Friday, February 17, 2006

It's a Good Day!

Yes that's right, we're all well and mended, so what's a Momma to do when her boys are both healthy and happy (well right now I'm ignoring Jack in the background screaming about something, who knows he missed out on his nap today oops, BAD MOMMY)...but I had a good excuse, really I did. Ok so maybe it's not a GOOD excuse, but it IS an excuse...I was shopping! LOL The PX was having a big sale on clothing, especially children's clothing so I got quite a bit for the boys for next year. I went and paid my internet/phone bill...good thing because it was REALLY, REALLY late! oops! See over here in wonderful Germany we have our military post office box, where 99.9999% of our mail is delivered and THEN we have our German mailbox where primarly junk mail is delivered, except 1 pesky bill, our only bill that's not taken out of our bank act It's the same company and I NEVER remember to go right out the backdoor (which I have to pass at least 10 times a week when going to the basement to do laundry) but I never have the key with me! LOL So for now that bill's all paid and I'm safe for the next couple weeks until next month's bill comes, but I did find out that I can pay that bill at the community bank here on post and only charged 1.00 to pay it there instead of 3 euro at the actual place of business! So that's a nice new find! Always good to find a closer place and a cheaper way! Not that Arcor (where our internet and phone's through) is far away, it's less than a mile away, it's just off post and if you understood how annoying it is to get on and off post you'd understand that it's most of the time just a pain in the butt.

So anyways, I went to the commissary got tonight's meal to cook. Ran into Power Zone (cd's, computers, etc through Aafes) and looked for the PSP which they're out of, of course...but I got the Carrie Underwood CD which I'm listening to now and LOVE! and also Sugarland :Twice the Speed of Life cd, I've heard awesome things about it. I'm normally a Contemp Christian Music girl, but do love country music as well, plus I happily (although sometimes a little shamefully) admit that I'm a HUGE American Idol fan! ROFL! I am...and I LOVE that it's on over here! We get it a day after you do in the states so don't you ever come here and spoil things for me! LOL The thing that stinks is I won't get to vote this year, since we obviously won't get it until the day after...but I'll just have to have some friends vote afew extra times for me for MY Choices!!! I've done pretty good in my favorites, I really wanted Carrie to win last yr, and of course she did and of course wanted Kelly to win. We all know Clay SHOULD have won, and we won't even talk about I think it was 4th Season's winner..I can't even think of her name..Diana DeGarmo was who I wanted to win between the two, because the other one I just can't stand...don't like her voice and well nothing else about her.

Ok, this has been a fairly pointless entry, but we need those you know! I'm in a great mood. My children are both back to being healthy, and best of all I got to chat with my wonderful husband earlier today and he's hoping to get back online again and he thanked me for the Buckeyes that I made him! He loves those and I made him a double batch!! He said they were a little stuck together, but they put them in the refridgerator and they were perfect, and he's sharing! That's really impressive, because he LOVES them! LOL I'm glad I can do little things to make him happy! Oh speaking of him, that was the other thing I did...mailed him 3 care packages today. One was his Valentine's Day gifts, yes I know bad wife...they're late, but I have a new address for him so things will go directly to him vs being flown into where he's at only to be packed right onto a truck to be sent down to where the rest of his unit is. (Right now he has SIX packages waiting for him down there, they've been there for about 3 weeks) so anyways his packages I sent today should get to him in about a week!! YES! I even got him some candy today that was 50% off  so he'll be surprised and can share all these goodies!


Ok better go work on dinner, vacuum, and watch a movie with my boys!


God's Blessings to Each and Every one of you!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sick little boy

My Jacob (5) is sick. He woke me up at 6:30 vomitting, and so the day has went. He's in my bed tonight, since he's on the top bunk. Please say a prayer for my little man. He told me this evening "I don't like this virus that's inside of me, it's time for it to go". I agree, it does stink being sick and I honestly can't remember the last time he was sick.

