Sunday, June 3, 2007

Great evening

So after I wrote my earlier entry (before the survey) I went outside, Chad and the boys were no where to be found, so I came up and got my book and went back out to read and enjoy the nice breeze and comfortable temps. Chad and the boys arrived a few minutes later, the boys road their bikes and Chad walked up to the shoppette to get some sand toys for the park! Chad and I sat at our table and had a great talk about Jacob's school and how initially a couple years ago he was hesitant on it, but how happy he is that this is the route we're going. We both feel so strongly that Jacob does not need the "influence" of what public school provides children. It's honestly really disturbing to both of us what kids Jacob's age are exposed to. Call me over-protective I don't care, but my child does not need to hear about the things that some of these families expose their kids to and with the quality if teachers they have here I know he's learned far more than he would have in the school here. I've met far more parents who are disgusted by the school and the teachers than are happy or even just satisfied and we're talking a DODDS school (military), which in general DODDS schools are often ranked high compared to other public schools. The one here is terrible. I have had so many friends who have said they couldn't homeschool, but think it's so good that I am, and that Jacob will be much better off because he's not exposed to the school here and some of them are teachers themselves (not teaching here).

Ok so anyways...Chad and I then started talking about new expectations for Jacob. I told him that I want Jacob to start officially doing chores that he's accountable for everyday and we discussed allowance and how we both feel about that. We also talked about Jackson being responsible for a couple of chores as well.

Jacob's 6 and Jackson's 3 (will be 4 in August). They've both always had things they have to do such as clear their plates, pick up toys, etc. Jacob's been good most the time about  making his bed and for a while he was doing chores, but then Dad came home and it all fell apart. So, I'm going to go and get a dry erase board (the last time I went and looked for one they were out so hopefully they have the size I want in).

Jack will be responsible for: Making his bed, getting dressed, brushing his teeth every morning. I know I'll have to help to a degree (like getting his clothes down, putting tooth paste on his tooth brush) so those things won't change from what's happening now, but making his own bed is new. We haven't been as "hard" on him when it comes to picking up toys, and that's changing. It's been something the last few weeks I've been working with him on. Lets just say he's enjoyed the role of being "youngest" very well...that's changing! I want some of these things good and established before the baby comes for two reason's, because he's old enough to be doing it and so that when she is here I'm not laying down all these new rules and requirements and there's resentment towards her!

For Jacob it'll be: bed, teeth, dressing. He'll also be responsible 2-3 times a week (or as needed) to scoop the litter box (he did this while Chad was deployed). He'll also have to take the recycling out daily. He will also have to wipe the table down after meals. Chad and I are still discussing anything else we may have him do here and there as well, but we're going to start off with these and go from there.

It was really nice to just sit outside and talk. We talked about other things as well and I actually didn't get upstairs to start dinner until 6:40! :X But it was worth it! To have some quality time to just talk, laugh and enjoy each other's company. We also talked to the boys about what school things we're planning on doing. A lot of science things that Chad will be helping with. We're all excited and Jack will get to participate in some of them as well. This summer our school schedule will be much lighter. We'll be doing 1 subject a day and spending our afternoons at the pool. I plan on going to some castles and there's a Children's Science museum in Nurnberg that I want to take the boys to as well. I think this summer's going to be good!



janid731 said...

Sounds like a great husband and I have already decided that we will home school our little girl (who is only 5 months).   It just not worth the risk we think.  I have done home schooling consulting for years so if I can be of any assistance to you let me know! :)


crewsfour said...

Sounds like you and Chad had a great afternoon - those rare moments where you get to just sit and talk are always amazing.  I'm with you on the chores/allowance - my little girl is 6 and she's got a few chores that she does daily - dressing herself (obviously), teeth, all dirty clothes into the laundry basket, picking up the toys, unloading the dishwasher and putting the clean dishes on the counter above/below where they go.  She's also in charge of setting and clearing the table, granted she does it all with help but she does do them and actually really enjoys it.  I hope it all works well with the chores/allowance.  Have a good week - Leene

pixiedustnme said...

so you got him to make lunch AND talk....all on the same day?!!  LOL - sounds like a wonderful day :-D  

jckfrstross said...

talking is always good:) have a good week


deshelestraci said...

I so agree with you about the homeschooling.  My Emma is so blissfully unaware of the things that kids her age are exposed to.  We did experience some negative when we spent two days with two public schooled girls.  They formed a friendship and left Emma out at all costs.  Emma didn't let it bother her though.  It tore me up.  But I know they didn't learn that at home.  

ktkamanski said...

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit and for the comments! I cleared all of my alerts sometime ago, to start over and lost so much.  I have thought about you from time to time wondering how you and yours are doing! I too agree with what you have to say about influences and have been gathering info on home schooling (something hubby and I both feel strongly about and will proceed with
this, next season) If you care to share any info, it would be greatly appreciated! So happy to hear your doing well! Hope your enjoying your new day!

emabecmar said...

Great entry. You gave me a great idea on how to get Rebecca to do chores, thank you very much for that. I am scared to death to send Rebecca to public schools. I am considering home schooling her. I did that with my oldest daughter. Hope your having a great week so far. ((((((hugs))))))))))

butterflies4me04 said...

thats a good idea for them to do some small chores and it will definitely help once you have the baby b/c then you will not have so much to do yourself! That really stinks that the school there is so bad, but I am sure glad that you can home school! :)

I also wanted to take the time and tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the wonderful encouraging comments you leave in ym journal ... you really do inspire me!!! :)