Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Pictures

Here's some pictures from while my parents were here. These are all of my parents and the boys, I'll do ones of just the flowers and other sights we saw later. I still have to download pictures from the Black Forest onto the computer too, but that will happen later. Enjoy! There's a lot!

Jacob and Jack at Schloss Linderof


Jacob goofing off at our favorite restuarant downtown Garmisch-Parternkirchen


Jack looking quite sweet, although he was being very ornery that night!


My parents outside of Edelweiss (in Garmisch) in front of the Bavarian Alps



My parents with Jacob and  Jack their only grandson's


The boys up at Eagle's Nest playing in the snow.


The boys up at Eagle's Nest, one of the views we had from up there, directly behind the boys is the city of Salzburg, Austria!


The boys inside the house of Eagle's Nest, which is now a restuarant, in front of the fire place.


Jack and Jacob at the North Sea in The Netherland's (or as English speaking say..Holland)


Jack,Jacob, and Chad in the North Sea...brrrrrr


Jacob in the Yellow Tulips at Keukenhof!

Jacob and Jack in front of Orange Tulips

Jacob and Jack in front of my favorite purple tulips

Jacob feeling a little chilly and Jack just chilling in front of a fountain in Keukenhof

Chad,Jack,& Jacob by the Yellow Tulips

Jacob at Keukenhof

Jackson (he was squatting the hydrangia's are not that tall!)

Jack and Jacob


I LOVE this picture of the boys

Our family at Keukenhof

Goofy Jacob (aren't those tulip's gorgeous!)


My boys

Silly Jack and sweet Jacob


sangrialel said...

What awesome pictures Christy!  Linda

jckfrstross said...

i love all of the pictures:) thank you for sharing can't wait for the others


bekahbutterflies said...

So Beautiful!  i love looking at your pictures.  Such a beautiful family and very photogenic.  :)

happysunshien said...

I just love the pictures of your boys!  too too cute!

Glad you had a good time with your parents!

I have no internet at home :(  not till Tuesday.. :(


butterflies4me04 said...

very cute pictures .. you have a gorgeous family!


deshelestraci said...

Great, beautiful pictures!  I love all of the tulips!  What is with Jacob's funny grimace and hunched shoulders?  Is he going through a phase?  Emma has a new "smile" that she uses for pictures that is NOT her real smile.  Drives me nuts.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Aw.  These pictures are so nice.  I just love them all.  You have a beautiful family. : )  Love, Shelly

lifesabench6 said...

Your boys are absolutely adorable!  I love the scenery!  Those flowers are beautiful- can't grow those down here in south florida- I miss them!  And I love the mountains where the picture of your parents are standing.  How cool to be able to travel around there while you're stationed in Germany!  God Bless you Christy- ~  Carolyn :)

fairylaura said...

Ohhhhh my goodness!!! They are the cutest boys ever!!!! You guys are a beautiful family. Love the pictures. It's beautiful over there too!! Cannot wait!