Friday, March 9, 2007


I had my glucose test yesterday, I'd requested it done early...and it all came back fine!! I go back on Monday for my regular ob visit and am going to tell her that if the baby is cooperating when she does the u/s (ultrasound) I want to know what the sex of the baby is!!!

I'm praying the baby cooperates! I will share WHAT we're having, but will NOT...WILL NOT share the names we're do not ask. I do NOT want any unsolicitated suggestions, if so I'll delete your comment. Yes I'm so serious on that. I think the ONLY people who should get a say at all are the parents bringing that baby into the world. I think busy body grandparents need to keep their nose out of it! Yeah, it's a slight issue for me! LOL My mother felt she should add her two cents aka her not fondness for Jordyn's name or Jacob's. Me being the quiet and demure woman I am (rofl) just kept my mouth shut...ok reality is I told her it wasn't her choice and if she didn't like it to keep her opinions to herself. She had her chance at picking names, that MY children she had NO say so in...from their names, to discipline. to the way we raise them. Trust me...I do so much so differently than my parents. When I got pregnant with Jackson we decided to not tell anyone the names we were discussing. Although a few people had guesses, no one knew what his name was going to be....including Chad and I! We had it narrowed down to Jackson and Nathaniel. Jackson obviously is what we chose...well actually Chad chose it! Amusingly enough, he was the one that LOVED Nathaniel...I LOVED Jack. Jack had fluid on his lungs and so while I was recovering from surgery I hadn't seen him other than the few moments in the OR and then via I told Chad to name him. What's really funny is that when we were discussing names early on I had suggested Jonah and Chad said "no". On our way to the hospital that morning I brought it up again (we had middle names picked for Nathaniel and Jackson) and he said "oh I like Jonah, why didn't you suggest that before". I wanted to cause him physical harm, and if it hadn't been for my sciactic nerve acting up I probably would have! LOL When Chad told him he choose Jackson, I started crying when he went back up to Jack, because I decided he didn't look like a Jackson...he looked like a Jonah! ROFL! Jackson fits him, although I can say with no doubt...Jonah would have. He's stubborn as you can get!

Oh and don't get any wild idea's that if we are having a boy the name will be Jonah or Nathaniel...good chance it will not be.

Ok, I'm feeling tired and we're planning on going to the Bazaar in Wuerzburg tomorrow!! There's a lady who was at our bazaar who makes furniture, so we're going to see if she's there and get prices for a few pieces that we want!!!


bhbner2him said...

So happy to hear you had a good test result!  -  Barbara

jckfrstross said...

great new on the test:) Have a good weekend


happysunshien said...

YEAHHHH to the test coming back fine....yeah i think Kelly is a fine name for a boy or a girl  (big wicked evil grin).... :)  love you much!!  I feel the same as you about unsolicited baby name advice as you and I have discussed...ughhhh when they push it out?  they can name it?  otherwise...find someone else to harass who will tolerate it!



stupidsheetguy said...

Good test results, always welcome!

Wishing you the best with all of it. I'm very happy for you

sexyg002 said...

thanks for stopping by! great journal!! Cassie

springangel235 said...

What great news you had to share on the test...hope your weekend is special...and nice!!
Hugs and love,

sangrialel said...

I can't wait to find out what your having!!!  Linda

crewsfour said...

Late commenter - I agree 100% with you about not giving the baby name advice.  My Mom disliked the name Jordan for our little one as well but we stuck with it.  We never told her the name of our first - Madeline but she absolutely adored it when we told her.  Have a great night and I hope you can see what the little bugger is on Monday.  Leene