Tuesday, July 24, 2007






So I didn't really write yesterday. I had an ugly day yesterday. I went to bed hurting, annoyed, etc Sunday night and woke up yesterday still feeling like that and the official bad mood had set in and I was in it all day long. I had a FRG meeting last night that was short. Said goodbye to the old leader and hello to the new one. Hopefully she'll like being the leader. They're still looking for a treasurer, but I just am not stepping up into that role I have enough on my plate the way it is without dealing with money, although I do think the new leader will not try and do under handed things, but I have enough on my plate from homeschooling, being a wife and mom in general, a new baby, PWOC weekly, being on the PWOC board, having monthly board meetings and other requirements that my board position requires. PWOC is where my heart is as far as volunteering. Plus I volunteer with a lot of the children's ministry at church. I'm still trying to decide where I want to help out at as far as Awana is concerned next year. My heart is saying continue on as the Sparks Director if the chaplain wants me there, but I want to be open to where ever he wants me at. Part of me says step down and just be a listener, I don't know. I haven't spent a great deal of time in prayer over this and need to and just let GOD take care of it, because I know he will! :)






Today so far I was up and going fairly early. I'm normally up by 8 or so, but actually being "AWAKE" and active that's a whole other conversation. Today I was up and showered and out the door by 9:15 and at the chapel for a PWOC board meeting. In case I haven't mentioned it, I LOVE PWOC! We are so blessed on our post to have the PWOC we do. It's just such a loving group of women. Sometimes at different posts you'll find this invisible (sometimes it's NOT invisible) wall between enlisted and officers families/wives. Where we're stationed at, it's such a small post that it's hard to have that wall in the first place, and at PWOC we're so mixed and no one cares. It's that simple, it's NOT an issue. For those who don't know we're an enlisted family! I have been so blessed by the mix of my friends from high ranking officers wives to low enlisted wives...it just doesn't matter. What our husband's rank is does not have and should NEVER have baring for who we are in Christ. We are who he makes us and if we're instead making ourselves into the rank that's on our husband's uniform what in the world are we doing? Our board is mixed between a JAG officers wife as our president (who's the absolute best, I LOVE her!!) to a chaplains wife (who again I love so much!!!) to a wife who's husband is an E-4 aka Specialist...we're all over the place and then we actually have 2 ladies on our board who are not military spouses. One is a wonderful German woman who lives here (born and raised) but spends 99% of her time with us American's, she's the Co-chair for the Praise and Worship and then another who is married but her husband came over here on a contract job and got as absolutely involved in our community as possible and is Co-chair for participation. All the ladies on the board are just such a blessing. This is my 2nd full year on the board (I took over in March '06 not knowing what in the world I was doing and continued all last year and was asked to stay in my position as Outreach for this coming year!).




So anyways...had my board meeting this morning which btw last night I was dreading getting up for, but God woke me up before my alarm and I was actually in a good mood! Wahoo! I had to run and change the date for the Mom's Morning Out (a PWOC outreach) just a few days, then came home, made lunch, Jacob did his math, Jack took his nap, and I'm now having some quiet time here. Jacob's playing his video game, and the bird is singing and starting to get on my nerves. (Anyone want a canary that sings constantly, sounds like a mixture of a cell phone and car alarm...seriously ask Emily!).






When Chad gets home we're going shopping! Yes! Well as long as he doesn't have to work too late, aka so late that the stores are closed. Now remember we're in Germany and things close early so that's completely possible. We're hopeful he won't have to work too late, actually while I think about it I'm calling him right now to check and see how his afternoon is going and see if he has a clue on what time he'll be getting home! Ok he's going to be home at 5 or so..good deal so shopping we will go! Chad reminded me of a store in the atrium that is a baby store and has the most beautiful and just simply adorable clothes so we're going there to hopefully find her an outfit and if not we'll head downtown to C&A and H&M and see what we can find for her there! Wahoo!




Oh I did no laundry today! :X I still need to put our clothes up, I could get off of here and do it, but I'm leaning more towards when we get home and doing it then. Jack's napping right now and I'm not risking waking that boy up. I should say I did do laundry yesterday though...4 loads!





Oh so just be prepared this is turning out longer than I figured it'd be! Tomorrow I'm picking up a military wife's mom, the wife is Germany but living in the states now and her mom has a care package for her, but it's so expensive to mail from the German post office so she emailed me and asked if I could take her mom to our post office and mail it. Since my van is still broke down (Chad did go by the Ford dealership, but now is calling the US to see about getting the part...they want aprox $1,000.00 for it here and it's a $350.00 part in the US.worst comes to worst we have it sent to my parents and they mail it to us, it'll still be cheaper! Just insane I tell you). So anyways...I just have the BMW which is a great car, but it's a car and can't fit 2 kids in carseats and 3 adults so my friend Aimee is going to watch the boys for me while I do this. Aimee was happy to, which I've watched her boys quite a few times and Chad took her oldest camping with her so she said I've been over due in asking! I normally ask Bobbie, because she's pretty well right across the street and has a mini van so if she needs to take the boys with her somewhere, she can. Aimee's son (her oldest) goes to a German school so sometimes that schedule of picking him up conflicts when I've needed help, but tomorrow it works out PERFECTLY! I can bring them home, feed them lunch, pack them a few snacks and she'll call me when she gets home picking up S from school! Her oldest and Jacob are great friends and Jackson has declared that her younger son E is his best friend and E has said the same thing about Jack...so it works out absolutely perfect! Chad will be at work so if need be she can call him, and if he gets off work before I'm done and back he'll go and pick them up. I'm truly so blessed by my friends!





