on our bed waiting for me to put away....oh yeah @@ LOL I will go do it here in a bit. If I could just sleep all day I would. I still feel so tired. I know, I know..I'm pg of course I'm tired. I just have no energy what's so ever. Chad also seperated clothes, is about to go to the commissary, and is going to take the laundry down, and the most important thing he's going to pull the baby clothes out like I've been asking him to do now for WEEKS! Finally!

Oh great the man decided that hot dogs for the boys lunch is fitting. I HATE hotdogs over all. They're horrible for you, they smell terrible. Ugh...I feel grouchiness hitting harder again. Great...my families just going to love me!


I'm off, I have to get out of this room, all I'm doing is gagging.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Ok this is a warning now...I'm in a bad mood and I'm planning on not holding any punches back, so if you think I may step on your toes...just be prepared. I don't want any ugly comments or pity ones, and I'm not...repeat NOT asking for advice. This is MY journal and I can vent in it and if you don't like it...see that red "X" up there in the right hand corner...close it out!


I'm sick of people thinking that because a woman is pregnant they can make comments to her about how big she is. Does anyone think a pregnant woman ENJOYS being told they "look like you're about to explode" " haven't you had that baby yet" (does it look like it???), "wow you're going to pop", "what were you due yesterday?", etc, etc, etc WHO thinks any of these things are nice? Do you THINK a 9 month pregnant woman WANTS to hear a single one of those? Guess what WE DO NOT! If that's all you can say...shut your mouths and keep your thoughts to youself. You don't see me walking up to a fat man and saying "wow you look like you're going to explode, having gastric by-pass tomorrow"? (Hey I'm not just pregnant I'm overweight too, so don't get your panties up in a bunch over that either)...I don't say that to total strangers or even people I know, because it's RUDE. Actually I did respond to a guy who made one of those comments (as an example) the other day. I was ticked.

Oh and when did it become against the law to want your house in order before you leave it for a min of 7 days? What am I crazy for not wanting to come home to a messy house? If I was going on vacation I'd be absolutely no different. Any of you who read how I was before my parents came, know that I am no Martha Stewart but when the time calls for it....I get the place cleaned up. It's not a falling around me total mess, but it's NOT as clean as I'd like it to be...anytime much less when I'm about to go into the hospital for 7 to 9 days (I'm in Germany people....NOT The US...they keep you forever and a day ok). I don't want to come home to a dirty bathroom, messy kitchen, dirty clothes, or clothing that needs to be put away. If I was nesting I'd be doing it all myself...I'm not, I'm making Chad do it! I'm doing what I can, but when my back starts literally SCREAMING after standing for more than a few minutes, I have to rest and ultimately it's easier and faster for Chad to do these things. Over all he doesn't mind, he's just a horrible procrastinator like I am (except for when he's at work...which is actually something else that's on my nerves. He can get things done when they need to at work, but I have to ask him 50 million stinking times here at home. Oh I really better not go there because I'm just going to get even more annoyed). Again do any of you think someone who's a week away from having her baby wants to HEAR "oh you're nesting". I'm not a freaking bird ok. I'm a woman who's now 5 days from being admitted to the hospital and 6 days from having a c-section who'd just like a clean house when she leaves. I don't expect or demand perfection, just want things done. I know when this baby is coming. She won't be coming early, I just know how many days I have left, I know how my husband and children work, and I know my limits....I also know this is my place to come and vent, etc

Ok...so I'm done for now. I better get to bed, since I told Kelly I was going oh an hour and a half ago! Don't get mad..the other Kelly started talking to me, so blame her! LOL See I still have some of a sense of humor left, just not much of one. Oh and I have heartburn...and EVERYTHING gives it to me. Including now I've discovered WATER! Yes...water. As if Chocolate giving it to me wasn't  bad enough! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and yes I know it's caused by my pregnancy! This isn't my first...it's my fourth and I'm not stupid!


Ok officially I'm done ranting.

a little of this a little of that

Well to start off with...my back hurts bad right now. I could really use a good back massage, looking foward to Chad being home soon! It's 7 pm and I have no idea what we're having for dinner. I need to clean, but you guys have no idea how tired I am. I just feel really blah. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited about the baby coming and it's not that I'm not...trust me I am so happy about her coming. I just think I'm in kind of shock as well. It doesn't seem real that a week from today she'll be here in my arms. This pregnancy went by very quickly.

Oh did I mention I'm tired? So tired. I fell asleep about midnight last night, which for those who really know me, know that's early for me. I woke up at a little after 7 this morning, yeah I wasn't really thrilled. My back was hurting so I did my trip to the bathroom, then out to the couch I came. I thought well I'd just lay down there and fall asleep, but that didn't happen. I turned on the tv and watched that off and on, then Jacob woke up about 8 and I let him watch cartoons, then about 8:30 Jack was up. I was ok until about 9 when WHAM I could barely keep my eyes open so I found myself drifting in and out of sleep, the boys were watching Chicken Run right beside me (we were all on the couch)...about 10 I was finally able to just simply keep my eyes open so I got up, got a shower, ironed my shirt, got the boys dressed (actually Jacob dressed himself) and then at 11:45 we were off. Chad set up an apt. for the boys and I to have our picture taken. He wanted a picture of them with their hands on my belly...so we did that. I didn't pick anything out, since this was something he really wanted. I had wanted him to be in a couple, but although the battalion had a 4 day weekend, he had to make a run up to K-town which is about a 3 hr drive, so on Monday we'll go order what pics we want and I will see if Kimberly can fit in a short session of the two of us with the belly..we'll see. It's the first time we've had professional pregnancy pictures done. The ones of the boys and I turned out really good. I think Chad will be happy with them.

Oh Chad got some of the bathroom cleaned for me. Now I'm really big on what kind of cleaning products I allow in my home. I don't use store bought stuff. I only use melalueca because it's not toxic. But.....with bathrooms aka showers/tubs sometimes stuff goes on in there and although when we've lived in the states I've never had this issue for some reason here it's a big issue...mildew. UGH! So I had bought bleach a while back, kept it in the storage room all locked up and Chad went and got a squirt bottle and filled it with water and bleach and cleaned the tub and got all the mildew off. I did find some places while showering this morning that he missed so I'll have him get those tomorrow. Last night when he did it my gosh the smell coming out of the bathroom was horrendous! He had the window open, but he obviously needed a fan in there too. Oh and he stunk too, so he took a shower before going to bed because I was gagging. I HATE bleach and hate the smell of it. It doesn't smell "clean" to be it just smells like the poison it is! He still has to pull everything out of the bathroom, sweep and he promised me he's going to get on his hands and knee's and clean the floors! I just NEED that done! LOL I'd do it if I could actually get up from the floor on my own, but well lets just say that's not happening right now!

