Saturday, March 10, 2007

Our Day

Well the lady we were hoping to be at the Bazaar wasn't there. I was really disappointed because man was I hoping we could order a piece of furniture...but I guess it wasn't meant to be today. We did buy though! LOL We ordered our family coat of arms, it'll have our last name as well as my maiden name on it and in the middle between the two, it has our wedding date! Then we'll also get the orgins of our names (both again). They'll all be framed with a marble matting, and framed with beautiful frames that are very high qualities! Oh and our crests and wedding's all hand quilted! Chad of course would love to have the swords to go with it, but that's just not going to happen. This is expensive enough, the swords would break us! I told him maybe we could look at getting them next year if they do the layway payment too. So we'll see. I know this would be a touch of Chad for sure in our homes with the swords, I guess when I look at my home right now, swords would just not flow, but they could very easily fit fine in our home that we plan to buy when we move back to Kansas. We want an office/library and I plan on hanging all of Chad's awards, certificates, and military pictures in that room...with a few of my touches as well, but it'll mostly be a "brag" room so to having our family crest in there and the swords would go well in there. But we're a few yrs from that.

Ok so anyways...I also got some Americana items! One piece is an old sled (wooden) that was well has 3 shelves on it with American Flag painted on each shelf. I got a candle holder that holds 3 small candles (and glass holders which it came with), it's also Americana. I also got this cute little Americana lamp. When we move back to the states Chad will have to rewire it to 110 watage, vs the 220 that it has now.

Chad also got some cheese from the man who's from Holland who's at all the bazaars! One of the cheese is called Red HOT Cheese...Jacob's mouth was on fire he said! Jack loves hot stuff and of course so does Chad. I HATE hot stuff, so there was no way I was trying it! LOL The other one was a type of goulda cheese. I didn't try it only because I wasn't in a cheese mood today, but I'm guessing it's good because both boys and Chad ate a few samples of it! LOL

Chad also turned in his laptop to be fixed. There's something inside of it that's sliding around. It doesn't effect it working at all, it doesn't effect the wireless connection sowe're not sure. The Sony guy said he'd have the guy who comes in and fixes them to look at it this week and he'd give us a call and let us know what's up with it. We're really hopeful it can be fixed. Chad really, really likes his laptop and the PX does not carry that specific one anymore and the only one that he'd be willing to exchange it $500.00 more than what we paid for it and well neither of us want to do that. Ultimately it may have to be sent back to the states for Sony to actually fix, which means not weeks, but probably months before he gets it back. He downloaded everything onto his external harddrive so if they do end up messing up his hard drive....all is not lost.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

God Bless

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jckfrstross said...

make sure you get pictures of the coat of arms:) i bet the swords would look great with it