I have been sick a lot lately as well which other than say some sinus issue's, it'd been quite a while since I was last sick and in the last 4 wks I've been sick 4 times. Four weeks ago I had the all out flu, the achiness and well all the other joys that go with it, the week after I was great. Last Wednesday I was sick again all day, just my stomach and by the next morning (which was my birthday) I felt fine. Then on Tuesday I was sick again, same as the week before just my stomach (as in the rest of my body felt fine I didn't have any aches throughout my body, my head felt fine, etc...just my stomach was killing me so I got the glory of being sick ugh). Yesterday morning it was still hanging on a little but by noon I felt fine. I was thinking maybe the last 2 weeks was a result of stress and missing Chad, but since Jacob's sick today I am guessing it's just some nasty bug. I spend a great deal of time with the same people throughout my weeks, primarily people from chapel and I know a bug has been going through with different people so I guess I've just been the lucky one to get it 3 times now.

Please pray that I will stay healthy from here on out. It's so hard to be sick, when Chad's gone. Please pray that Jacob will feel better tomorrow, and pray that Jackson just stays healthy over all.

Thanks. I'll try to update when I can. I've been going to bed earlier and haven't been online as much.

God Bless

Monday, February 13, 2006

Easy Like Sunday Morning...

Dona asks:

Easy #35 Sunday morning!

Been working on a graphic for the Sunday Easy entries, so I've been a bit absent.  But earlier today I was surfing around and came across a journaler who had Pink's video 'Stupid Girls' playing.  I watched the video (for the first time ever), read the author's entry and comments, went off-line and headed downstairs to the laundry room.  And I got to thinking...

Tell me...

What does happiness mean to you?


What an awesome question I have to say, great way to get me thinking on a Monday mid-morning! For me happiness means:Knowing that even in all my sins, Jesus loves me and that I'm forgiven, and will one day be with my KING and my "princess" in Heaven.

Happiness means, that even if the only "company" I have is myself, I'm content.  

 Chad, Jacob, and Jackson...just writing their names brings a smile to my face. Happiness is a few good friends who know my faults and still love me and I know theirs and still love them.

That I don't need the world to tell me what it is to be happy, that I can and have defined my own happiness and it's not "worldly" happiness. That I can see a bigger picture and know that even in the dark hours, the sun will shine again.

Jacob singing. Jackson singing in his own little way.

The fullness of my heart. Not longing for what "might have been" or "could have" or "should have". Realizing that longing for things that I have no control over or did not turn out one way or another is exactly how GOD meant for them to turn out.

It's not materialistic. It's not fleeting. It's not fast and hard, but instead slow and gentle.

It's being comfortable with myself, who I am inside, knowing that although I'm not perfect that I'm loved and deserved to be loved. That I have more than I deserve and for some reason God continues to bless me with his precious love.


*******If you want to play write your own entry in your journal and leave the link at Dona 's journal*********************


Tuesday, February 7, 2006

God's Glory

I have Corretta Scott King's Funeral on right now. As I listen to the many people speaking and I think of how much I do not know about her or her husband. I know all of the many public things that are put out there for a generalization.

As much as I don't like it/her Hillary Clinton (not a fan of hers) she spoke of what Mrs. King must have been thinking when she married Martin. To know that this man wanted to change our country. It seems in so many ways she's held up to a level that truly  must have been very difficult to live up to day in and day out. I sat here listening to many and my thoughts kept going to Jesus.

He gave the ultimate sacrifice, after that sacrifice there was not a church filled with 10,000 people there to celebrate his life and grieve his death. There was not people sitting at home watching his funeral, there were not people standing on that podem sharing his GLORY to thousands up thousands of people.

Oh yes, his disiples did go out and spread his word, we have the bible now and oh how thankful I am. I just think of how well to me it makes me sad, that the one man we should daily be celebrating and sharing his life and word in the thousands and millions, yet most don't. I don't share God's word and love nearly as much as I should. I don't live as Christ tells me to live as often as I should. I fumble and fall day after day.

Oh how merciful God is. God's glory is shined upon us daily. He gives people different gifts. He shows his awesome power every moment of everyday, quite often though we're blind to his glory.


