Sunday, July 22, 2007

My list

Here's my list of  to do that I want to get done by Tuesday....

Clean the bathroom (deep cleaning)

Clean off the desk (it's a stinking mess)

Clean off my craft table (it's full of everything but what should be on it)

Clean my bedroom (put away clean clothes, vacuum,)

Clean the kitchen (deep cleaning)

Get all the clothes washed (just our family of 4's clothes)

Wash all the baby clothes (this includes the tote of Jordyn's clothes that Chad will pull out tomorrow if he plans on seeing Tuesday)

Get the boys to clean the playroom and not to Chad's "Standard" or theirs, but to MINE.

Get Chad to take the stupid old reclyner and cario cabinet taken to the basement.

Make Chad clean out the bottom of the bird cage.

Wash all bedding

Wash diapers (we cloth diaper so I have lots of new ones I need to get washed ASAP)

Put away the baby's clothes.

Pack my hospital bag.


Ok that's everything. I'll keep you updated as I get it all done. Do me a favor and pray that Chad and the boys are extra good and joyfully willing to do what I need them to do. Or it may end up very ugly here.


candlejmr said...

And you're NOT nesting?  That sounds like an awful lot of nesting to me!!! (lol)


emabecmar said...

your nesting huh? lol. I pray Chad and boys are very good and will see tuesday. I hope you get some rest in between these tasks. (((((hugs)))))))

pixiedustnme said...

(ok, now I'm REALLY laughing!)  can you come do my list too?  :-)

happysunshien said...

me thinks you are nesting just cant do it yourself....poor chad...lmao....


jckfrstross said...

lol Christy you say you are not nesting.....but you are dear friend LOL keeping Chad and the boys in prayer and you and the little one too


crewsfour said...

Hate to break it to you Christy but you ARE nesting, deny all you will but you're getting things in order for the little one.  I am saying a prayer that everything gets done and that you get cooperation from your three guys.  Leene