Sunday, March 11, 2007


So a few weeks ago my best friend had a Scrapbook party, I ordered a ton of stuff and she mailed it I think it was Thursday or Friday. I can NOT wait to get it. I have tons and I mean tons of scrapbooking stuff. Some I know what to do with, other stuff I have no idea where to start. Tami is going to walk me through some of the things I'm just lost on, we have to do it via the phone, unless we can get on webcam. Any ways, I have all this scrapbooking stuff and have done very little Chad told me I have to scrapbook at least twice a week.

The stuff I ordered from Tami should be here this week, probably the end of the week is my guess. I'm going to sit down once it's here and sort through everything and make sure everything is stil organized and working for me. I have to say I wish so much I just had a crafts room, or even an office that I could just set everything up just the way I want. The pieces I have for organization right now are good, but well I can picture in my head what I want and I know Chad can build it for me and we can buy different things for the organization so that does make me excited about when we move back to the states and buy a house.

Anyways...once I get it going and making some pages that I'm happy with, I'll prob. take a picture of them with my camera since I do 12x12 and my scanner isn't big enough. One day I dream of having a 12 x 12 scanner and 12x12 printer. I did see a printer that was a 13 x something at the PX in Wuerzburg yesterday, but it wasn't up to 12 I think it was 13 x10...I know that Epson makes them, so maybe when we move back to the states I can get one...or maybe in a year or so I can put back some money for those! The problem will be space for them! Anyways...I'm dreaming right now! :)

So, hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll have a page or two to share with all of you. I ordered some girl paper, in hopes of getting a lot of Jordyn's pictures scrapped. I'm thinking of taking her pictures up to Wuerzburg and scanning them and having doubles of the few I don't already have doubles of and putting them on cd, or I may just scan them here and have them printed off via Kodak or one of the online places and put onto cd's too. All my pictures are very precious to me, but Jordyn's are even more so..because I will never get any more pictures of her. What I have is all I get. tell me who has hobbies and what are they?


Oh I also LOVE to read. I always have my bible studies going, but also just love to read for pure enjoyment as well. I REALLY love nonfiction/biographies. I've read on some presidents, movie stars, everyday people who've done some extroidanary things. I think probably my favorite one at this point that I can think of off the top of  my head is Barbara Bush.She did a great job writing about her life and her and George's life. For those who don't know...their oldest daughter Robin died from leukemia when she was 2 or 3 yrs old. George W was younger than her, but was alive when she died and they were pretty close in age. To think of all the advances we've made in 60 yrs and yet haven't made. They really couldn't do much for her then. They really have lived an extroidanary life. They were both from well to do families, yet reading it she's very down to earth in so many ways, other than the fact that she can't cook much, but seriously she just never had to and I have to say if that was an opportunity for me, I prob. wouldn't cook a lot either! They had a lot of wonderful adventures in their life and you really can tell she loves her family, and really, really loves her husband. I highly recommend it, no matter what your politics...they're people, the book is well written, and it's a very enjoyable read! (I read her book over a year ago).

Well, I should go check on Chad and I need to get to bed. Oh..I'm currently reading Ingrid Bergman, it's a brand new one out. It's been really great. She was interviewed before she died and a lot of people who knew her were interviewed, her daughter Isabelle was very happy with it as well.

Good Night...God Bless


PRAISE GOD that new born little girl was found! She was stolen from her mother's hospital room 4 days ago. She's fine and reunited with her mother now!!


candlejmr said...

I'm in the middle of making a big book for my daughters' Sweet 16.  Not exactly scrapbooking...picture collages with stickers...letters from family & friends...then I have each page laminated and bound.  It's so much work!  Looks great though and my oldest daughter LOVED hers.  

I am so glad they found that baby!  And they got the kidnapper too...thank the Lord!


crewsfour said...

I'm a scrapper as well - I actually because a consultant for Creative Memories just so I could get the intro package and the discount!!  I have so much scrapbooking stuff hubby swears I can open a store - I've got another $300.00 on order, what a shock that will be for him to see - actually he knows how much I spend, he just loves the finished project and giving me a hard time. I also enjoy reading - I went to the library yesterday and got 6 new books, I just started on a Laura Bush biography, very good read.  I'm a bio-fiend lately.  Leene

scotthlori said...

I have a huge box full of scrapbooking stuff, plus a table just sitting here beside me.  I want to set up but I don't have blinds for the windows up here in the loft and I don't want the sun to ruin everything.  :o(


Who I am ... underneath it all

happysunshien said...

I have no scrapbooking stuff except a few tools and things only because before Waynes mom died?  I made them pages 3 or 4 times a year and they framed them instead of putting them in a scrapbook....

I read...and read....and read....and I love to flower garden....havent started yet tho... :(


hunybea4him said...

my best friend is a scrapbooking freak.. her husband calls it her crack lol and now she is trying to get my daughter into it since she is having no luck with me lol.  I love to take pics and I am fine with having them on the puter.. easier to share  and cheaper for me.

right now I am pretty stale in the hobbie department.. trying to get back into blogging and reading all my alerts.

Much Love,

randlprysock said...

I love scrapbooking and reading too.  I have a whole box of supplies and another box of stuff to put in the scrapbooks for memories.  Reading is awesome.  I read a Bush biography last year also and it was very good.  They have had a very interesting life.  Well, I better go now and finish my mail.  It's almost done.  

stupidsheetguy said...

So how's the scrappin' going?

Good news about the baby!