I think we have something tomorrow to do, but honestly I just can not remember for the life of me. My memory is officially gone by the way. This girl has sucked away any and all brain cells I have left, and considering that the boys seem to suck tons of those brain cells away daily I'm not doing so well in the thinking and remember department. Anyways...I'm really hoping we have nothing to do, so I can get things accomplished that HAVE to be done. Chad just doesn't seem to be getting that we're done to the wire here. I've been after him to pull out the baby clothes so I can get them washed and put away...no the man still hasn't. I would if I could reach them, but they're under other totes and in the back of the storage room too...of course!! So that just simply HAS to be done and done tomorrow or I WILL lose my mind. I'm hoping we can get most of the housework done tomorrow through Monday. He works Tuesday and Wednesday and then Thursday morning we're off to the hospital.

Jacob starts soccer camp on Monday that's from 9-11 everyday. I have made arrangements for Thursday and Friday for him, a friend who's son is also going to be in soccer camp will pick him up and take him. I just want everything, absolutely everything done by Wednesday. I'm hoping to do a small load of laundry Wed evening after we've all showered so that I can get it washed, dried, and put away before going to bed. I also need to make sure Bobbie will come and feed and water our bird and cat! I totally forgot about them!LOL Emily will laugh as she HEARS our bird when we talk on the phone and probably wonders how I could forget about his loudness...but I did! LOL If she just came every other day that'll be fine, at least through the weekend...then Chad should be home at some point everyday to take care of it.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

A girl could get used to this :)





The boys are gone and will be for a while still. They went with my friend Bobbie to a Wildlife park for the day. I had decided not to go being 37 weeks pregnant and not being able to walk for long amounts of time, etc. I figure after little miss is born and I've recovered we'll go and check it out again!





I had a pedicure this morning at 10:00 am! It was wonderful! Just your basic pedicure, but my friend Bobbie gave me a gift certificate so it was even better considering I didn't even have to pay for it! :) My feet are all nice and soft now and the nails are all pretty and painted! It feels good to be pampered. After the baby is born I'm going back and I'll have a manicure done too. I didn't waste my time on a manicure today because I am not allowed to have nail polish on my finger nails during the c-section, so I figured I'll wait and have both done again in maybe a month or so. I actually have a full day at the spa GC which includes massage, pedicure, and manicure, and eye brow waxing. So me and miss No Name ;) will go in and get pampered! I have thought about giving Chad the massage though because even after I have the baby I won't be able to lay comfortably on my stomach (I'll be nursing so there will be an issue there! )




After my pedicure I went over to the thrift store and they're having a great sell! Any clothes that have white tags, you can put into a plastic bag for $2.00! I got the boys about 20 or so shirts and got me 4 or 5 shirts...for 2.00! I also got the boys some books, they were each .25 cents! Jacob's wanting some fun books to read, so 4 of them are for him and one of them is for both the boys!

After I left there I was headed to see if I could find Chad. He ended up being right behind me! So I pulled into the medical clinic parking lot and we went to lunch! While at lunch friends came in and we all sat together, chatted and laughed. It was so nice.





On a more serious note as I asked last night keep praying for Emily. Today marks 4 weeks since Miller Grace went home. Emily put up a heart-wrenching update on Miller Grace's website: www.caringbridge.org/visit/millergracecassetty If you've never lost a child you simply can't imagine, you can never even almost understand/relate, etc...but you can pray for them. Grieving isn't pretty, there will be "Good days" but there's plenty of ugly, hard ones as well and most don't like or want to hear about those hard ones but they're real, they're unavoidable, and if one doesn't go through them IMO it's denial. Emily's not in denial. She's going through her grief, she misses her baby. She has 2 little girls that can fill up her arms, but they're still empty in so many ways. So keep praying for her.


I hope you each have a nice day, while remembering that for most of you you're worst day is a good day for those who are suffering.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On my way to bed...

but before I go I want to ask that you keep Emily in your prayers tonight, tomorrow, and Friday.

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since Miller Grace went home and started Dancing With Jesus. These are days that as much as we wish they didn't exist, they do. They hurt, they're often ugly, and you just have to do what you can to get through it.

Friday was Miller Grace's due date.

Please just keep Emily (and her family) in your prayers. I don't know exactly what she's going through. This is HER pain, her grief. Miller Grace is her baby girl. She carried her in her womb for 35 weeks and got to know her in ways that no one else was ever able to, she then had 5 of the most precious days probably of Emily's life with her. No matter if she'd had 5 days or 5 yrs this hurts. Emily's heart is broken and only God can give her peace.

Grief is something that Emily's walking in right now. Wrap her in your prayers and love.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2 years!



I realized today that yesterday marked 2 yrs since the boys and I arrived in Germany. In so many ways I can't believe it's been two years and yet in so many ways it feels like we've been here longer. I love living here...it's home for us right now. I just feel that we're SUPPOSED to be here.






God has truly been so gracious to us to allow us to return to Germany after everything has happened in our lives. For those who don't know, we were at a different Army post, but in Germany when Jordyn was dx with Leukemia. She was treated at a German hospital for 6 weeks until it was safe for her to fly and then off we began the next part of our lives back in the states. Chad and I both loved our short time in Germany (we were only here for 6 months before she was dx...well Chad was here longer but he'd been deployed so he was here over a year by the time he actually left). Anyways....we prayed that God would bring us back here and he has. Different base, but so wonderful. God's graced me with some of the most wonderful friends here in our community. We just truly feel at peace here.

When he leads us back home to the states I know it'll be time, but I pray we're here for 4 more years (we have 1 more year of this enlistment and we really want to stay an additional 3 yrs). If it's in his will then we will get to stay. We still have so many places to see and explore!







