Tuesday, July 31, 2007






Well it's 7 pm here in Germany and my day has been good for the most part. I got up this morning and took Jacob to soccer camp which is every day this week from 9-11 and Jackson played, mostly he ran around the track...so he got pretty tired out himself! LOL





We came home had lunch. Then they got back to work on the playroom. Seriously it's sooo not a mess but because they want to mess around it's taken them now TWO days. They have 20 minutes from right now to finish or they're both getting spankings and hard ones at that. I'm done playing with them. They both still have clothes to put away before they go to bed tonight.





Today I reswept the bathroom (it's just an everyday chore...when the cat walks out of the litter box he drags litter out with him because he's too lazy to shake his feet off as he gets out...stupid cat!). I swept the hall way that's just outside of the bathroom because of course he drags litter through there. I vacuumed the carpet in our  bedroom and swept the hardwood in our bedroom. I vacuumed the dining room, where the bird flings his birdseed (what is it with messy animals???), and of course under the table because my children get messy too! I revacuumed the livingroom, it wasn't really necessary but figured I'm doing it might as well! I swept the dining room floor (hardwood), and the kitchen. I emptied the dishwasher and loaded it and it's running now! I'm about to start dinner (yep it's late, but that's ok). Oh and I picked up the dirty clothes that the boys just threw into the hall way and put them in the basket that I emptied of their clean clothes (they're laying on my bed to be put away). Chad has another load of clothes and a load of towels to do tonight! The laundry should be all done tonight though.



Tomorrow I have PWOC in the morning, then I plan on backing my hospital bag! :) I invited my friend Bobbie and her kids over for dinner, I'm making the Taco Ring via Pampered Chef! :) Thanks Kelly!! Chad's going to make some guacamole dip for him and Bobbie and the kids to eat (I don't like it so I won't be eating the dip). I told Chad no leftovers so....what ever doesn't get ate either goes home with Bobbie or goes to the trash.

Well Chad's home so I better get into the kitchen and start working on dinner! I'm making Round Steak and Tomato Gravy (it's soooo good!)...I might be back later, we'll see! :)


Oh before I forget.....Chad will NOT be updating on here. He does not access my journal because as he said "this is YOUR place and I won't go there". So sorry, you'll either check with Kelly or you'll just simply have to wait until I'm home from the hospital.




deshelestraci said...

I was just thinking that it will be soon that we get to meet your little girl!  Can't wait!

randlprysock said...

You have accomplished so much and I am worried you are over doing it ... but I know how ya must feel with the cat litter, toys, crumbs, vacuuming, dishes... my kids and the cat and the puppies make constant extra work for me and they complain if I ask them to clean up their toys or take days on end to just clean up their rooms (normally a twenty minute routine maintenance sort of thing that turns into three consecutive ten hour days of doing nothing but staring at it or making it worse).  Mine have been grounded almost the whole summer.  I finally ungrounded them today against my better judgement as they are doing a little better.  Hugs,

janid731 said...

I can't believe how busy you are...I would so be sitting on my butt! :)lol

Hope you get everthing done that you need to!  Will be praying for you--can't wait to see pics of your new precious one!

God Bless


sangrialel said...

I think I am going to come for dinner!  I will have to get ahold of Kelly to find things out!!  Linda

jckfrstross said...

ok i will keep checking with Kelly:) please try and relax before the little one comes:)


emabecmar said...

Oh I can't wait for you to greet your little girl into the world. I will be thinking about you. I have added Kelly to my alerts. (((((hugs)))))))

happysunshien said...

ok i want your recipe for round steak and tomato gravy :) sounds yummmmyyyyy...

Has lil Kelly Dawn been kicking today? <<:)>>


pixiedustnme said...

yeah, Kelly Dawn, that's not bad!

rdautumnsage said...

Added Kelly so I can keep up on events with you and the new arrival. As for you little miss, if that little girl isn't here soon, you will work yourself silly. (Hugs) Indigo