Monday, March 12, 2007

Drs Apt today

I have my ob apt in 4 hrs today! None of you know how excited I am for this particular apt!! I'm going to make sure to let my ob know that I want to know the sex of the baby if at all possible! I'm also going to find out when she does the big ultrasound (taking all the measurements, etc) or if they really do one since they do u/s at every apt! I'm going to ask her to give me the weight and measurements also. I'll have to come home and transfer it all over into inches and ounces from the metric system.

I had a dream a few nights ago of me having the baby. For some reason Chad was not there at the birth, he'd went home and didn't come back in time. I was ticked off at him of course, but the baby came out with a full head of black straight hair, the most piercing blue eyes, and a penis! So....we'll see! I had a dream of Jordyn when I was pg with her, it WAS her too. I had a dream of a boy when I was pg with Jacob (it wasn't him, just a boy). With Jack a month before I got pg with him I had a dream of a that was obviously not correct. So we'll see on this baby what it is! I'm just praying the baby will cooperate.

Well, I have some cleaning to do around here, the boys are cleaning their bedroom, I cleaned the bathroom already and cleaned the kitchen yesterday. I need to pick up the living room and dining room, take a shower, and throw a load of blankets and sheets into the wash, and put up a basket of clothes!

My friend Miranda is coming over with her dog to watch the boys. We'll be keeping her dog tomorrow until Wed. They're clearing housing Wed. and they fly back to the states on Friday. Her husband's getting out of the Army and going back to school to become a pharmacists. I'm going to miss her. She's been a great friend. We actually met online! I'd just moved here and found a Christian Military wives board. We made plans and met at church! I'm so blessed with all our friends here! It's  hard to see friends leave. I hope I can come home and share with her what we're having!



bhbner2him said...

Hope you have a great appointment!  I had a dream when I was pregnant with Bubba and the doctor thought it might be twins, that told me it wasn't twins.  ;o)  -  BArbara

randlprysock said...

Let us know how the doctor visit goes.  

happysunshien said...

oh oh i bet you are already home from the dr arent you??