So I didn't really write yesterday. I had an ugly day yesterday. I went to bed hurting, annoyed, etc Sunday night and woke up yesterday still feeling like that and the official bad mood had set in and I was in it all day long. I had a FRG meeting last night that was short. Said goodbye to the old leader and hello to the new one. Hopefully she'll like being the leader. They're still looking for a treasurer, but I just am not stepping up into that role I have enough on my plate the way it is without dealing with money, although I do think the new leader will not try and do under handed things, but I have enough on my plate from homeschooling, being a wife and mom in general, a new baby, PWOC weekly, being on the PWOC board, having monthly board meetings and other requirements that my board position requires. PWOC is where my heart is as far as volunteering. Plus I volunteer with a lot of the children's ministry at church. I'm still trying to decide where I want to help out at as far as Awana is concerned next year. My heart is saying continue on as the Sparks Director if the chaplain wants me there, but I want to be open to where ever he wants me at. Part of me says step down and just be a listener, I don't know. I haven't spent a great deal of time in prayer over this and need to and just let GOD take care of it, because I know he will! :)






Today so far I was up and going fairly early. I'm normally up by 8 or so, but actually being "AWAKE" and active that's a whole other conversation. Today I was up and showered and out the door by 9:15 and at the chapel for a PWOC board meeting. In case I haven't mentioned it, I LOVE PWOC! We are so blessed on our post to have the PWOC we do. It's just such a loving group of women. Sometimes at different posts you'll find this invisible (sometimes it's NOT invisible) wall between enlisted and officers families/wives. Where we're stationed at, it's such a small post that it's hard to have that wall in the first place, and at PWOC we're so mixed and no one cares. It's that simple, it's NOT an issue. For those who don't know we're an enlisted family! I have been so blessed by the mix of my friends from high ranking officers wives to low enlisted wives...it just doesn't matter. What our husband's rank is does not have and should NEVER have baring for who we are in Christ. We are who he makes us and if we're instead making ourselves into the rank that's on our husband's uniform what in the world are we doing? Our board is mixed between a JAG officers wife as our president (who's the absolute best, I LOVE her!!) to a chaplains wife (who again I love so much!!!) to a wife who's husband is an E-4 aka Specialist...we're all over the place and then we actually have 2 ladies on our board who are not military spouses. One is a wonderful German woman who lives here (born and raised) but spends 99% of her time with us American's, she's the Co-chair for the Praise and Worship and then another who is married but her husband came over here on a contract job and got as absolutely involved in our community as possible and is Co-chair for participation. All the ladies on the board are just such a blessing. This is my 2nd full year on the board (I took over in March '06 not knowing what in the world I was doing and continued all last year and was asked to stay in my position as Outreach for this coming year!).




So anyways...had my board meeting this morning which btw last night I was dreading getting up for, but God woke me up before my alarm and I was actually in a good mood! Wahoo! I had to run and change the date for the Mom's Morning Out (a PWOC outreach) just a few days, then came home, made lunch, Jacob did his math, Jack took his nap, and I'm now having some quiet time here. Jacob's playing his video game, and the bird is singing and starting to get on my nerves. (Anyone want a canary that sings constantly, sounds like a mixture of a cell phone and car alarm...seriously ask Emily!).






When Chad gets home we're going shopping! Yes! Well as long as he doesn't have to work too late, aka so late that the stores are closed. Now remember we're in Germany and things close early so that's completely possible. We're hopeful he won't have to work too late, actually while I think about it I'm calling him right now to check and see how his afternoon is going and see if he has a clue on what time he'll be getting home! Ok he's going to be home at 5 or so..good deal so shopping we will go! Chad reminded me of a store in the atrium that is a baby store and has the most beautiful and just simply adorable clothes so we're going there to hopefully find her an outfit and if not we'll head downtown to C&A and H&M and see what we can find for her there! Wahoo!




Oh I did no laundry today! :X I still need to put our clothes up, I could get off of here and do it, but I'm leaning more towards when we get home and doing it then. Jack's napping right now and I'm not risking waking that boy up. I should say I did do laundry yesterday though...4 loads!





Oh so just be prepared this is turning out longer than I figured it'd be! Tomorrow I'm picking up a military wife's mom, the wife is Germany but living in the states now and her mom has a care package for her, but it's so expensive to mail from the German post office so she emailed me and asked if I could take her mom to our post office and mail it. Since my van is still broke down (Chad did go by the Ford dealership, but now is calling the US to see about getting the part...they want aprox $1,000.00 for it here and it's a $350.00 part in the US.worst comes to worst we have it sent to my parents and they mail it to us, it'll still be cheaper! Just insane I tell you). So anyways...I just have the BMW which is a great car, but it's a car and can't fit 2 kids in carseats and 3 adults so my friend Aimee is going to watch the boys for me while I do this. Aimee was happy to, which I've watched her boys quite a few times and Chad took her oldest camping with her so she said I've been over due in asking! I normally ask Bobbie, because she's pretty well right across the street and has a mini van so if she needs to take the boys with her somewhere, she can. Aimee's son (her oldest) goes to a German school so sometimes that schedule of picking him up conflicts when I've needed help, but tomorrow it works out PERFECTLY! I can bring them home, feed them lunch, pack them a few snacks and she'll call me when she gets home picking up S from school! Her oldest and Jacob are great friends and Jackson has declared that her younger son E is his best friend and E has said the same thing about Jack...so it works out absolutely perfect! Chad will be at work so if need be she can call him, and if he gets off work before I'm done and back he'll go and pick them up. I'm truly so blessed by my friends!





Oh. oh, oh I forgot to tell you this! Bobbie and I were at the park Sunday evening talking and she said her and Aimee are going to throw me a baby shower after the baby is born! She told me to let her know of what day works for me! I was so touched. I had 3 showers for Jordyn, none for the boys well not really. I was working at the bank when I had Jacob and they went above and beyond in gifts for him, but no formal shower, and nothing to celebrate Jackson's life...so the fact that they want to celebrate this little girls arrival is so touching to me. I don't need gifts, but to know they all want to celebrate with me! Not sure where they're doing it at...I am going to ask Bobbie not to do it here, hopefully the Yellow Ribbon Room or one of their homes! I'm just so touched by their love! Bobbie said they wanted it to be a surprise, but they want to make sure I don't go and make plans! :)






