Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A little info! :)



Ok all you wonderful people thanks for the compliments on the furniture. The bad thing about buck seude is you have to be very careful in what you put on it. You can not use scotch guard, that would cause horrifying stains. We have to buy a special product to protect it. Don't worry I'm ordering some! If we even spill water it could stain it! YIKES! LOL

It is very comfortable! You just sink into it, but not so much that it's hard to get up from! It's well perfect! LOL We really love it! Oh and Jimmy the boys will be in so much trouble if I catch them jumping on it! No doubt they'd love to, but oh no-no-no! LOL




I had a phone call last night as I was about to go to bed. My friend Aimee's brother, he and his wife just had twins. They've known there was some major issues wrong with the baby. He has fluid on his brain as well as his heart is twisted (not sure all the details on the heart, that's just what Aimee said). The other twin is fine. Baby "J" is very sick and has so many obstacles to face. Please keep him and their family in your prayers. Mom and Dad are not on the same page..Mom wants her baby to live no matter what. Dad wants him to live as long as he's not in pain and life can be viable. So also be in prayer for that. They are also not getting a lot of info from the drs. A lot of it is I think, they don't know the questions to answer and demand to know info until they understand. The head dr has told them a couple times now that they're going to have a round table discussion with Mom and Dad and all the drs who are treating baby "J", but this has yet to happen. Pray that this will happen and happen soon.




There are many prayer requests that was given at PWOC, the big one is of course for our soldiers. That those who are Christians remain strong in their faith, that they're able to witness to those who are not Christians and help lead them to Christ! That the spouses here at home, will have peace in their heart as well. That they can feel confident that their spouses spiritual care is being taken care of, that their walk with Christ is strong. We have some wonderful chaplains over there ministering to them, so pray they have the strength and encouragement that they need as well. I think you can imagine how disheartening being a chaplain in a war zone can be. Don't forget that the soldiers are not just in Iraq, but in Afganistan as well and although we rarely hear the happenings going on there...there's a lot of things. We have a great many friends who's spouses are in Afganistan right now and's WAR there. It's not a vacation. It's not the amount of suicide bombings, but have no doubt there IS a War still happening in Afganistan and our soldiers are there fighting it and doing the best to provide care for the non-terrorists.

Well..that's it for now! :) I'm sure I'll have another update later!! I'm hoping Chad can get home earlier than yesterday so that we can get the living room all set up! Ugly Betty is on here tomorrow! LOL :)





janid731 said...

Furniture is beautiful.  I would have no idea how to keep it nice...can't help you there.

So sorry to hear about your friend's baby. I just can't imagine the sadness they must feel. I will prayer for the parents to be in unity as well as for healing for the baby and the wisdom of the doctors.

I also am in prayer for the soldiers who are keeping us safe. Thank your husband for us! :)  So many people do not seem to understand what life would be like here in the US if our soldiers weren't over there.  


pixiedustnme said...

So, did your order ever go through last night?  I'd be scared senseless to even breath on it until it is protected!  Ah well, once it's all ready I'm sure Cheyenne Jo will love to spit up on it ;-)

mumma4evr said...

so, when will you be getting the stuff for the furniture???  even water stains it?  that is scary

nay0114 said...

So sorry about your friends baby. Prayers to that family.
You have such a wonderful soul about you in the way you speak and think of others.. now I know why God sent you another angel.
Hope you have a wonderful day.
Take care, Chrissie

randlprysock said...

Praying for the baby twins and family and also so excited for you about the new furniture.