Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's beautiful here!!

It's in the 60's here in Germany, it's just so beautiful. The sun is shining the birds are singing, there are a few tree's blooming yet the rest are still baren of all leaves so I'm looking forward to them appearing over the next few weeks! Hopefully Jack will take his nap and Jacob will finish his school work and get into the playroom and get it cleaned up, (if not Chad's packing up all the toys on the floor and off they go he said! I'm usually the stickler on that and he's the one making sure I don't get to follow through...well I'm all for it so if it doesn't get done I'll be there helping pack those toys up! LOL). Anyways, I am really hoping the boys can get everything done so I can take them to the park, it's just too beautiful to be stuck indoors all day long and they need to burn energy. They have been sleeping in since the time change Sunday which is a really nice change for me ( I want and need all the sleep I can get).

Oh not sure if I mentioned but Chad's laptop had something sliding in it. When he returned from Iraq he thought it was a coin, but he just couldn't figure out how it could have possibly gotten inside of it, but we do have a 3 yr old and aren't they geniuses when it comes to sticking objects into small places? He thought it could have been a couple other things as well, but since it was still under warranty he wanted Sony to fix whatever the problem was vs him attempting to and possibly messing things up. They called today, it's fixed and it was a quarter. I'm seriously stunned at how he (Jack) got a quarter in it, but he did. He would have done it during the deployment and although I feel bad, I'm just one person and can only be in one room at a time. At least it's fixed and it's not supposed to cost us anything.

Oh on exciting other news...Jackson got a razor blade out of the bathroom. Jacob said he got it while I was cleaning the kitchen (a few hrs ago!!!) and of course he didn't bother to tell me (the kid will tattle on everything else, but if it's something possibly life threatening not a freaking peep out of him). Jack had just got done going potty and went to bed (for nap)and started crying that he was bleeding...he cut his lip! I got him cleaned up, then got after him and Jacob both. I won't even go into what could have happened, we all know what could have happened and it's terrifying. I am not sure where he got it for sure, I know I didn't have any, so my only guess is it was on Chad's side ofthe med. cabinet so I'll be talking to him and making sure all his are put up in the hall closet (linen) up on the top shelf. My guess is he climbed up on the sink cabinet (again accident waiting to happen..shudder) and got it out.

Ok last night was our anniversary. Chad had intended on taking me up to the castle for dinner. He'd talked to one of his single soldiers and she said if he could get reservations she'd watch the boys. They are closed right now though, due to construction on the very narrow road up to the castle. He said he was going to try and make reservations at another restuarant that I've been wanting to go to, it's literally in the middle of the river (a walking bridge leads to it) so if he can then we'll go there and my friend Aimee or another friend will watch the boys for us. We also decided we're going to get a joint gift....we're planning on a dvd camcorder! If we get it I'll have to make a video and try to upload it on here, I'll probably be seeking out help on how to do that, I'll let you know!

We did go out to eat last night, with the boys! We went to one of our favorite places. Half of this restuarant looks like the inside of a cave!! It has a disco ball and a small dance floor that lights up. The boys love it! The whole inside is really, really cool, the food is great and normally the service is excellent. Last night we had a waitress that was ok so it wasn't excellent, but we all have off nights! We left there all stuffed though!!

Here's a picture I took of Chad and I last night! :)


Christy and Chad on our 10th Wedding Anniversary!

The boys at Bleu Gatto


happysunshien said...

awwww how cute!  love it!  going to take a nap now...lol


crewsfour said...

Kids sure can do alot when we're busy cleaning - I've had more then my share of incidents where Madi and Jordan have destroyed one part of the house while I'm cleaning the other.  Dinner sounds like alot of fun last night - if you go to the restaurant in the middle of the water make sure to get pictures, that sounds like such a cool place to eat.  I hope you and the boys had a great day today and that they were able to burn off some energy.  Leene

jckfrstross said...

i do hope you get to out to eat on the water please get pictures:) have a good week:)


deshelestraci said...

I'm glad you guys had a fun anniversary even if it included the boys!  It is 80 here today.  I feel gyped since I went from the 40's to the 80's in two days.  I would love the 60's!  

sangrialel said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!  Linda

cdittric77 said...

Happy anniversary!

ksgal3133 said...

Happy belated anniversary!