Oh my best friend from high school had her baby girl yesterday! She has a teenage step daughter,and two sons (her biologically), and now this little surprise! She found out she was pg 2 weeks before her scheduled tubal ligation! God had other plans obviously! She's absolute beautiful. Her sister emailed me and said that they hadn't chosen her name yet...it's between Ava and Addison. All their kids have A names. Kendra had her oldest son when we were 18 (it happens to the good girls too) she was dx with hodgkins disease in her 1st trimester with him, his name is Aaron. She married Aaron's dad when she was done with chemo and Aaron was almost a year old. A little over a month after they got married he decided he didn't want to be married. To say I wanted to kill him is putting it lightly. Kendra and I more or less lived together for about 6 months after that, as she figured out what her next step was. She ended up moving in with her parents for a few months, went back to school, got her CNA, met her husband Chris..they dated for a year...she went back to school got her LPN, he went to college and got his degree (something in computers), they bought a house...they had Adam (who I got to actually WATCH come into this world and let me tell you that was one of the most amazing things I've ever been witness to!Hey I've only had c-sections had to see it for myself and guess what ladies...it's totally possible to push a baby from there! ROFL...seriously it was such a beautiful and amazing gift that Kendra allowed me to experience with her). This little girl is the first one of Kendra's that I wasn't in the hospital to greet. I didn't see Aaron being born, but was there waiting in the hall with everyone else. I am so beyond overjoyed for her, although I sure do wish I could have been there. Kendra and I have been through so much together in our 20 yrs of friendship and I am just so blessed to have her in my life. She's had more than her share of burdens....cancer, teenage pregnancy, divorce, run away step daughter (who's home safely now), many struggles with her step daughter, dealing with her ex who she does with grace even though she doesn't think she does (she soooo does), moving for her husband's job, being a mom, oh and going back to get her RN! She's amazing! She's even seriously contemplated going back to school and becoming an Oncologist! See I told you she's awesome! She'd be an amazing doctor, but right now she's actually contemplating becoming a SAHM again. She got to be one when Aaron was a baby but she was going through chemo and radiation so shedidn't get to always enjoy his babyhood like she wanted, and Adam her husband was just starting his career, they'd bought their first home (which they've since moved, sold the house, and bought another one), so again it wasn't as much of an option since her check actually paid their mortage. So I'm praying that she'll go ahead and be a SAHM, since it's where her heart is and she deserves this time with her little girl!

Ok I think I'm done!! Have a great day! If we find the outfit I'll take a picture of it and post it!


God Bless


Monday, July 23, 2007


I've seen this quite a few places, but I grabbed it from

Kelly's Green Olives & Pickle Juice (She's private so hope you're on her list!).


I Live: in Germany

I Work: at home as a mother and wife

I Talk: all the time

I Wish: Jordyn was alive

I Enjoy:  not a lot today

I Look: fat and pregnant

I Find:  that I'm getting grouchier and grouchier everyday.

I Smell:  nothing right now

I Listen:Contemporary Christian 99.9999% of thet ime

I Hide:  a lot more than people know

I Pray:  all the time....

I Walk:  not nearly as much as I should (it just hurts right now)

I Write:  in my journal

I See:  a mess on my desk

I Sing:  a lot

I Laugh:  at my children and friends

I Can:  barely get off the couch

I Watch: too much TV....

I Yearn:  to not have my back hurt

I Daydream: about Jordyn being alive and having this baby girl

I Fall:  going upstairs :X

I Want:  liberals to stop being so stupid

I Cry:  a lot

I Burn:  not much of anything

I Read:  every single day

I Love:  JESUS, my family, and my friends

I Rode:  a train 2 weeks ago 

I Sometimes: think ugly, ugly, ugly thoughts

I Hurt:  more than most know

I Fear:  another of my children dying

I Hope:  to see a cure for childhood cancer in my lifetime

I Break:  down here and there

I Eat:  way, way,way too much

I Bathe: normally every other day

I Drink: water

I Stop:  at stop signs ;)

I Save:  too much

I hug: my kids

I Meditate:  never

I Play:  online too much

I Miss:  Jordyn so much it hurts

I Hold: my children

I Forgive:  not very easily sometimes

I Drive: right now a BMW car, but hopefully soon my minivan again.

I Learned:  that not all that happens makes sense in this lifetime

I Dream:  that one day no other parent will have to bury their child

I Have: many blessings

I Don't:  understand a lot of people (especially those who claim to support our troops but not this war...you CAN'T have it both ways)

I Made:  lunch today

I Believe: that Jesus is the only way to heaven..the ONLY way.

I Wait:  for this baby to call

I Need:  peace and quiet

I Owe:  my life to Christ

I Hate:  stupidity

I Feel:  VERY pregnant

I Know:  that Jesus died for me

I Wonder:  why so many people don't care that children are dying from cancer.

I Applaud: Chad for being brave enough to be a US Soldier and fighting this war and actually BELIEVES in what he fights for and "GASP" he's actually BEEN there!

I Love: Jesus, My family, and my friends

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My list

Here's my list of  to do that I want to get done by Tuesday....

Clean the bathroom (deep cleaning)

Clean off the desk (it's a stinking mess)

Clean off my craft table (it's full of everything but what should be on it)

Clean my bedroom (put away clean clothes, vacuum,)

Clean the kitchen (deep cleaning)

Get all the clothes washed (just our family of 4's clothes)

Wash all the baby clothes (this includes the tote of Jordyn's clothes that Chad will pull out tomorrow if he plans on seeing Tuesday)

Get the boys to clean the playroom and not to Chad's "Standard" or theirs, but to MINE.

Get Chad to take the stupid old reclyner and cario cabinet taken to the basement.

Make Chad clean out the bottom of the bird cage.

Wash all bedding

Wash diapers (we cloth diaper so I have lots of new ones I need to get washed ASAP)

Put away the baby's clothes.

Pack my hospital bag.


Ok that's everything. I'll keep you updated as I get it all done. Do me a favor and pray that Chad and the boys are extra good and joyfully willing to do what I need them to do. Or it may end up very ugly here.

I'm worn out physically and emotionally and any other way you can be. All day my mind has been on Jordyn and the baby. My first little girl in over 7 yrs and there are so many thoughts coming over me. Living in Germany is something I think you all know I absolutely LOVE, yet the thought that we're so far away from where Jordyn is buried is just tearing me up right now. I just really NEED to be able to go to her grave right now. I can't explain it really, it's just this need. I even dreamed last night that I went there. I just NEED to go there and be close to Jordyn's body. I know this probably sounds crazy to most if not all of you, and that's ok I don't expect you to understand I don't completely understand it myself. I just need this and it's just simply not possible.

I guess part of it is that after the boys were both born, one of the first places we went was the cemetary. I do NOT believe Jordyn's soul is 6 feet under the ground. I believe she's in Heaven with our Lord. I believe that these last 7 yrs for her have been a few short hours for her. Yet it's something Chad and I have done and knowing I will NOT be able to take this little girl to the cemetary and show her where her sisters body rests. That I can't go and make sure her flowers are looking pretty, that it's all cleaned up, all dead grass is swept away, that no weeds are growing up and around her. I actually just emailed my mom and asked her to go to her grave and make sure everything's the way that I need and want it to be and to make sure to take flowers to her grave the day the baby is born.

I haven't been nesting, not like most women. Honestly not sure how they can bend over and do some of the cleaning, or stand for long periods because personally my back starts hurting so bad so fast that it's just really hard to get much done. My "nesting" right now is Jordyn's grave and I can't even do that. I could at least sit down and pull weeds if need be. Oh sometimes this just takes my breath away.

