Friday, July 27, 2007


Ok this is a warning now...I'm in a bad mood and I'm planning on not holding any punches back, so if you think I may step on your toes...just be prepared. I don't want any ugly comments or pity ones, and I'm not...repeat NOT asking for advice. This is MY journal and I can vent in it and if you don't like it...see that red "X" up there in the right hand corner...close it out!


I'm sick of people thinking that because a woman is pregnant they can make comments to her about how big she is. Does anyone think a pregnant woman ENJOYS being told they "look like you're about to explode" " haven't you had that baby yet" (does it look like it???), "wow you're going to pop", "what were you due yesterday?", etc, etc, etc WHO thinks any of these things are nice? Do you THINK a 9 month pregnant woman WANTS to hear a single one of those? Guess what WE DO NOT! If that's all you can say...shut your mouths and keep your thoughts to youself. You don't see me walking up to a fat man and saying "wow you look like you're going to explode, having gastric by-pass tomorrow"? (Hey I'm not just pregnant I'm overweight too, so don't get your panties up in a bunch over that either)...I don't say that to total strangers or even people I know, because it's RUDE. Actually I did respond to a guy who made one of those comments (as an example) the other day. I was ticked.

Oh and when did it become against the law to want your house in order before you leave it for a min of 7 days? What am I crazy for not wanting to come home to a messy house? If I was going on vacation I'd be absolutely no different. Any of you who read how I was before my parents came, know that I am no Martha Stewart but when the time calls for it....I get the place cleaned up. It's not a falling around me total mess, but it's NOT as clean as I'd like it to be...anytime much less when I'm about to go into the hospital for 7 to 9 days (I'm in Germany people....NOT The US...they keep you forever and a day ok). I don't want to come home to a dirty bathroom, messy kitchen, dirty clothes, or clothing that needs to be put away. If I was nesting I'd be doing it all myself...I'm not, I'm making Chad do it! I'm doing what I can, but when my back starts literally SCREAMING after standing for more than a few minutes, I have to rest and ultimately it's easier and faster for Chad to do these things. Over all he doesn't mind, he's just a horrible procrastinator like I am (except for when he's at work...which is actually something else that's on my nerves. He can get things done when they need to at work, but I have to ask him 50 million stinking times here at home. Oh I really better not go there because I'm just going to get even more annoyed). Again do any of you think someone who's a week away from having her baby wants to HEAR "oh you're nesting". I'm not a freaking bird ok. I'm a woman who's now 5 days from being admitted to the hospital and 6 days from having a c-section who'd just like a clean house when she leaves. I don't expect or demand perfection, just want things done. I know when this baby is coming. She won't be coming early, I just know how many days I have left, I know how my husband and children work, and I know my limits....I also know this is my place to come and vent, etc I'm done for now. I better get to bed, since I told Kelly I was going oh an hour and a half ago! Don't get mad..the other Kelly started talking to me, so blame her! LOL See I still have some of a sense of humor left, just not much of one. Oh and I have heartburn...and EVERYTHING gives it to me. Including now I've discovered WATER! Yes...water. As if Chocolate giving it to me wasn't  bad enough! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and yes I know it's caused by my pregnancy! This isn't my's my fourth and I'm not stupid!


Ok officially I'm done ranting.


jckfrstross said...

lol ok i made a booboo and said you were nesting. you amaze me how you are doing all of this and then having that beautiful little girl:) try and enjoy your weekend. is it rainy over there? we have had no rain and boy do we need it


pixiedustnme said...

You made water come out through my's not giving me heartburn, but man it sure hurt coming out my nasal passages!

happysunshien said...

ahem.....lil miss no name must be kicking you when she laughs at you :)

Dont throw anything at me :)  and you so can not blame staying up till 2 am on me woman....I told you to go to bed :)


candlejmr said...

OK, sorry...the unnamed baby girl is NOT coming early, you are NOT having the baby sooner than the scheduled C-Section and you will come home to a clean house.  And I am sorry they keep you in the hospital forever.  I won't say "maybe you can get some rest" because I KNOW you don't rest in the hospital.  So I will just say....I can't wait till this is over, you have your baby girl, your house is clean and you are happy again!  Is that OK??? (lol)  By the way, this is not advice or pity or an ugly comment.  This is just me trying to think of some way to say "I am thinking about you" without pissing you off any further!! (lol)


nay0114 said...

Aahh the joys of pregnancy... I know been through it five times myself and even after I knew everything that could happen... I'd still do it again. Hope you have a great weekend and it's productive.
Take care, Chrissie

emabecmar said...

my son in laws mother gave birth to 10 kids, all boys. my sister had 7 kids plus 3 miscarriages. they all went through what your going through. as soon as the baby is born and your home things will get back to normal. (((((hugs))))))

deshelestraci said...

At the end of my last pregnancy I was  a bear.  And mostly because people did not hold their tongues about my size.  I had a woman in the mall run up to me after crossing over from the OTHER side of the mall to say, "ARE YOU HAVING TWINS???!"  Like she would ever even see me again, like she really cared in the first place!  Oh I remember those days!