Friday, August 31, 2007

A good but long day





We were all up by 8:15 this morning, Chad has a 4 day to love the Army for 4 day weekends, that is definately one of the perks of military life! :) A friend of mine who's husband is currently deployed, her oldest son is in a German school vs the DODDS school or home schooling while living here in Germany. So anyways, since he's in a German school he's been out of school for the month of August and will not go back for another week. She'd initially planneda  trip to Italy, but because it seems everyone else in Germany or all the Italians are returning..the roads leading to Rome are JAM PACKED! She wasn't planning on going to Rome actually, but to a beach, but considering that from where we live to Vecinzia it should only take 6 to 6 1/2 hrs and it took a friend of hers 12 hours and she still would have another 3 hrs past there to go...she didn't want to be stuck in her car for 12 to 15 hrs just trying to GET there! So then she planned another trip, but it got we decided to do Playmobil today! Chad hadn't been with us and she and her boys hadn't been! Jacob and Jack were THRILLED, it's one of their favorite places to go!





We got there at 10:55 and left there a little after 5 pm. We were already tired. On our way we saw Pizza Hut so we'd decided to stop there and have dinner. So glad we did, it actually tasted almost like American Pizza we have a Pizza Hut here on post in our food court and it's DISGUSTING. It's greasier than greasy, the meats taste horrible, friends who like Veggitarian say the veggies are's just simple gross!






Well we had a wonderful, wonderful treat for dinner. It tasted soooooo good! I have not enjoyed pizza much since moving here, I like the pizza on the economy, it's very different than American pizza, it's good but different. Normally if I'm in the mood for pizza Chad makes it and he makes a KILLER pizza. But trust me dinner was good! I know it's sad how much I enjoyed eating dinner tonight! LOL





We are all exhausted though. It's already 11: 30 pm and I'm really not sure how my eyes are even still open. Emma was great today. She did have one sad moment...when we left Playmobil she started crying. I thought once the car started moving she'd be ok, oh no, it got worse. We were all trying everything we could think of to get her to stop. No amount of singing or holding her hand, nothing was working. Finally we found a Kaufland's (more or less a discount store aka like WalMart, Target...) so we pulled in there and I got Emma out, just holding her made her ok, I did nurse her and that made her even  happier. Chad ran in and found an ATM, so we could pay for dinner! She did ok from Kaufland's to Pizza Hut, she fussed a little, but didn't scream.

The boys over all behaved well too. There was a couple times Jacb gave us attitude and Jack felt he could throw a temper tantrum, but Chad and I put an end to both quickly. Neither of us have any patience for that kind of disrespect and disobedience. So it was made clear continue with the bad attitude (Jacob) or the rediculous temper tantrums (Jackson) and we'd simply leave. They both changed their tunes! Other than that, we really had a lot of fun! Let me tell you that 6 hrs at Playmobil is more than enough for 1 day. We are going to buy a season pass, so we can go more often. It'll pay for itself quickly and will ultimately make our trips there cheaper and more frequent!

I did take quite a few pictures, but let me tell you I'm absolutely worn out, I actually think I drifted off for a few minutes a few minutes ago! I will download the pictures onto the computer and upload them here tomorrow most likely.


Tomorrow we're staying home, we have laundry to do and an apartment to clean. How it got to be such a mess is beyond me. Chad's also going to make the boys beds back into bunk beds. I did get Jack's new Cars bedding on his bed tonight and he's so happy to be in his bed tonight! He looked so cute! I got pictures of him in his bed and Jacob was in his bed reading to himself and Jackson!

Well, I'm going to get off of here...finish up a couple things and then head my tired tush to bed, because I know Emma will be up before I'm ready that's for sure!






Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A few birthday pictures

Well I got a few pictures to share, I'm REALLY tired and fell asleep last night before I could even download the pictures! After this, I'm going to bed and will be passing out. Today I had a headache all day long, and this evening it finally went away, but I feel it coming back. So goes life! Jack had a great birthday though. He got to invite 4 friends and their families and everyone showed up! The kids ran around and just had fun. The only "game" they did was a pinata. We found him a Lighting McQueen pinata and all the little ones (the ones Jack actually invited) got to hit it, and then 2 of the older siblings got to hit it (left 2 who didn't)...then they went after the candy!

