Friday, March 16, 2007

Please go look!

I hope you'll all go look at Katie's journal, she just updated last night! Katie had her little girl, Kendall when she was only 20 or 22 weeks pregnant. Kendall is now a year old and to see what a miracle she is!! Please go show your support for this precious family! It took Katie and her husband a few years to even get pregnant so Kendall was an answer to their prayers from that first positive test to today!

Life As A Navy Wife & First Time Mother to a Preemie





cvgflydis said...

Thanks for the comment. It breaks my heart to hear about your daughter. Gonna follow your blog......want to know the sex of the baby! Congrats!

springangel235 said...

I just went by to wish her  a Happy Birthday...thanks for the link...hugs,

crewsfour said...

Just stopped by to wish a belated happy birthday.  Thanks for sharing the link - Leene