Saturday, July 21, 2007

The morning from you know where




Oh man this morning was awful! This morning they had Physical Day. Everyone on post could bring in their children in for the sports physicals and since there are absolutely no apts at the medical clinic to get it's today or forget it! The boys and I got there and got into line (outside) at 8:50 AM.We got to the check in desk at 10:15. See how it's going? Fun times, oh yes fun times. When we actually were able to get into the clinic (I think we walked through the doors about 10 am the medical clinic side and the dental clinic side all the seats were almost all filled (it's all one big room, just split by a walk way/hall. There's seating for aprox 100 total and there was at least that many just standing, sitting on the floor, etc, and we're not talking about the people still waiting in line which was still flowing outside! We sat down and around 11 my friend Bobbie came in, by the the line was only about 10 deep. She came and sat down about 11:15 or so and we still hadn't seen anyone.





Finally I'd guess about 11:30 we go back and see the optometrist, that was actually very fast, we were back there for a MAX 10 minutes and that's with waiting and the exams for both boys. Jacob has a slight stigmatism and he said to bring him back in, in the spring to check, but said so far it's nothing that's causing any real problems, but that of course if I notice he's having problems to bring him back in. We have a really great eye dr and he's GREAT with kids! So back out to the waiting room and about 12:15 we get called back for the kids to have their bp, weight, height checked. That took about 10 minutes. We go back and again wait, wait, wait. I'm not sure exactly what time they call us back to see the actual dr I'd guess 1/2 hr. We wait in the room another probably 15 minutes he comes in and does the actual physical. Both boys got to go through all that fun including the um "check" down below which bothof them were giggling, they couldn't believe someone had to actually check there! LOL I was there the whole time and the dr was completely professional. It was after 1 pm when we left that room and went back to immunizations where I got to encounter the VERY unpleasant and simply rude immunization nurse. I'm definately leaving an official complaint about her. I tried to ask her a question and she interrupted and me and told me NOT to take MY frustration out on HER because she'd been there just as long as everyone else had. Again I was just trying to ask a question and without a doubt I was at this point testy (36 weeks pregnant and hadn't ate anything today...yeah testy oh and lets not forget about just being around over 100 kids and their parents for most of the 5 hours at this point and none of the kids were bad, just too many in such a small place). I told her I was NOT taking my frustration out on her and that if I was she would have NO DOUBT I was, but that if she'd shut her mouth and actually let someone finish a sentence she'd know I was trying to simply ask her a question. She shut up, answered my question, finished my paper work and we went to check out. The lady at the check out window was the sweetest person. She of course gets the smiles because well she's the last stop! She made copies of the paper work and shot records and gave us a small survey on how to make this better next year (oh btw this is the first time in 2 yrs they've tried to do this as a large day session and well it obviously did NOT work). I wrote my thoughts on how to make it better (which is to spread it over 2 or 3 days, by doing it alphabetically say those who's last name starts with A-F go on day one, G-O on day two, and so on). I said good bye to Bobbie and we left.






Chad was over at a friends apartment hanging ceiling fans for her, and he wasn't home and the door was locked and I didn't take my house key so I walked over to her house and yelled at Chad! I did apologize he was just an easy target for my venting. He forgave me! :) Chad finished the last ceiling fan and we came home, he jumped in the shower to wash off and he took the boys to a friends birthday party. I'm getting a break. Chad will be home in about 20 minutes and we're going to go pick up our family pictures that we had taken a few weeks ago! :) I am happy about that. It's definately the highlight of my day. It may not be Chad's since he'll be handing over the money! ROFL!





So that was how I got so spend my morning from 8:50 until 1:50 pm! Sounds fun huh? I'm hoping after we pick up the pictures we can run down town and find an outfit for the baby to come home in. I hope we can find just what we want for her. If not we may run to the PX at another post tomorrow after chapel, if we don't find anything today. I hope we find something. We also have to pull out all the newborn clothes that were Jordyn's and I need to wash them, tonight and tomorrow. I also just have family laundry to do as well. My goal would be do baby clothes today and the rest of our dirty clothes tomorrow and bedding on Monday.

I guess that's it for now! I'm really tired and could sooo use a nap, but that's just not going to happen. Hopefully I can get to bed at a descent time tonight. We'll see! ;)

Hope all of you HP fans got your books and are reading them, there were quite a few people at the clinic today with their new books reading them...of course it was ALL adults who had them. One lady it looked like she was a good 1/4 of the way through it so I have a feeling she stayed up most the night reading!


Have a good Saturday!



pixiedustnme said...

That just sounds like somebody in the government's idea (somebody with no kids obviously!) of how to do things efficiently!  Hopefully by the time Rachel Grace is old enough to need a sports physical they'll have things figured out!

happysunshien said...

yeah sounds like whoever planned that day?  has no children....lmao..I have laundry and cleaning planned for today... :)  maybe some babysitting of my sweet emily and precious lil liam.... :)


crewsfour said...

Goodness what a horrible system - I couldn't imagine how frustrating your wait was, at least its done and they won't need another physical for a while.  I hope you were able to at least get a seat while waiting and didn't have to stand the whole time.  Good luck in finding an outfit for the little one.  Can't wait to see the family pics once you get them.  Take care   Leene

candlejmr said...

OK, now THAT system would make me NUTS.  First of all, I am very impatient and add claustrophobic on top of that...and if I were PREGNANT too???  Oh good Lord, they would not have known what hit them!!!!

Hope you find a cute outfit for the baby...who's name is.....???  LOL.  Just trying to see if I could get you to spill the beans! (lol)


rdautumnsage said...

I wouldn't of lasted. Simply because I have no patience what so ever! I already get a lot of rude treatment from nurses on account of me being deaf (like I have a choice there). I would definitely report the immunization nurse there was no reason for her remark at all. Hopefully by now your relaxing with your feet up and enjoying some "me" time....well as much as you can get anyway with a house full of boys lol! (Hugs) Indigo

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:) i agree doing that in one day is to much gezzz


sangrialel said...

Wow Christy it sounds like you had a great time!!  LOL  Linda

nay0114 said...

Wow what a day. I would be crazy. Guess you have to be young to put up with that stuff. LoL. I'm so glad you're done with that.
Take care, Chrissie