Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weather and Dinner

It was snowing here earlier! The weather is insane! The snow stopped and turned into rain, but they're calling for snow off and on all week long! I know the states is getting this same crazy weather as well! Man I'm really just ready for spring. Germany gets a lot of rain. I am ready for spring flowers, sunny skies, light jackets (or none), short sleeves, gentle breezes, kids outside playing. I love the newness that spring brings. It's personally a season that has brought our family heartache and joy all mixed up together. March 26 marks 10 yrs of marriage for Chad and I. March 24 marks 6 yrs since 8 yrs since Jordyn was dx with leukemia. March 30 would have been Jordyn's 9th birthday. April brings Chad's birthday, then May brings the 7th anniversary since Jordyn died. My parents will be coming in May as well for 12 days. So joy and sorrow. I'm so thankful Chad will be here this year. I need to see if my friend Bobbie will watch the boys so Chad and I can go out for dinner on our anniversary!


Now for dinner!! As I told you all I got all my Pampered Chef, well one of the items I bought was the Deep Covered Baker (See below!!)


I made roast today with potatoes, onion, and carrots surrounding it! I'm using the broth to make noodles. I meant to make some bread, but forgot! That's ok though, we'll all be plenty full! If there's left overs they'll probably go to lunch tomorrow!! I put it in about 1 today and by 3 the roast was pretty well done! About 2 I put the potatoes around it and by 3:30 they were already pretty soft and the carrots in right before we left for AWANA and then I turned the oven down to low. We came home to dinner pretty well done, other than now the noodles are cooking in the broth! Let me tell you it smells so, so, so good in here! I love roast! I am going to get a turkey breast soon and cook it in it too! I highly recommend this stone from PC! Yes, it is a stone!

Well I think the noodles are done...we're off to eat dinner!!


jckfrstross said...

dinner sounds good:) have a good week:)


bhbner2him said...

I thank God you have the Sweet mixed in to cut the Bitter.  God bless you and all in your home!  -  Barbara

stupidsheetguy said...

Thanks foe the peek into your day today. It seems that we forget how much of life is a series of joys and sadnesses, but that by writing it out, we can keep mindful of both.

I hope you have a nice anniversary, and we'll never forget Jordyn.


fairylaura said...

Mmmmmm you have me craving roast now!!!!!!!! Mmmmm... I want some! Hmm... I guess me and Germany weather have lots of talking to do. Considering I'm from Tx, sunny skies and HOT weather is what I'm used to. I guess I'll get used to it. I mean, if I got used to NY weather... I could handle anything. haha!!!


emabecmar said...

mmmmm your dinner sounds wonderful. i love the roaster pan. march 24 is my wedding anniversary of 28 yrs. happy anniversary to you and hubby. so sorry about Jordon. (((((hugs)))))

randlprysock said...

That dinner sounds so yummmy!!  Hope you enjoy the time with your family coming to visit.  Hugs,