Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Good Tuesday afternoon, here in Germany it's almost evening actually! It's a chilly day here, we had sleet around noon today, but nothing sense as far as I've noticed, but we've been inside and may have missed something!

We did the childcare, only 2 kids were dropped off but the two mom's that took the opportunity both enjoyed their time out and they both said they were so glad to know their children were taken care of! The boys had a great time, then we came home and had lunch. Jacob did his school work and it was one of his best days with school work. He breezed through his math, he did very well with his handwriting, and he did so awesome with his reading. He doesn't realize how well he does when it comes to reading! He's reading 1st grade level books. We just take it one paragraph at a time and he does really well with it! :)

Chad's about 10 minutes from home! I still need to have some quiet time and work on my bible study. I've once again put it off too long and here I am the night before PWOC. It will get done. Next week I will be giving a devotional for PWOC. I need to start praying over that and seeing what God reveals to me what I want to share, actually what God wants me to share. I have a couple thoughts, but I haven't prayed over them yet.

I haven't done any laundry today like I planned on, my back is hurting so bad. I think it's from carrying up all the laundry. So when Chad gets home I'm going to have him carry a basket down and have him bring it up when it's all done. My back just can't handle the extra weight of pregnancy and laundry I guess! It's definately good that Chad's home during this pregnancy or I'd be in real trouble or I'd be doing lots and lots of little tiny loads of laundry so that the weight wouldn't hurt me! Of course once I'm caught up I'm hoping that's all I have anyways! I hope to do laundry every day or at least every other day so that I can stay on top of it!

I was going to write about something else too, but I can't remember what it was! LOL

Oh wait I remember...remembering to pray for Kelly, also many of you already know Krissy and her husband John. Definately keep them in your prayers as well, here's the link to Krissy's journal: Sometimes I Think

God Bless


scotthlori said...

I had HORRIBLE back pain with my girls and back labor as well.  I even hurt myself during the delivery and had to have physical therapy for a few months!  Guess that's what happens when you go to fast and can't get drugs!!  LOL


deshelestraci said...

Take it easy with the laundry and being pregnant.  I don't miss that aspect of apartment living.  
We are in full blown spring here.  Trees blooming, daffodils in bloom, my eyes running and my throat tickling.  And it is about 70.  Crazy.  Saturday I woke up to snow in Iowa.

jckfrstross said...

please be careful lifting don't over due it ok? have a good wednesday


springangel235 said...

Don't overdue anything...no lifting of too many things...do small loads of laundry.  Hope your week ahead is the best...always prayers for Kelly and John and Krissy...hugs and love,

emabecmar said...

you be careful, no lifting anything that weighs over 5 lbs. hope your weather gets better. sorry it's taken so long to comment, my emails are over 200 a day, and it takes me a while. have a great friday, ((((((((hugs))))))