Saturday, March 17, 2007

I LOVE Pampered Chef!!

Tonight I used one of my new skillets and one of my new pots! I ordered the 12 piece pots and pans set (it's ultimately the 5 and 7 piece) since I hosted a party last month I got it for an awesome price!!! When Chad and I got married, we got a very nice set of pots and pans from my grandma and a couple aunts that went in together! After now nearly 10 yrs of marriage they've served their purpose and it was time. Chad's been on me for a good year to find a new set that I wanted. I've been looking but just could not find exactly what it was I wanted...until I found the PC ones, and then it was money and deciding if I really wanted to spend that much, so when I found out that if I had a party I could get them at half price I was thrilled!! All of them showed up yesterday! I got 5 boxes of PC yesterday and oh did it make me giddy! LOL Chad was pretty excited too! Tonight I used them for dinner and oh man do they cook well! Love them! I highly recommend them if you're looking for high quality pots and pans. I  believe the sell on them is still going on, but you HAVE to have a party. You can host a party either online or have a cooking show.

I also ordered 4 stones, which I'm going to be using my new Covered Deep Dish tomorrow for a roast that I'm making! I got all new cooking utensils, at Chad's request, new wooden spoons, new measuring all in one spoons (love them!!). It felt like Christmas, shoot better than Christmas because I never get that much! LOL

Then to top it all off, the box of my scrapbooking papers and girl scout cookies that I ordered from my best friend came too!! It was a good day! I need to sit down and go through pictures now and decide which ones I'm going to scrap! :) I can not wait!

Today we ended up not going up to Weisbaden like planned. I never heard back from my friend. It's not that far so we'll make it up there. I'd really like to get our new entertainment center before my parents arrive in May, but we'll see.

Oh speaking of my parents, not sure if I talked about this yet, but I got their plane tickets and they're all payed for! They're going to be here in just less than 2 months!!! I'm really, really excited! I haven't seen them since the boys and I left the airport in Kansas City, July '05! I do love them. Distance is good! I have a much better relationship with my mom over the phone and with an ocean between us. :)

They're going to be here not nearly long enough for us to do all that I would love for us to do, but it'll still be good and enjoyable! We're planning on going to Amsterdam, Netherlands (aka for Americans Holland); The Black Forest; Garmisch; Salzburg,Austria; Coburg (Germany),Rothenburg (Germany), my mom and I will be going to Poland to get some pottery. If we have time we'll also run over to Czech Rep (it's only 1 1/2 hrs away), and possibly Strausburg, France. I have to decide what days we'll be in Amsterdam. I need to book us hotel rooms and we need to decide if we're driving or taking the train. If we drive it's about 5 1/2-6 hr drive, so if we got up early we could be there for a good half of the day. We plan on spending 2 full days up there. Our main goals are seeing all the Tulips, go to Anne Frank's House (well the house she and her family hid in), and the windmills, oh and also to see the wooden shoes made, and of course to get some chocolate that's NOT laced with substances. My mom has always wanted to go there so I'm excited that I can help make this dream come true for her! I hope it's everything she's dreamed of!!

I'm hoping to have a day where we can take them to Czech. You can get very inexpensive crystal there! If I don't get to take them Chad and I will go there ourselves! :)

I'm really excited to share with them this place that I love!


Well hope you're having a good weekend!

God Bless


jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


happysunshien said...

yeah i would get along better with my mom if was an ocean


hsauls said...

I love pampered chef too! I don't have the pots and pans but I have the stones and love 'em!
I would love to be able to see all those places in Europe. Take lots of pictures!

crewsfour said...

I hope you and your parents have a great visit!!  It sounds like you've got alot planned and based on all your destinations I'm sure this will be a dream vacation for your folks.  I've gotten a few pampered chef things before - I'll have to check out the pots and pans though!!   Leene