Oh. oh, oh I forgot to tell you this! Bobbie and I were at the park Sunday evening talking and she said her and Aimee are going to throw me a baby shower after the baby is born! She told me to let her know of what day works for me! I was so touched. I had 3 showers for Jordyn, none for the boys well not really. I was working at the bank when I had Jacob and they went above and beyond in gifts for him, but no formal shower, and nothing to celebrate Jackson's life...so the fact that they want to celebrate this little girls arrival is so touching to me. I don't need gifts, but to know they all want to celebrate with me! Not sure where they're doing it at...I am going to ask Bobbie not to do it here, hopefully the Yellow Ribbon Room or one of their homes! I'm just so touched by their love! Bobbie said they wanted it to be a surprise, but they want to make sure I don't go and make plans! :)






Oh my best friend from high school had her baby girl yesterday! She has a teenage step daughter,and two sons (her biologically), and now this little surprise! She found out she was pg 2 weeks before her scheduled tubal ligation! God had other plans obviously! She's absolute beautiful. Her sister emailed me and said that they hadn't chosen her name yet...it's between Ava and Addison. All their kids have A names. Kendra had her oldest son when we were 18 (it happens to the good girls too) she was dx with hodgkins disease in her 1st trimester with him, his name is Aaron. She married Aaron's dad when she was done with chemo and Aaron was almost a year old. A little over a month after they got married he decided he didn't want to be married. To say I wanted to kill him is putting it lightly. Kendra and I more or less lived together for about 6 months after that, as she figured out what her next step was. She ended up moving in with her parents for a few months, went back to school, got her CNA, met her husband Chris..they dated for a year...she went back to school got her LPN, he went to college and got his degree (something in computers), they bought a house...they had Adam (who I got to actually WATCH come into this world and let me tell you that was one of the most amazing things I've ever been witness to!Hey I've only had c-sections had to see it for myself and guess what ladies...it's totally possible to push a baby from there! ROFL...seriously it was such a beautiful and amazing gift that Kendra allowed me to experience with her). This little girl is the first one of Kendra's that I wasn't in the hospital to greet. I didn't see Aaron being born, but was there waiting in the hall with everyone else. I am so beyond overjoyed for her, although I sure do wish I could have been there. Kendra and I have been through so much together in our 20 yrs of friendship and I am just so blessed to have her in my life. She's had more than her share of burdens....cancer, teenage pregnancy, divorce, run away step daughter (who's home safely now), many struggles with her step daughter, dealing with her ex who she does with grace even though she doesn't think she does (she soooo does), moving for her husband's job, being a mom, oh and going back to get her RN! She's amazing! She's even seriously contemplated going back to school and becoming an Oncologist! See I told you she's awesome! She'd be an amazing doctor, but right now she's actually contemplating becoming a SAHM again. She got to be one when Aaron was a baby but she was going through chemo and radiation so shedidn't get to always enjoy his babyhood like she wanted, and Adam her husband was just starting his career, they'd bought their first home (which they've since moved, sold the house, and bought another one), so again it wasn't as much of an option since her check actually paid their mortage. So I'm praying that she'll go ahead and be a SAHM, since it's where her heart is and she deserves this time with her little girl!

Ok I think I'm done!! Have a great day! If we find the outfit I'll take a picture of it and post it!


God Bless



nay0114 said...

You're right teen pregnancy does happen to GOOD girls... my grandson is the result of that and my daughter is the best youngest mother that I know. She had him at 16 and knew right away that he was a blessing and she could never live without him.
Sounds like you have lots going on. Your baby shower sounds like fun and I'm sure they are happy to do it. Congrats to your friend and her new daughter love the names.
Good luck shopping and let us know what you got. Have a great day.
Take care, Chrissie

crewsfour said...

You are truly blessed, it is so nice to have friends who you can rely on, count on and have to hold on to during the good times and bad times.  Friends are just as important as family and it certainly sounds like you have a great support around you.  Glad to hear you got so much accomplished today.  You mentioned FRG in your entry and that you don't have a position with them because of your other commitments.  I am actually considering being an FRG treasurer for my husbands ship - we've never had a sea command before this and I have never been to an FRG meeting.  Would this be something you recommend or does it really just vary from command to command?  Thank you and good luck with finding a new outfit for the little one  -  Leene

jckfrstross said...

enjoy your week:)


pixiedustnme said...

(are ya sure you're done?  cause you know, you could always do ANOTHER post!)  I'm bummed to hear about the part for the van.  I was so hoping it would be all together for you guys to bring Marissa Summer home in :-)