I am going to strive to find the Glory of day to GOD. I'm going to look for those "little things" that GOD shows us his love and mercy. I need to keep my focus on him. Look towards him instead of myself.

I urge each of you to look for the small things that God has created as one of the many things to Glorify him. Share them with others when you feel it's appropriate, and keep to yourself when you feel you should. Hide his word in your heart. I challenge each of you and myself to learn one bible verse a week. Memorize it, know it in your heart, live it.

God Bless

Monday, February 6, 2006

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Dona wants to know:

As Sam and I were grocery shopping for the game today, I noticed other shoppers all stocking up on food for their own bowl parties.  Each basket was different, filled to the brim with a diverse variety of food and beverages.  And it got me thinking.

Tell me...

What are your top 5 snack foods and when was the last time you feasted on one of those items?

So mine would be:


Baked Lays Sour Cream and Onion

Chili Con Queso and Tortilla Chips

Little Smokies

Carmel Popcorn


Ok, I am a chocolate girl through and through and not a big salty eater that often, except for those wonderful delightful Baked Lays. The last time I had brownies was a couple weeks ago, because my boys asked for them and well they just had to twist my arm! LOL The Baked Lays it's been since July :( They don't have them over here. My mom's supposed to be sending me some and then the Commissary will be able to order them once I bring in the UPC.

Little Smokies and Chili Conqueso is what I made on New Years Eve and if Chad were here, we'd have had some last night.

Carmel Popcorn, well I just like it! It's been a long time since I had any though.


If you decide to play along...answer in your journal and leave the link at Dona 's journal!

Saturday, February 4, 2006

Frosty Days

These were take a couple days ago...this is FROST not ice or snow on the trees! I've never seen frost this thick in my life!



                                     This was taken out front of our building (no the blue building is NOT our building thanfully! This tree is in the center between parking area's, it's the one I could get a TRUE close up on and give you a true picture of the thickness of the frost!)



 This tree is on the side of our building. My camera couldn't get "close enough" to get a spectacular picture, but I think it's still a good picture



This is a picture that I actually took through an opened window from our stairwell, that's the building behind ours (our building's the same color) I love these tree's, when full of leaves they're beautiful and provide wonderful shade and they look beautiful with the frost on them.





Thought of the day

Dona is doing this great "Thought of the Day". Well Friday's really spoke to me. Here's the link to this journal entry:

Here's the thought: "Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us."

I think we all get caught up in our own sorrow's. I know I've had my own sorrow's and some are more than others. My biggest is the loss of my little girl, Jordyn. To me there is no greater pain, heart ache, or loss than the death of your child. Through all that pain though, life continues. I have been blessed over and over in this life. I have God, I gave my heart to Jesus, I have 2 beautiful boys, an AMAZING husband who adores me, and in general a great life. We have times where money's tight, things are always full of joy, yet my focus can't constantly be on sadness. Losing Jordyn was horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I grew so much from all that Jordyn went through. Sure I'd prefer she still be alive, but you know she's not and that's just a fact. I can't make her living and breathing, but I can keep her alive. I can keep her memory going. I've learned a lot since her death and through the sorrow of losing Jordyn, I did wake up to many things. I saw the many amazing people who are caring and giving and who truly care. I saw God's love truly and fully for ME. That even though I couldn't have been in any more emotional pain, he held me tight and never let me go.

How gracious God is.


Thank you Dona for sharing this thought.



Wednesday, February 1, 2006

From A to Z

A.  Annointed (by the love of Jesus)

B. Bold   

C. Christian

D. Determined

E. Exceptional

F. Free

G. God-fearing 

H.  Happy

I.  Intelligent

J.  Jordyn,Jacob,& Jackson's mom

K. Kind

L. Loving


N.  Nice

O. Opinionated

P.  Pleasant

Q.  Quirky

R.  Resilant

S.  Strong in faith

T.  Thoughtful

U.  Unpredictable

V.  Valuable

W.  Wife of Chad

X.  eXeptional

Y.  Youthful Heart

Z.  Zany