Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is the day over yet? The snow isn't

It's snowing here again. AGain it's not going to do anything since the ground is just too warm,  but it's definately coming down pretty good! A friend of mine reminded me that it snowed some 20 days last March, the difference is it was actually COLD last winter vs this winter it's been so, so, so mild! Now I love snow, but at this stage of the game I'm simply ready for spring. I want sunshine and flowers and temps where I can take my boys out for hours on end and wear them out so that when it's bedtime they collapse from physical exhaustion because they've played so hard! (**Note if you're a parent take or make your kids go outside for a few hours every single's not just good for you, but for them too and let me tell you bedtime is much easier when they've ran around in FRESH air and played hard it's the best!!)

Anyways....I started my day off at 4:30 am. I went to bed about midnight which for those who've been reading me for a while know that's early, but joyously this pregnancy is wearing me out and I can't stay awake much past that! I normally go to bed, read for a about 10 minutes and sleep, glorious sleep. For those who don't know, I've been suffering from insomnia since our daughter died almost 7 yrs ago, many don't understand the complexity of insomnia it's not about going to bed and going to sleep, trust me if you've TRULY had insomnia (which isn't just a night here and there where you can't get to sleep it's night after night after night, month after month, etc of struggling to fall I have averaged about 4 hrs of sleep for the last almost 7 yrs give or take short spurts here and there where I can actually fall asleep at a decent hour) so's been a blessing the last couple of weeks that I can fall asleep shortly after midnight! So..getting a phone call at 4:30 did NOT make me happy at all. It was for Chad. The 1st Sgt called for a roster alert and since we're not newcomers to the Army it meant really one thing...a u/a (urinalysis test or as some like to put it...a pee test) they check for illegal drugs. Chad poor guy just couldn't hold it for the hour until his formation and went, thankfully not all of them had to do the u/a (Chad being one of them that didn't) and just did health and welfare (don't ask me what this involves...I'll ask Chad when he gets home). So anyways...after he hangs up with the Sgt who called him I am just laying in bed and my mind starts buzzing with thoughts of how I need to email all the ladies in our FRG with the notes from our meeting that was earlier this month...ugh it's almost 5 am at this point, I don't WANT to get up...but I can't sleep. Chad is up at this point and I come out and he's on the computer so I lay back down and finally start to drift off when he comes in to tell me he's leaving. So just as I start falling asleep AGAIN the phone's Chad. Some kids (high school) were stealing Chad and Jacob's bike. The kid that had Jacob's bike dropped it when Chad yelled, but the one on Chad's bike and the other kid that took our neighbors bike took off full speed. Now let me remind you...the bikes were locked up (with bike locks) the locks are actually missing too. Thankfully we got Jacob's bike back. Chad's no. He's going to go make a report with the MP's today. I don't think we'll get it back, but if the kids are stupid enough to ride it out in public and Chad see's them, oh they're in so much trouble! Chad's the only person we've noticed with his bike. It was given to him by a friend of ours in Kansas who had bought a new bike and knew Chad was wanting one. It's a great bike and the look of it is chrome and stands out for sure! We'll see what turns up. I did finally fall back to sleep thankfully, but I was tired. I had a briefing I had to go give at the new spouses program our post offers, I talk about PWOC and normally a little about the chapel if needed. It went really great and 2 of the ladies in the class are already very involved in PWOC (one's in my class) and quite a few seemed interested so that's ALWAYS good! To know we can spread the word of Jesus to ladies is a wonderful blessing!

So I came home, we had lunch, Jack took his nap, Jacob did his school work and when he finished I just could not keep my eyes open. He asked to watch a movie and I was more than happy to let him as I dozed on the couch. I think even if I'd wanted to stay awake I couldn't. I was wiped out. I feel better, but now have that hang over type of feeling when you haven't been able to get enough sleep, I know the feeling well but haven't felt it for a couple of weeks and let me tell you I don't miss this feeling.

I have to be honest, if I thought I'd sleep all night I'd go to bed now...but well we all know that if I layed down at 5:30 pm I would NOT sleep all night long! :) So I'll push myself to stay awake. I'm sure I'll get a 2nd wind. I'm hoping Chad's in the mood to cook, but I don't have the energy and I really don't feel like fast food, although don't ask me what I am in the mood for. We had easy speghetti last night. Ok Chad just came home...darn it he is going to the bowling alley after he goes to the MP station. He's going to get me a cheese burger (which the bowling alley has the BEST..they're like a great American Diner's! ) and he's going to get him and the boys a pizza (they have the best on post...the Pizza Hut here is not very good at all). So...that problem of what's for dinner is solved. My stomach doesn't feel good.

Wow this has been full of complaints it feels like...sorry about that.

On a good note the boys have had a GREAT day. Jack's running around in his underwear! LOL He's been in his Hulk costume all day, but I guess he got tired of it! Jacob's spent his afternoon drawing, he loves to draw and he's really talented. I am going to scan some of his drawings and share them with all of you! I know I'm biased when it comes to all my children...but Jacob has a talent in art and he gets it all from Chad, not a bit of it from me. I can barely draw a stick person and he's not that good! LOL


Well have a great day!


God Bless


deshelestraci said...

Glad you have been getting some sleep!  I just read an article about being pregnant and homeschooling.  The advice was, Take it easy and don't push too hard.  Your child won't suffer.  It was from Old Schoolhouse newsletter.  I love the newsletter but I don't buy anything from them or read their regular magazine.

jckfrstross said...

great news about you sleeping:) i hope they catch who has chads bike how rude! have a good weekend