Chad didn't pull out the clothes for me like I asked. I'm fairly annoyed with him and at my wits end. He's doing everything but what I ask. I'm about to lose it on him. He's a great husband and amazing dad, but some days I just want to hit him. Oh don't worry I'm not going to but here it is 1:35 am and the thing I want to do the most is going into  my bedroom and scream at him to get to the basement and get the clothes out. To freaking quit procrastinating about it. Instead he watched some stupid movie that he rented. Which actually ticks me off considering he went and watched Transformers last night. He can't do a few things around here. I had to yell at him last night just to dump the freaking litter box. I don't do it when I am pregnant or in the first few months after the baby is born (if the man is here he can dump that stupid thing. This is NOT my cat, he wanted him, he can take care of his feces). I am absolutely in a grouchy mood and don't see me getting out of it anytime soon. I want things done, and yet I wear out so fast that I can't get it all done, so I do depend on Chad to do things. He still hasn't ordered the part for our van, which really, really ticks me off. I'm having this baby in less than 2 weeks and I wanted the van fixed before SHE came! But that is NOT going to happen I don't think. He has to order the part, the part has to come in, and we have to talk to our friend and see if he can fix it and if he can't see if his mechanic friend can. I just know it's not going to be fixed by the 3rd and that ticks me off. Chad's had plenty of time and opportunities to go order the part. I know he's busy at work, but everyone else can manage to take time away from their ever so freaking busy schedules to take care of personal business so can Chad. Three carseats can NOT fit in the backseat of the BMW, it's not possible and I will not let Jacob just sit in the seat, he's not tall enough and he doesn't weigh enough. My kids safety is more important than "convience" that so many parents deem acceptable. He's not 8 and he's not 80 lbs so he NEEDS and WILL be in a booster seat. I told you I was grouchy and everything and I do mean everything is ticking me off.

I know I need to spend more time in the word. I need to just open my bible and start reading. I know God would soften my heart and kick my butt for being such a brat. Yet I continue to be a brat and haven't opened my bible up yet.

I guess I'm going to go and sweep the bathroom because the cat doesn't know how to shake his stupid feet and not carry it out of the litter box and I seem to be the only person in this place that SEE's the litter and only person who seems capable of picking up a broom and dust pan and cleaning it up. Amazing how this is a cat I didn't even want (oh and I actually love cats, just not THIS one...he's a huge pain in the rear). I'm also the only person who seems to know  how to give him fresh water and cat food without being told by another person....yes I'm venting some more!).

Ok I'm done with this post...I think I'm going to write another one of all the things I need to get done though...so be prepared. Hopefully I won't be so ugly in it. But don't hold your breath.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Family Picture

We went and got the pictures. I'm really happy with them. I am not exactly thrilled with the picture of the boys and me as I don't think I look pregnant, just fat...but oh well it is what it is! Chad really liked it though. The company that took them will be back in time for the Christmas holiday and we'll definately go back as we'll have our sweet girl with us and I do love the sepia tone and old fashioned style pictures. This company is out of the US and they thankfully have a branch over here in Europe! I'm glad they're coming to our military base now, this was the first time as far as I know they've been here. We had used them twice when we were stationed in Kansas and had great results with them and we're very happy with the results this time as well!





The morning from you know where




Oh man this morning was awful! This morning they had Physical Day. Everyone on post could bring in their children in for the sports physicals and since there are absolutely no apts at the medical clinic to get physicals...so it's today or forget it! The boys and I got there and got into line (outside) at 8:50 AM.We got to the check in desk at 10:15. See how it's going? Fun times, oh yes fun times. When we actually were able to get into the clinic (I think we walked through the doors about 10 am the medical clinic side and the dental clinic side all the seats were almost all filled (it's all one big room, just split by a walk way/hall. There's seating for aprox 100 total and there was at least that many just standing, sitting on the floor, etc, and we're not talking about the people still waiting in line which was still flowing outside! We sat down and around 11 my friend Bobbie came in, by the the line was only about 10 deep. She came and sat down about 11:15 or so and we still hadn't seen anyone.





Finally I'd guess about 11:30 we go back and see the optometrist, that was actually very fast, we were back there for a MAX 10 minutes and that's with waiting and the exams for both boys. Jacob has a slight stigmatism and he said to bring him back in, in the spring to check, but said so far it's nothing that's causing any real problems, but that of course if I notice he's having problems to bring him back in. We have a really great eye dr and he's GREAT with kids! So back out to the waiting room and about 12:15 we get called back for the kids to have their bp, weight, height checked. That took about 10 minutes. We go back and again wait, wait, wait. I'm not sure exactly what time they call us back to see the actual dr I'd guess 1/2 hr. We wait in the room another probably 15 minutes he comes in and does the actual physical. Both boys got to go through all that fun including the um "check" down below which bothof them were giggling, they couldn't believe someone had to actually check there! LOL I was there the whole time and the dr was completely professional. It was after 1 pm when we left that room and went back to immunizations where I got to encounter the VERY unpleasant and simply rude immunization nurse. I'm definately leaving an official complaint about her. I tried to ask her a question and she interrupted and me and told me NOT to take MY frustration out on HER because she'd been there just as long as everyone else had. Again I was just trying to ask a question and without a doubt I was at this point testy (36 weeks pregnant and hadn't ate anything today...yeah testy oh and lets not forget about just being around over 100 kids and their parents for most of the 5 hours at this point and none of the kids were bad, just too many in such a small place). I told her I was NOT taking my frustration out on her and that if I was she would have NO DOUBT I was, but that if she'd shut her mouth and actually let someone finish a sentence she'd know I was trying to simply ask her a question. She shut up, answered my question, finished my paper work and we went to check out. The lady at the check out window was the sweetest person. She of course gets the smiles because well she's the last stop! She made copies of the paper work and shot records and gave us a small survey on how to make this better next year (oh btw this is the first time in 2 yrs they've tried to do this as a large day session and well it obviously did NOT work). I wrote my thoughts on how to make it better (which is to spread it over 2 or 3 days, by doing it alphabetically say those who's last name starts with A-F go on day one, G-O on day two, and so on). I said good bye to Bobbie and we left.






Chad was over at a friends apartment hanging ceiling fans for her, and he wasn't home and the door was locked and I didn't take my house key so I walked over to her house and yelled at Chad! I did apologize he was just an easy target for my venting. He forgave me! :) Chad finished the last ceiling fan and we came home, he jumped in the shower to wash off and he took the boys to a friends birthday party. I'm getting a break. Chad will be home in about 20 minutes and we're going to go pick up our family pictures that we had taken a few weeks ago! :) I am happy about that. It's definately the highlight of my day. It may not be Chad's since he'll be handing over the money! ROFL!





