Saturday, April 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Chad!!!!!!



Happy Birthday Honey! I love you!!! You're my hero, my best friend!

Wish you were here!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Denial and Prayers

May 8 marks 6 yrs since Jordyn died. May 12 marks 6 yrs since we had her funeral and I lost touched and kissed my little girl. May 14 marks 6 yrs ago having my 1st Mother's Day and not having child to hold on that day since becoming a mother. This year all those dates land on the same day of the week that they landed on 6 yrs ago. Jordyn died Monday May 8, 2000...and this year May 8 lands on Monday.

I do ask for your prayers for me and for Chad.

I also ask for your prayers for my Kelly(2) it also marks 6 yrs since her precious Josh went home to Heaven. If you haven't been back over to her blog, she's back to writing.

Also keep my friend Tami in your prayers, end of May would be her daughter, Sydney's 7th birthday and June will be 6 yrs since she went home to Heaven.

Keep all families who's children died in 2000 in your prayers, as they go through these days. For some we will relive them, for others it'll be that familiar but awful pain, and for others, they will deal with it the way they do.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This Journey I walk

I read my devotion early tonight, read through the book of Jude (those who know your bible, know that this was not a huge feat by any means!), and then went ahead and read 2 more devotionals, and started reading the book of Revelations. I've decided that I'm going to read through the book of Revelations. I think I can have it read with in 2 weeks. Please be in prayer for me, I know it's a difficult book to read. I know there's a lot that I'll have to really digest. I know it's one of the most graphic and some say scary books of the bible, but for the last couple of years, yes years I've known I need to read this book, yet I've been putting it off. No more procrastination. I may need to journal about it, so be prepared if I have to sort all my feelings about what I'm reading. I may not be able to share here because it may just be simply too personal.


I have more things to write about, but it's going to be in another entry.


God Bless

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pictures from while Chad was home

Here's some pictures of when Chad was home. We went to Garmisch and while down there took a day trip to Innsbruck, Austria which is about 45 minutes away. When we got to Garmish on a Monday it was raining. That night as we were getting the boys ready for bed, we noticed it was snowing. Now this is Southern Germany and snow in April is most definately not unheard of, actually I think it's expected. What was unexpected was the amount of snow we recieved (about 18 inches!). The next morning is when we went to Innsbruck and when we entered Austria there was some snow, but then we came into rain again and it rained most the time we were there, but it was a beautiful city! I won't be able to get all the pictures that I took but I'll try to get a nice variety!


The boys sitting at the Throne at what turned out to be a Play Castle. They do re-enactments upstairs and downstairs they have video games, inline skating, tons of kiddie rides (like what you see outside stores in the states). We didn't play on anything downstairs, although we did decide if we'd take the boys there again and let them play sometime for a little while! The upstairs was really cool though, and outside when we drove up, we truly thought it was a real, wonderful preserved castle!



Typical German House...notice no snow!


This is the very next day, this is actually just outside of the play castle as we were driving up to it.


Jack,Chad,& Jacob at the resturant we ate at after we returned from Innsbruck. It was a GREAT resturant and we HIGLY recommend it. Great food, awesome atmosphere!



This is us the day we left the Resort we stayed at, it's a military  lodge and resort and this is the boys and I third stay here and definately not the last. I'm thinking in the next 2 months we're going to take another trip down there if we can get reservations...anyways they have this HUGE, HUGE fire place. They have wonderful wooden rocking chairs to sit in and just enjoy the warmth of it and it's also a popular picture place. The crutches you see on the floor are not ours, but a sweet teenager who was sitting in front of the fire place and kindly moved back while we had our picture taken.


Chad and the boys outside of Edelweiss with the Bavarian Alps in the background...I LOVE the Mountains, this a favorite picture of mine!



Bavarian Alps...we could see people sking down the clearing!




Of Two Minds

I get the MOPS emails and this one was so good, I know there's a lot of you mom's out there and I think we all need this reminder from time to time to just be more like our children!

Of Two Minds

Does your child puzzle you at times?

Moms, enjoy this excerpt from "Of Two Minds" by Carol McAdoo Rehme, which appears in Chicken Soup for the Mother of Preschooler's Soul.

Mothers step cautiously around the mud and dutifully check their soles.
Children stomp in the puddle and freckle their world.
Mothers look at the blistering sun and moan about the heat.
Children drag out the hose and dance under the sprinkler.
Mothers polish their possessions and judiciously store them in their rightful containers. Children lose their toys and sometimes even give them away. For keeps.
Mothers invest and save.
Children trade a dime for a penny because it's larger.
Mothers frown at the beat and turn down the volume.
Children gyrate and hop, spin and twirl, then amplify the song with their own harmonies...and their own lyrics.
Mother walk by a flowerbed and comment on the choking weeds.
Children pluck handfuls of dandelions and weave them into a crown of gold....
Mothers act like the grownups they are. Grownups who have lost the motion in music and forgotten that a crown of dandelions is worth its weight in gold. Grownups who have let their spontaneity rust.
And children act like the children they are. Finding magic in the moment, wonder in the weed, and perspective in the puddle. They are earthy and earthly emissaries sent to remind us daily to seek the joy in life.

Did you enjoy this comparison of mothers and children? Want to share it with the moms you know, than be sure to visit our Web site at and click on "Radio" to print it out for all your "mom-friends!"

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listeners. Your gift of just $10 per month can provide an entire
year of programming at a local station. Just think of how many
more moms and families you can help to hear these encouraging

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Help a Family and welcoming "back" a couple friends

I would like to urge all of you to help a family. Their baby Kendall was born premature. She's still in NICU weighing as of April 10 2 lb 10 oz. I hope you'll visit her journal and help her in raising money for March of Dimes:

Life As A Navy Wife & First Time Mother



I would also like to welcome back to blogging, our Kelly(2). She left AOL, well stopped writing there, and is on blogspot and hasn't written since Dec 24, she has recently started back again! Go visit her and encourage her to keep writing. I've missed her!

I also found that a person I had only been reading for a short time, then quit, is back. She used to have Purple Pixie Dust, but has a new one: Music Box Visit Brittany and welcome her back too!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

He's gone

I know it's been over 2 weeks since I updated, but Chad was home and we were busy spending time as a family. It was a wonderful 15 days, he left this morning. Jacob cried as he watched his Daddy walk away and Jackson kept asking for "daddy". This is the HARD part of being a military family. I cried a little, but tried to keep my composure the best I could while my boys longed for one more hug, kiss, tickle.

We're half way through, and I know we can get through it and I have plans for the boys and I to do some traveling over the next few months. Right now we do a field trip once a week and go visit a castle. This week we went with Chad, on Tuesday instead of waiting until Friday, which is our normal field trip day.

I'll update more later and try to get some pictures up.


God Bless


Tuesday, April 4, 2006


Yes!!! CHAD'S home!! We picked him up from the airport this morning! He didn't call me yesterday and let me know what time he'd be arriving at the airport and my internet was down. He had emailed me the time, but since I couldn't get on I had no clue that he'd be arriving at 8:30 am and at 9:30 he called me :( We were out dressed (make up on and hair somewhat done) by 9:45 and on the road to drive the aprox. 30 miles to get him! I made GREAT time and after driving and finding a parking spot by 10:30 Jack was literally jumping into his arms! Jacob stood there in somewhat of a state of shock!

Oh God is so good!!! I'm so happy he's home. So why am I here instead of in his arms, because I booked him a massage and he's getting that right now! He was so excited to get it! We're going out to eat for dinner downtown for some yummy German food! :)

I will not be online much!! I'll try to upload pictures here and there when I can!


God Bless