Thursday, July 26, 2007

A girl could get used to this :)





The boys are gone and will be for a while still. They went with my friend Bobbie to a Wildlife park for the day. I had decided not to go being 37 weeks pregnant and not being able to walk for long amounts of time, etc. I figure after little miss is born and I've recovered we'll go and check it out again!





I had a pedicure this morning at 10:00 am! It was wonderful! Just your basic pedicure, but my friend Bobbie gave me a gift certificate so it was even better considering I didn't even have to pay for it! :) My feet are all nice and soft now and the nails are all pretty and painted! It feels good to be pampered. After the baby is born I'm going back and I'll have a manicure done too. I didn't waste my time on a manicure today because I am not allowed to have nail polish on my finger nails during the c-section, so I figured I'll wait and have both done again in maybe a month or so. I actually have a full day at the spa GC which includes massage, pedicure, and manicure, and eye brow waxing. So me and miss No Name ;) will go in and get pampered! I have thought about giving Chad the massage though because even after I have the baby I won't be able to lay comfortably on my stomach (I'll be nursing so there will be an issue there! )




After my pedicure I went over to the thrift store and they're having a great sell! Any clothes that have white tags, you can put into a plastic bag for $2.00! I got the boys about 20 or so shirts and got me 4 or 5 shirts...for 2.00! I also got the boys some books, they were each .25 cents! Jacob's wanting some fun books to read, so 4 of them are for him and one of them is for both the boys!

After I left there I was headed to see if I could find Chad. He ended up being right behind me! So I pulled into the medical clinic parking lot and we went to lunch! While at lunch friends came in and we all sat together, chatted and laughed. It was so nice.





On a more serious note as I asked last night keep praying for Emily. Today marks 4 weeks since Miller Grace went home. Emily put up a heart-wrenching update on Miller Grace's website: If you've never lost a child you simply can't imagine, you can never even almost understand/relate, etc...but you can pray for them. Grieving isn't pretty, there will be "Good days" but there's plenty of ugly, hard ones as well and most don't like or want to hear about those hard ones but they're real, they're unavoidable, and if one doesn't go through them IMO it's denial. Emily's not in denial. She's going through her grief, she misses her baby. She has 2 little girls that can fill up her arms, but they're still empty in so many ways. So keep praying for her.


I hope you each have a nice day, while remembering that for most of you you're worst day is a good day for those who are suffering.



eeofficemgr said...

Thank you for the link to Miller Grace, by the way I love that name.  My grand daughter lost her little girl this month.  We are all walking on egg shells because we don't know what to say to her or how to help her other than being there.  She is only 19 and so young to have to be going through all this.  I keep saying that there has to be some reason and am waiting to see what plan god had for her in place of being a mommy right now.

nay0114 said...

I have never lost a child, but I do know that no matter how many you have or will have in the future nobody will ever take that child's place in your heart. I know you said Emily has other children, but she still doesn't have her Miller Grace. I hope she heals and is able to go forward. The hurt will be forever.
Glad you were able to go out and get pampered. So important to remember to do that while you're pregnant. It won't be long now you're on the way to receiving that new baby.
Wow that sale was awesome for $2. a bag.
Hope you have a great day.
Take care, Chrissie

deshelestraci said...

That sounds like a wonderful day!  Lunch with hubby and friends.  What would that be like?!

janid731 said...

Aren't pedicures wonderful?  I sooo need one! :)

I recommend keeping the massage.  I had them while pregnant and after and they were great.  They can do them on your side and propped with all kind of pillows. My spa even has a special pregnancy massage where they took a special class on it.  I would look into it before giving up on that will love it I am sure! :)

Have a great day.


randlprysock said...

So glad you got to have a day for you!!!!  Hugs,

sangrialel said...

I am glad you got the chance to be pampered a little bit before that little girl gets here!  Linda

springangel235 said...

I would love to have had your happy for you!!!!
Hugs and love,

happysunshien said...

oh man i so need a day like that!  so so need a day like