So that was how I got so spend my morning from 8:50 until 1:50 pm! Sounds fun huh? I'm hoping after we pick up the pictures we can run down town and find an outfit for the baby to come home in. I hope we can find just what we want for her. If not we may run to the PX at another post tomorrow after chapel, if we don't find anything today. I hope we find something. We also have to pull out all the newborn clothes that were Jordyn's and I need to wash them, tonight and tomorrow. I also just have family laundry to do as well. My goal would be do baby clothes today and the rest of our dirty clothes tomorrow and bedding on Monday.

I guess that's it for now! I'm really tired and could sooo use a nap, but that's just not going to happen. Hopefully I can get to bed at a descent time tonight. We'll see! ;)

Hope all of you HP fans got your books and are reading them, there were quite a few people at the clinic today with their new books reading them...of course it was ALL adults who had them. One lady it looked like she was a good 1/4 of the way through it so I have a feeling she stayed up most the night reading!


Have a good Saturday!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Above All

So I haven't talked a lot about it lately, but walking just a little with of the grief journey with Emily brings me back so fast back to those first days, weeks, and months to where I was when Jordyn died. I am so thankful that my little girl is safe. I don't ever have to worry about her. I know she's where we all should desire to be. I see people getting hung up on age and it's never been something I've worried about (getting older that is). My dad thought he'd freak me out when I turned 25 saying I was of a quarter of a century old...it didn't (it did for Chad though! LOL). I loved turning 30 this year. Personally I see it as a year closer to being with Jordyn and most importantly with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love that I'm alive, that God's allowed me to have the beautiful family I have and allowed the many blessings in my life that I don't deserve by any means, yet he's still allowed them.

As I talk to Emily I'm so thankful she has Jesus in her life. Does it mean that she doesn't have horrid days, of course not. Grief comes to all of us who've lost a loved one and the difference in those who have Jesus and truly lean on him is that there's still HOPE for tomorrow, there's still HOPE for TODAY actually.

So ....here I was thinking of all this and listening to AOL music, the Christian station and Michael W. Smith came on...Above All. It's just the perfect song to me right at this moment. Above all else God loves us, he takes the fall before we do, and then he catches us in the midst of us falling and lets us lay down softer than we would have without him. I just can't imagine how anyone gets through a single day without Jesus. He's the one and only way to Heaven. He's the great comforter. How blessed we are that at any moment we can cling to him, shout out his name and he'll answer (not always giving us the answer we want, but he answers no matter what). Why anyone wants to deny him is truly beyond me and I pray they'll turn to him before it's too late. But that's one of the beautiful things about him as well, he's a total gentleman...he's at the door knocking, but he will not come in unless asked.

Above All Lyrics
Artist(Band):Michael W. Smith

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Verse 1
Above all powers
Above all kings
Above all nature
And all created things
Above all wisdom
And all the ways of man
You were here
Before the world began

Verse 2
Above all kingdoms
Above all thrones
Above all wonders
The world has ever known
Above all wealth
And treasures of the earth
There's no way to measure
What You're worth

Laid behind the stone
You lived to die
Rejected and alone
Like a rose
Trampled on the ground
You took the fall
And thought of me
Above all

Verse 1
Above all powers
Above all kings
Above all nature
And all created things
Above all wisdom
And all the ways of man
You were here
Before the world began

Verse 2
Above all kingdoms
Above all thrones
Above all wonders
The world has ever known
Above all wealth
And treasures of the earth
There's no way to measure
What You're worth

Laid behind the stone
You lived to die
Rejected and alone
Like a rose
Trampled on the ground
You took the fall
And thought of me
Above all

Laid behind the stone
You lived to die
Rejected and alone
Like a rose
Trampled on the ground
You took the fall
And thought of me
Above all

Like the rose
Trampled on the ground
You took the fall
And thought of me
Above all

You took the fall
And thought of me
Above all


All Better :)





The boys are feeling better today! Jack woke us up at 5 am because he had a bloody nose, but don't worry it was ALL his doing (you with kids know how that happened!) so he got all cleaned up and back to sleep we went. Jacob came into our bed too and when Chad left took his spot, so Jack was in the middle of us. We woke up at 9 am! It was great to sleep in! :) :)

Both boys were better today. Jacob's back is still a little red, but not bad. Jack was all better...back to his normal VERY energetic self! LOL

This evening we went over to friends to celebrate their son's 4th birthday. Just went over for ice cream and cake. It was fun, nice, and relaxing. It was pretty humid out, could have been much worse but plenty for me!





I have an ob apt tomorrow, hopefully she'll print off one last u/s picture of her. I don't know if I'll have any more apts before I have her so this could be it until my 6 week check up! This pregnancy has really went by so quickly! I can't believe in just over 2 weeks this baby girl is going to be here! I'm excited, but I will miss feeling her move all over inside of me! She's been such an active little girl. I do look forward to meeting her and seeing her beautiful face!


God Bless


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Heading To Bed but one last update




Well Jack's temp was all over this place. It got all the way up to 103.8 so he got Tylenol and I stripped him down to his underwear. That did help for a while. It dropped it down to 101.2, but it's up a little again 101.9. He's sleeping so I'll be checking on him throughout the night.




Jacob went to the pool today I think I talked about that earlier. I put sunblock on him, but it definately needed reapplied while he was there because his little back is so red. We put some aloe on it. He's running a fever so it's hard to say if it's from the sunburn or maybe what Jack has, my instincts say sunburn. He was hurting pretty bad during dinner, but didn't talk about it after that so hopefully the aloe is doing it's job and giving him some relief. I tried to get his temp one last time before he went to bed, but he fell asleep on the couch and when I tried under his arm it said it was only 97.1 and I knew that wasn't accurate. I couldn't get him awake enough to take it orally so I'll be checking on him throughout the night as well.





Please keep my boys in your prayers tonight. I know it's nothing too major, I just hate when they're sick. I've been blessed that both of them have been so rarely sick. Really today Jack's just had the temp...no other big symptoms (vomitting, etc) he laid on the couch most of the day and did perk up for a couple hours once Chad got home from work, after dinner he started go back to his morning and afternoon not feeling good self.