Jack loved all his gifts, but I think his favorite was from our friend Bobbie and her's a Pirate Costume/dress up...he wore it all day today and he's sleeping in it! LOL Well the bottoms he's sleeping in. I got a picture of him in it today, he looks too cute. He wore it out and about too!

Ok...well goodnight!



Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Jackson



My "baby" boy Jackson is not a baby anymore and if I make the mistake of calling him that, he's quick to correct me via "I'm NOT a baby, I'm a big boy"....Jackson is 4 yrs old today, now remember it's already Aug. 28 here in Germany so it's official here, for you in the states not quite yet! But since I'm about to head my tired tush to bed I wanted to make this post now, since tomorrow's going to be busy. In the morning I have a PWOC board meeting, then I need to go pick up some essentials we forgot to get on Sunday (paper plates, cups, silverware..all throw away stuff), I want to get some balloons filled with helium and then fill up our yard tent that Chad set up tonight, get a Happy Birthday banner since I can't find mine, I have to exchange the comforter too. Chad picked up a full size vs a twin size. Jack's big gift from us is new bedding...Cars! He's getting the comforter, sheets, a squishy pillow that Chad and I love ourselves lol, and a trash can. Jacob picked out a Cars race track thing that Jack said he wanted, we got him 3 cars to go with that, and Emma got him a transformer thing! ;) My parents sent him a check, Chad's grandma did as well, and so did my maternal grandparents. Chad's mom's check hasn't gotten here yet.




We're having a small party for him tomorrow. We let him pick 4 friends to invite...he's still small enough that the families and siblings are invited as well. Public (DODDS) school started yesterday/Monday so his birthday is on a school night. We decided to BBQ (burgers and hotdogs), going to make a taco dip/7 layer dip, our friend Bobbie is making her wonderful Taco Salad, and we'll have koolaid and lemonade to drink.




Chad's the artistic one in our family so he made the birthday cake (I can make cakes..but Chad drew on it). Jack wanted Batman on it and Batman is what he got! Chad free-handed a Batman head and a part of his chest on that cake and let me tell you, it looks so awesome! I'll share pictures after the party! Oh the party is at 6 pm too! Jack will get to open one gift from us...clothes! LOL Cute little Cars outfit, although it's going to be in the mid-70's tomorrow so probably too warm for the outfit (it's a long sleeved one, but knowing Jack he'll probably still want to wear it). Oh back on topic with the cake..we got the wonderful ice cream cups...making life simple! :) :)





So...anyways to my baby boy....I love you to the moon and back and back again...Happy Birthday Jackson Thomas.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

A few new pictures ;)

Here's some pictures from the last few days, well I guess almost the last week. The one the 3 kids outside was from last Friday, it was taken at a pond at another post about 1 1/2 hrs away that we'd went to. Then there's some just taken here at home over the last few days of Emma and of the boys with Emma and the boys with Chad. The one of Emma in yellow was taken last night. Her and Daddy had passed out and they both looked so cute! Then the park pictures were from yesterday as well. Yep I'm a mom that lets her BOYS be boys. They get to play with guns, swords, and every other toy that's made for BOYS! GASP! LOL They even play ready...bigger gasp...WAR and shoot at each other. My guess is, they're not going to grow up and be murders, if so we'd have a whole bunch of little boys from oh every generation but this one that's growing up now....who would have grown up to be gun toting murderers and most seem to be pretty good to me! :P

My favorite picture out of all of these is the one of Emma sleeping on Chad, but I went and did a close up on her, so all you see is Chad's stomach. She just looks so absolutely sweet!


Tomorrow and this weekend's supposed to be nice, so I'm thinking a trip to our little lake here on post (it's more a pond imo, but they call it Engineer Lake). I'm hoping the boys will have fun, well I KNOW they will, and hoping for some good pictures! My mom told me their local paper a lot of people are putting baby announcement pictures with siblings now, so I'm hoping to get a REALLY good one of all 3 kids and figure an outdoor, natural sunlight picture will give me the best picture. I will hopefully get a good one tomorrow, if not then we may go back on Saturday for a little bit and see what we can get with Chad's help!

Have a great rest of Thursday.


