Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pictures of the Furniture!

It didn't arrive until about 7:30 I think, very late and to think the movers still had 4 more places to stop and drop off furniture still! Since it was so late we just placed it in VERY temporary and crowded positions! Tomorrow we'll be rearranging everything. We've got an idea of how to try things and we'll see if that will work, if not well we'll just keep moving things around until we get it like we want it! It's really pretty. It's buck suede and man I'm thinking we so should have went for a different material, but it's too late now. It just takes a lot of care. I'd already said no eating or drinking, just didn't realize that even water could damage the material so nothing. I am ordering a protector for the fabric so that Chad and I can at least drink water in there. I told Chad we may end up getting slip covers because I don't want it ruined. We're paying too much money for this furniture and I have every intention of it lasting us for YEARS to come. It's such good quality furniture I don't want an accident to make it look shabby. So we'll see! If any of you have buck suede furniture let me know your opinions, what you use to safe guard it, etc.


Entertainment center (doors all closed up so you don't have to look at the tv)..my Precious Moments that we collect for Jordyn are on both sides along with the porclein angel my Aunt got for Jordyn for her 2nd birthday.

All opened up.


The love seat

The couch

The chair

And the ottoman just stuck in the outside looking in :) (there wasn't enough room with how everything's squeezed in right now for the ottoman...tomorrow it'll hopefully be all situtated).


Tomorrow after we have it all rearranged I'll take more pictures of how we have it.


mumma4evr said...

very nice!!!!

jckfrstross said...

i would go and get slipcovers. you could try scotch guard in the can and spray the furniture. it really pretty


springangel235 said...

I love all of the furniture....very pretty!!!

mikalsgrl said...

beautiful furniture Christy and Chad-

well worth the wait....now you are making me want to go do some shopping :)

ukgal36 said...

Classic and beautiful...

happysunshien said...

oh yeah some scotchguard is in order...lol....i love it! yeah baby puke is goign to leave a nasty stain :) unless of course her name is Kelly....and babies named Kelly rarely throw up.. :)


candlejmr said...

LOL...Kelly had me laughing...scotchguard is definitely in order...(lol).....oh, and Jeanne is a WONDERFUL name....(lol)

Everything looks GREAT!!!!  I love all of it!


sangrialel said...

It looks awesome I can't wait to see the pictures of it all situated tomorrow.  Linda

crewsfour said...

It looks so good Christy - I'm with you on keeping furniture looking fresh.  We desperately need new furniture but with two little ones I know they'd drop something or spill something on it.  I have the rule of no food or drink leaving the kitchen but sometimes they sneak something past.  Leene

stupidsheetguy said...

that's some BEAUTIFUL furniture, looks very comfy :)  and I can see a couple of kids enjoying some bounce time on that couch!
Enjoy it in good health!

emabecmar said...

wow, that is beautiful. I'd get a couple cans of scotch guard and spray it down real good and let dry before sitting on it. I do that with my furniture. ((((((hugs))))

nay0114 said...

Beautiful... love it. That is a wonderful place to display Jordyn's precious moments items.
Thanks for sharing the photos. I'm excited for you all.
Take care, Chrissie

deshelestraci said...

Pretty stuff!  I love new furniture!