Friday, July 27, 2007

a little of this a little of that

Well to start off back hurts bad right now. I could really use a good back massage, looking foward to Chad being home soon! It's 7 pm and I have no idea what we're having for dinner. I need to clean, but you guys have no idea how tired I am. I just feel really blah. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited about the baby coming and it's not that I'm me I am so happy about her coming. I just think I'm in kind of shock as well. It doesn't seem real that a week from today she'll be here in my arms. This pregnancy went by very quickly.

Oh did I mention I'm tired? So tired. I fell asleep about midnight last night, which for those who really know me, know that's early for me. I woke up at a little after 7 this morning, yeah I wasn't really thrilled. My back was hurting so I did my trip to the bathroom, then out to the couch I came. I thought well I'd just lay down there and fall asleep, but that didn't happen. I turned on the tv and watched that off and on, then Jacob woke up about 8 and I let him watch cartoons, then about 8:30 Jack was up. I was ok until about 9 when WHAM I could barely keep my eyes open so I found myself drifting in and out of sleep, the boys were watching Chicken Run right beside me (we were all on the couch)...about 10 I was finally able to just simply keep my eyes open so I got up, got a shower, ironed my shirt, got the boys dressed (actually Jacob dressed himself) and then at 11:45 we were off. Chad set up an apt. for the boys and I to have our picture taken. He wanted a picture of them with their hands on my we did that. I didn't pick anything out, since this was something he really wanted. I had wanted him to be in a couple, but although the battalion had a 4 day weekend, he had to make a run up to K-town which is about a 3 hr drive, so on Monday we'll go order what pics we want and I will see if Kimberly can fit in a short session of the two of us with the belly..we'll see. It's the first time we've had professional pregnancy pictures done. The ones of the boys and I turned out really good. I think Chad will be happy with them.

Oh Chad got some of the bathroom cleaned for me. Now I'm really big on what kind of cleaning products I allow in my home. I don't use store bought stuff. I only use melalueca because it's not toxic. But.....with bathrooms aka showers/tubs sometimes stuff goes on in there and although when we've lived in the states I've never had this issue for some reason here it's a big issue...mildew. UGH! So I had bought bleach a while back, kept it in the storage room all locked up and Chad went and got a squirt bottle and filled it with water and bleach and cleaned the tub and got all the mildew off. I did find some places while showering this morning that he missed so I'll have him get those tomorrow. Last night when he did it my gosh the smell coming out of the bathroom was horrendous! He had the window open, but he obviously needed a fan in there too. Oh and he stunk too, so he took a shower before going to bed because I was gagging. I HATE bleach and hate the smell of it. It doesn't smell "clean" to be it just smells like the poison it is! He still has to pull everything out of the bathroom, sweep and he promised me he's going to get on his hands and knee's and clean the floors! I just NEED that done! LOL I'd do it if I could actually get up from the floor on my own, but well lets just say that's not happening right now!

I think we have something tomorrow to do, but honestly I just can not remember for the life of me. My memory is officially gone by the way. This girl has sucked away any and all brain cells I have left, and considering that the boys seem to suck tons of those brain cells away daily I'm not doing so well in the thinking and remember department. Anyways...I'm really hoping we have nothing to do, so I can get things accomplished that HAVE to be done. Chad just doesn't seem to be getting that we're done to the wire here. I've been after him to pull out the baby clothes so I can get them washed and put the man still hasn't. I would if I could reach them, but they're under other totes and in the back of the storage room too...of course!! So that just simply HAS to be done and done tomorrow or I WILL lose my mind. I'm hoping we can get most of the housework done tomorrow through Monday. He works Tuesday and Wednesday and then Thursday morning we're off to the hospital.

Jacob starts soccer camp on Monday that's from 9-11 everyday. I have made arrangements for Thursday and Friday for him, a friend who's son is also going to be in soccer camp will pick him up and take him. I just want everything, absolutely everything done by Wednesday. I'm hoping to do a small load of laundry Wed evening after we've all showered so that I can get it washed, dried, and put away before going to bed. I also need to make sure Bobbie will come and feed and water our bird and cat! I totally forgot about them!LOL Emily will laugh as she HEARS our bird when we talk on the phone and probably wonders how I could forget about his loudness...but I did! LOL If she just came every other day that'll be fine, at least through the weekend...then Chad should be home at some point everyday to take care of it.



nay0114 said...

Sounds like nesting to me or just realizing you're almost out of time. Hope you get everything done you need done. Try to get some rest now.. you won't get any later.
Take care, Chrissie

crewsfour said...

I can't believe that she's going to be here next week!!!  I am so happy for you guys, I can feel how tired you are and hope that you are able to get some sleep before she comes but am sure its just the end of the pregnancy that's getting to you. I hope Chad gets all those clothes out for you so you can get those cleaned and sorted.  Leene

pixiedustnme said...

maybe if nobody feeds or waters them the cat will eat the bird and then you won't have to listen to it anymore ;-)

candlejmr said...

How much longer till this 'un named baby girl" arrives??? (lol)  You sound like you are ready....and I have a sneaky suspicion it might be sooner than you think!!


rdautumnsage said...

Try to get some rest hon, you will be plenty busy and sleep will be a thing of the past in another week. Of course you already know this (winks). Can't wait till the little bundle is here. (Hugs) Indigo

jckfrstross said...

i would say you are nesting:) try and rest ok? enjoy your weekend


mumma4evr said...

try to rest...
and BTW...  last summer, I had someone ask me when I was due...I told them I was not pregnant and they asked me if I was sure!!!  @@

sangrialel said...

I hope you got some extra sleep and you feel better.  Linda