God Bless

Saturday, August 18, 2007

little update

Wow I can't believe it's been since Monday since I updated here. It's been a good week, some emotional things happened that I won't get into closest friends know and I shared with Chad and of course God...all is fine just emotional.

Emma's doing great. We went to another Army base 1 1/2 hrs away, there was some traffic about a half hour from here that we got stuck in so it made our drive longer, but she slept the whole way. We had a good day over all yesterday and she slept all the way home as well. Last night was probably her worst night of sleep over all, she was up about ever 2 hrs or so. I think she's going through her first growth spurt, she's nursing more during the day as well. Even when she was sleeping I didn't sleep the best. I think tonight I will sleep good though, since I'm tired.

Today we had birthday parties to go to. They were both at the same park. We actually didn't officially go to the other one, Chad I guess did, but I didn't walk over there. There was a lot of kids and I didn't know who was healthy and who wasn't and since Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease is going around our post right now (it's a stinking epidemic almost all the kids we know have it, have had it, or are coming down with it). Who we were with they're all healthy so I feel ok there. Anyways we got to the park at 1 pm and left at 6 pm! The boys loved the 5 hrs at the park and throw in ice cream and cake! LOL What's not to love? Emma was awake a little, but over all did her normal sleeping and nursing! It was a good day for her! :)

I have decided we're not going to church in the morning. With the hand foot and mouth going around I'm not taking a chance for Emma especially to get it and don't want the boys getting it either, obviously so we're going to do all we can to avoid anyone who has it. Hopefully we can and it'll get cleared up soon.

Well I guess that's all...I'm sharing a couple pictures from the last day or two.




Monday, August 13, 2007

A Meme

I got this from Tracy over at: My life as a transplanted Yankee


Hi, my name is: Christy

but you can call me: Christy

Never in my life have I: been to Asia and don't have a desire to go there either!

The one person who can drive me nuts is: Chad! ROFL

My high school is: in small-town Kansas

When I’m nervous: I get sweaty hands and my voice quivers a little.

The last song I listened to was: Promise of a Lifetime by Kutless

If I were to get married right now it would be to: my husband! 

My hair is: brown and naturally curly and rather short right now (just past my chin).

When I was 4: we lived in a travel trailor because my dad worked out in the oil fields and we moved every couple of months

Last Christmas: was wonderful...Chad was home from Iraq and I'd just found out I was pg with Emma!

I should be: relaxing with my feet up! :)

When I look down I see: my very full chest :X

The happiest recent event was: having Emma

If I were a character on ‘Friends’:  A mixture of Rachel and Monica

By this time next year: I want to be 75 lbs lighter!

I have a hard time understanding: how anyone could NOT believe in Jesus and want him as their Savior.

There’s these girls: who are a blessing in my life they are Tami,Emily, & Kelly and they know me good, ugly, happy, and sad.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: Chad

I want to buy: some clothes for Emma! :) All pinks and purples! LOL

Where do you plan to visit: next month we're going back to Garmisch, Germany

If you spent the night at my house: I'd make sure all my junk was hidden good! LOL

The world could do without: Terrorists so my husband could stay home more than a year at a time!

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: I haven't bought myself recently...Chad's been the one and that'd be breast pads! (Hey that was the question! LOL)

Most recent thing someone else bought me: dinner well she did make it at home, but she had to make all the ingredients and it was so nice! Chad liked not having to cook for a night!

My middle name is: Lynn

In the morning I: nurse Emma, drink water, eat some breakfast

Last night I was: tired but chatted with Kelly until she up and signed off without saying goodnight, but that's fine I don't hold grudges (for too long! LOL)

If I was an animal I’d be a: cat.

A better name for me would be: Mom.

Tomorrow I am: going to call the medical clinic and my ob to make apts for Emma and myself.

Tonight I am: do as I have been since coming home...relax!

My birthday is: in Feb.