I don't see me going to PWOC in the morning. I love going, but my boys being healthy is absolutely priority and I will not expose other people's children to them, not knowing if one or both of them are contagious with something. It really bugs me when others bring their sick children to church or just out in public (I definatelyknow sometimes you don't have a choice....it's those who DO have one and still do it aka very selfish). Ultimately PWOC is important, but my boys are more important and helping to prevent something from going around is more important as well.



I'm tired and heading to bed!


God Bless

Sick boy



The plan for today was to hang out in the morning and then go to the pool this afternoon, but well plans changed when we got up. Jack had crawled in bed with me after Chad had left for PT this morning and he felt warm, but well it's hot here so I didn't think much of it, plus I was pretty out of  it. We get up and he cuddles up against me and he's burning up! I take his temp and it was 102.4. I am not a mom that rushes to the hospital, especially for a fever knowing that it's our bodies way of fighting off what ever nastiness is happening in there so he's been laying down, cuddling with me, and watching movies off and on throughout the morning.

Jacob got to go swimming though. It's not his fault Jack's sick so the friend we were going to go with took Jacob with her and he'll be home in about 2 hrs. Jack's finally napping on the couch. I took his temp again around 1:00 and it was up a little more to 102.8. He said his tummy feels kind of funny, but not bad! So not sure exactly what that means for him...but I'm keeping an eye on him and hoping that the fever breaks soon.

I'm NOT giving him anything as of right now other than water. I don't believe in masking fevers with tylenol and motrin. He's not in pain and he has still founds giggles throughout the morning and plenty of smiles so although he's uncomfortable he's not completely miserable. If it goes higher into the 103 I'll be dosing him up. When he gets up I'm planning on giving him a luke warm bath to see if that helps, but that's it. I believe our bodies are more capable of getting rid of junk than we often give them credit for!





The boys are so rarely sick and I'm just so truly thankful for that. I have to say having him so "content" to stay on the couch isn't a completely bad thing. He's normally all over the place running here and there pulling out toys galore. I wish he wasn't sick, but he is and I've enjoyed some nice cuddle time with my little guy. He did inform us when Chad was home after his physical therapy that he wants Mac-N-Cheese for dinner. Chad's going to grill some brats and I'll make the mac-n-cheese (homemade). Oh and Jack said he wanted bread too! ;) I'd say if that's as "demanding" as he gets when he's not feeling good, we're doing pretty good! I will say I'm glad that if he's getting something it happens now vs in 2 1/2 weeks when it's time for the baby to be born. Get it done and over with now so when she's born and ready to come home we're all healthy!

I'm thinking of going and taking a nap with my little guy!

Have I mentioned how comfy our new furniture is??? Oh I need to take pictures of it now that we have the living room all set up too! Might do that tonight!

God Bless


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pictures as promised

So I got the pictures downloaded! These are from our day at Legoland and the train ride home there's a couple that I'll throw in! Just to answer questions for those who don't know. Legoland is yes a theme park inspired by the beloved Lego toys! Almost everything there is made out of Lego's or made to look like Lego toys! If you have one near you in the states or you're in Germany (they're in other European countries as well) and have your kids I recommend it. It IS an amusement park with roller coasters and other rides! The kids LOVED it! When we go back, we'll be getting a hotel. We'll drive down the evening before, so we can get up and get there when it opens and spend the day there! We plan to go back after the baby is born, but we'll be driving. It's just a two hour drive!

Oh I can't remember if I mentioned it in my 1st post of the day or not...but they have various cities made out of lego's! They range from Berlin, Frankfurt, Neuschwanstein Castle, Hamberg, Venice, Switzerland, etc. They were amazing. You just would not believe the detail!




Post 1 of Sunday (get ready Kelly)

Because Kelly just Loooooves when I make multiple posts in one day I'm warning her ahead of time so no whining to me! LOL

We got back after 2 AM last night from a fun, but excrutiatingly LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day at Legoland. It's in Southern Germany and via train took us 3 1/2 hrs to get there and coming home oh my goodness. The train was delayed 5 minutes when we got to the train station in Grunzbug I think that's the name of the town Legoland's in (I'll double check later on our train ticket). We then got on another train a few towns later and it was running 4 minutes late, ok so now we're running 9 minutes late. Every place we got was running just a few minutes late. When we finally get to Nurnburg we had to catch a stupid bus that would take us to our next train to take us home. In a blessing the bus was waiting for us and well everyone else and we waited on the bus for a good 20 minutes and we were already 10 minutes past the time the bus SHOULD have left...so we're talking 30 minutes. We get to Erlangen and it's saying the train home was on a 30 minute delay, so we sit there on the platform and wait our 30 minutes and the train comes and THEN we get told it's delayed ANOTHER 30 minutes! The train left for home at 1 am. We get home, we get in our respective taxi's because the city bus are not running at that horriblely late time thankfully the taxi's are too expensive from the station to the post. Then we walked the 4 or so blocks home.

The perk of my day...contractions and breath taking ones and I even got to them being 5 minutes apart for about 2 hrs! To say I was starting to get a little worried is to put it lightly, and add on that I'm physically and mentally EXHAUSTED so the thought that I'd have to go to the hospital was about the last thing I wanted. Plus I'm only 35 weeks and I am NOT ready personally and want this girl to be as ready and completely developed (lungs) as possible.

I have pictures that I'll download later. We're off to the pool...it's in the 90's and getting warm in here. When we get home the A/C is coming on!



Thursday, July 12, 2007

I think we got it! :)

I think we've picked out a name for this girl! Sorry Kelly and Kelly it's NOT going to be Kelly! LOL Oh and Kelly it's not going to be any of the names you suggested or anyone else for that matter. It's one of our top 5. Chad and I sat down together while he rubbed my sore feet (he's a good man!) and I told him my favorite and he told me his, we had different ones ironically his favorite is my favorite girl name when I was pregnant with Jackson...but we're most likely going with my favorite. He does like it a lot and it's actually the name he liked the most when I was pg with Jack! LOL It's not 100% but I'd say 95%! I like being able to go in there with names narrowed down and I know nothing's 100% until she's actually born and the paper work is all filled out. But I just feel so much peace about this name and can hear myself calling her this name.


Well we're NOT going to Switzerland this weekend. :( I'm sad about it, but it's just not going to happen right at this moment. Once she's born and we have her passport we're going. Saturday we are going somewhere though, and we haven't been there before. We're going with friends on the train to Legoland! The boys are thrilled! I'm sure they'll have a lot more fun there than Switzerland and it's closer and well we're not driving so that's a huge perk! LOL There are 3 other families going. It'll be a lot of fun though I know. We probably won't get back until very late because it's a 3 1/2 hr train ride, so if you'll pray that I'm comfortable throughout the day I'd appreciate it! Of course Saturday our mild temps in Germany are leaving and we'll be in the upper 80's. Sunday-Tuesday we'll be going to the pool right off of post...it's going to be in the 90's Sun. and Monday and 88 Tuesday. Wed it's supposed to drop back down to the mid 70's for the rest of the week. We'll be using our a/c for those days for sure and the boys will be thrilled about getting to go the pool and I admit I'm sure I'll enjoy it, as the pool will take off the pressure from the baby!

