Friday, June 1, 2007


ROFL! I see Mr.Sunshine got confused...I was meaning Jackson, NOT Chad! Chad has been in a great mood really since surgery.

So today....I had my apt with the specialist. It went well. I do not officially have gestational diabetes! YEAH!! I am border line though, so....I will still be living like I DO have it. I have to check my blood sugar 1 hour after I eat. I have to make sure to eat 6 meals a day vs just 3...they all need to be small meals. Some meals can be a simple apple so that works for me! I've cut Pepsi completely out of my diet. I'd been watching it the way it was, well actually just all pop in general, because normally when we'd go out to eat I'd get one. We are not going to be going out to eat much on the economy considering that the water most restuarants have is carbonated water (YUCK) and well it'll just easier to not deal with it and I'll eat better at home anyways! Anyways, I talked to the dietician and I don't have to change my diet a lot. Having a family full of diabetics gives me a heads up the way it is, so it was just reaffirming what I need to eat, what all to cut out (which really isn't much), etc. So far I've tested once here at home and as rediculous as this is, I couldn't bring myself to stab myself with the little needle, Chad had to. I honestly HATE having my finger pricked, it's the 2nd worse imo right after IV's. I'd much rather just have my blood drawn every single day. It took us two tries, but we got it and it tested perfectly! I go back on June 11 and they'll look at my readings and see where everything stands from there. I'm going to work very hard at eating properly and getting my blood sugar at a safe place. After she's born I am going to lose this weight. I'm already at risk for diabetes, and if I don't lose weight it's just going to encourage my body to go there, plus the horrible things I'm doing to my heart and other organs. My friends Bobbie and Vern (female) have been walking a few times a week and the distance I can't do right now, but after I have her I will be able to.

Ok so Chad. He went for his follow up with his ortho today and he said the surgery went really well. He talked to Chad about the various damage that he was able to fix in more details. He told Chad he see's no reason why he won't be able to make 100% recovery! He also removed the drainage tube from his knee. Chad said he almost passed out when the dr pulled it out. The dr told Chad that most the time his patients do pass out for a second. Chad said he was seeing black spots and felt like he was going to pass out, but managed to stay awake! The boys and I waited in the car while he was seeing his dr, it was just easier that way for us to wait vs taking them up to the office!

I plan on posting more pictures over the weekend. I still want to resize some more.

God Bless


randlprysock said...

So glad you don't have the diabetes.  I was borderline with Aaron.  My body would crash if I didn't eat a small meal every two or three hours.  He was such a big boy too and he just sapped everything out of me.  To this day that child LOVES sugar and he will sneak it or steal it out of my cupboards.  I found the frosting lid in his bed yesterday when I was making his bed.  I still remember the nausea and the hunger and the shaky feeling I used to get if I didn't get something in my tummy while pregnant with Aaron.  I had to keep those crackers n peanut butter or something easy on the tummy around with me wherever I went.  And of course so hard to keep anything down the first few months.  Those small meals really helped me too.  Hugs,

deshelestraci said...

Oh I hated having my finger stuck.  Drove me nuts.  Good luck.  

sangrialel said...

Having that tube pulled out sounds horrible.  I am glad he is going to be 100% !  Also glad to hear that the appt. went well for you!  Linda

xxroxymamaxx said...

I'm glad you don't have the diabetes.  As for Chad, I think I would have passed out for sure. lol  Even watching so I think you're smart for not going in there.  have a great weekend!  love, Shelly

jckfrstross said...

hope everything can be controled with diet:) glad chad is doing well and sorry i got mr sunshine confused lol enjoy your weekend


emabecmar said...

dieting is very important when it comes to being a diebetic, even if your border line. Man I know how Chad felt having the drainage tubes pulled out. I had 2 of them in my chest to catch the fluid after cancer surgery, and wow did they hurt when he pulled them out. Took my breath away and I saw stars. (((((((((((hugs)))))))