Today was: a good day. We cleaned up the apartment (and I even helped some!!), took all 3 kids out to the park (well Emma snoozed in the Maya wrap). It was beautiful today!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I weighed myself today and I'm down 30 lbs! I only gained aprox 20 lbs while pg with Emma so I have managed an extra 10 off of that. Trust me I'm not doing anything right now...just that I get full fast, drinking tons and tons of water (my guess is I'm getting about 14 glasses in at least I'm going to count tomorrow), and Emma's a nursing maniac! :) I'm hoping by next March to have another 30 lbs off if not more. I have a couple friends that are supposed to come in March and I'd love to be smaller than the last time they saw me which one saw me when Jack was 20 months old and one saw me when Jack was 7 months old. I'm going to jump back onto the weight watchers plan here in a few weeks when I can think a little better and not feel so drained. I'm thinking after I have my 6 week check up. Once I do I'll start my weight loss journal back up, so I have a  place that I can be accountable at.

My friend Bobbie and I are going to start walking together every day. She's actually already walking everyday/evening so I'll just join her. She's walking 2 miles a day, I'm probably going to start off with 1 mile and work my way up. I know I can do 4 laps around the track, can probably do more but I'm not going to beat myself up if I can't. I also want to start going to the gym, it'll just be finding the time for it. I do have things right here at home (hand weights and my gazelle) that I can use to work out with, but the gym obviously has a lot more for me...but since I won't be leaving Emma I can only go during certain times at the gym although I can't take her with me into the weight training room, but they have some eliptical machines and bikes hooked up for mom's of tots to work out on (child has to be in a carseat or stroller), and since I homeschool not like the boys go I may just have to wait for the weekends and go when Chad's home and talk to the gym director and find out if I can still bring Emma with me, if not the gym will be out.


Oh on another note, I wasn't sure how we were going to do PWOC and Jacob since during the "school year" they don't provide anything for school age children and our chaplain is NOT homeschool supportive at all. Well Chad said that Jacob can go to work with him on Wed mornings, which Jacob is thrilled about. I'll have his school work packed up in a backpack and he can work on his school while there for those 2 to 2 1/2 hrs. I was also talking to a friend who's homeschooling for the first time. Her son is going to take the  babysitting course that's required here on post for kids to babysit and she said that once he's taken it (he has to be 12 and he's 11 right now) that Jacob can go to their place for those 2 hrs. She lives about 2 or 3 minutes from the chapel and it's just across the road from Chad so that will work great as well! God has worked this out everytime since Jacob became too old for childcare at the chapel and I'm so thankful as I truly depend on PWOC to give me a refresher in the middle of my week, it gets me focused on Christ, his word, and fellowship with other Army wives. I truly feel it's one of the places God wants me to be and if it's ever a place he doesn't want me to be he'll close that door. In the mean time though, I'm just so thankful! We actually are on break from PWOC until September which is working perfectly for me with having Emma, taking a break from school, etc! We'll start school up in September.


Ok I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed now. I'll try to add a few new pictures tomorrow or Tuesday.


God Bless

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Some more pictures of Emma Grace

Here's more pictures of Emma Grace! Notice the LOVELY outifts she's in?! Yes my little girl that I have waited years for....was dressed like a boy while we were in the hospital. Most of the babies that were there were girls and they were ALL dressed in boy clothes! I think it's pretty obvious her coming home day! LOL

We're Home

As most of you know by visiting Kelly (Thank you woman!) Emma Grace has arrived! She's absolutely perfect and loved by everyone! The boys are both crazy about her! She has a little bit of hair on top and a fair amount on the sides and back, it's all dark brown/light black. She looks a lot like Jackson did when he was born.

She nurses like a pro, loves to co-sleep and at night when cuddled up with Momma will sleep for a solid 3 hours at a time! She's just perfect and I couldn't have asked for anything more than Emma!


My c-section went well. I felt fabulous afterwards! We called my mom and my best friends Tami and Emily when I got into the recovery room. I had a wonderful anestisiologist. The hospital stay in general was ugh. German hospitals and drs are simply different than American ones...I have to say I prefer American. They wanted to keep me longer, but I couldn't handle it. I felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin if I had to stay one more day. Thankfully I was able to come home yesterday!


The day Emma was born!


Emma being held by Jackson and Jacob....very proud big brothers!


I'll update more, but Miss Emma is waking up and it's time to eat. Thank you for the prayers and love!



Wednesday, August 1, 2007

See ya!

I'm getting ready to sign off. I have to be at the hospital at 10 am tomorrow and baby is coming Friday. Thanks for any and all prayers!

God Bless and I'll update when I get home in a week! I have turned off all hopefully I won't come home to very many emails!