Today was a good day over all. The boys got their playroom cleaned yesterday, so today they were able to play and enjoy their day. They watched a little tv, they played some games on the computer, we spent some time reading, free play, had lunch, school for Jacob and naptime for Jack. When Jack got up from his nap we played chutes and ladders, then we went out to the park for a couple of hours. Came in and I started dinner. Chad found the extra long cable so we can move the entertainment center to another wall. Um..yeah we still haven't gotten the furniture moved! Last night Chad got home late and by the time dinner was done he was ready for bed pretty well, and tonight after he got up here with the cable, had dinner, I was on the phone and it dawned on this sweet man that he's going to have to have help moving the entertainment center. It's solid wood and well at 35 weeks I'm not helping move it! I will take out the Precious Moments and direct them! :) He's going to ask one of his soldiers to come over after work and help him move it. If he has help I don't think it'll take anytime at all to get things moved.

Tomorrow evening around 5 my friend Aimee is dropping off her two boys. Her dh is deployed and she's having a movie and dinner night for her FRG over at her house. So the boys will be here for 4 to 5 hours play. They'll have to stay in the playroom while the furniture is being moved so no one gets in the way or gets hurt and no extra stress.


Well I'm off here, got to get to bed here in a bit!


God Bless


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's Ordered! :)

I got the fabric protector all ordered! I had to call them because the company we went through normally only ships UPS, but the owner of the company answered the phone and said he'll personally take it to the post office and get it mailed out for me today or tomorrow!! So if any of you get buck suede furniture or any thing else that's leather/suede let me know and I'll share the website, great prices and very nice owner to deal with!!

I am going to look at slip covers now. I feel kind of sad because well I love the fabric, it's so soft to lay on (I took a VERY short nap on the couch!). But well I want it to be protected and it's going to last us for YEARS.


Ok...so I'm done talking about it! hehe! Oh by the way, someone want to borrow 2 little boys? They're cute as can be, all boy, and don't seem to want to clean a playroom. They have a goal even (Daddy bought them new Army uniforms...the digitized ones so they're VERY excited, but will not get them until the playroom is cleaned up). So motivation doesn't work all that well (at least not today...nor does physical harm threats!:X) But hey they're cute! LOL

Looks like rain's coming! It is Germany!!

A little info! :)



Ok all you wonderful people thanks for the compliments on the furniture. The bad thing about buck seude is you have to be very careful in what you put on it. You can not use scotch guard, that would cause horrifying stains. We have to buy a special product to protect it. Don't worry I'm ordering some! If we even spill water it could stain it! YIKES! LOL

It is very comfortable! You just sink into it, but not so much that it's hard to get up from! It's well perfect! LOL We really love it! Oh and Jimmy the boys will be in so much trouble if I catch them jumping on it! No doubt they'd love to, but oh no-no-no! LOL




I had a phone call last night as I was about to go to bed. My friend Aimee's brother, he and his wife just had twins. They've known there was some major issues wrong with the baby. He has fluid on his brain as well as his heart is twisted (not sure all the details on the heart, that's just what Aimee said). The other twin is fine. Baby "J" is very sick and has so many obstacles to face. Please keep him and their family in your prayers. Mom and Dad are not on the same page..Mom wants her baby to live no matter what. Dad wants him to live as long as he's not in pain and life can be viable. So also be in prayer for that. They are also not getting a lot of info from the drs. A lot of it is I think, they don't know the questions to answer and demand to know info until they understand. The head dr has told them a couple times now that they're going to have a round table discussion with Mom and Dad and all the drs who are treating baby "J", but this has yet to happen. Pray that this will happen and happen soon.




There are many prayer requests that was given at PWOC, the big one is of course for our soldiers. That those who are Christians remain strong in their faith, that they're able to witness to those who are not Christians and help lead them to Christ! That the spouses here at home, will have peace in their heart as well. That they can feel confident that their spouses spiritual care is being taken care of, that their walk with Christ is strong. We have some wonderful chaplains over there ministering to them, so pray they have the strength and encouragement that they need as well. I think you can imagine how disheartening being a chaplain in a war zone can be. Don't forget that the soldiers are not just in Iraq, but in Afganistan as well and although we rarely hear the happenings going on there...there's a lot of things. We have a great many friends who's spouses are in Afganistan right now and people...it's WAR there. It's not a vacation. It's not the amount of suicide bombings, but have no doubt there IS a War still happening in Afganistan and our soldiers are there fighting it and doing the best to provide care for the non-terrorists.

Well..that's it for now! :) I'm sure I'll have another update later!! I'm hoping Chad can get home earlier than yesterday so that we can get the living room all set up! Ugly Betty is on here tomorrow! LOL :)




Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pictures of the Furniture!

It didn't arrive until about 7:30 I think, very late and to think the movers still had 4 more places to stop and drop off furniture still! Since it was so late we just placed it in VERY temporary and crowded positions! Tomorrow we'll be rearranging everything. We've got an idea of how to try things and we'll see if that will work, if not well we'll just keep moving things around until we get it like we want it! It's really pretty. It's buck suede and man I'm thinking we so should have went for a different material, but it's too late now. It just takes a lot of care. I'd already said no eating or drinking, just didn't realize that even water could damage the material so nothing. I am ordering a protector for the fabric so that Chad and I can at least drink water in there. I told Chad we may end up getting slip covers because I don't want it ruined. We're paying too much money for this furniture and I have every intention of it lasting us for YEARS to come. It's such good quality furniture I don't want an accident to make it look shabby. So we'll see! If any of you have buck suede furniture let me know your opinions, what you use to safe guard it, etc.


Entertainment center (doors all closed up so you don't have to look at the tv)..my Precious Moments that we collect for Jordyn are on both sides along with the porclein angel my Aunt got for Jordyn for her 2nd birthday.

All opened up.


The love seat

The couch

The chair

And the ottoman just stuck in the outside looking in :) (there wasn't enough room with how everything's squeezed in right now for the ottoman...tomorrow it'll hopefully be all situtated).


Tomorrow after we have it all rearranged I'll take more pictures of how we have it.