Saturday, June 23, 2007

Last Monday we took the boys to Engineer Lake here on post. It's a great educational park/lake here on post and the boys had a great time. They found a snail, these tiny little frogs, some beetles, and saw some very gross mice. We also fed the fish which many are small babies and then there are huge ones. I didn't get pictures of the fish, but did get pics of the boys feeding them. :) I really love the simple things in life. Spending a few hours at the lake, watching the boys play and just have fun and learn all at the same time. We're so truly blessed. Blessed with our family, blessed by our life, blessed to live in Germany, and live on the Army post we do live on.




deshelestraci said...

Love the pictures!  Especially the one of your son in his truck t-shirt holding the snail.  Too cute and very boyish!

sangrialel said...

Love the pictures!  Linda