Monday, June 18, 2007

Entry #1

Yes, I'm going to do 2 entries in a row. This one is just a summary of our day. It was just such a great day. Tomorrow Chad returns to work after 2 weeks of convelesant leave for his knee surgery. His surgeon has requested that he be seen off post to start physical therapy since the physical therapist here just left and the "new" one is from another post and only comes once a week and they can't see Chad and start him until July 19 or something crazy and rediculous like that! So, tomorrow morning he's going in to sick call to get his profile revised and get a referral off post to a PT. So hopefully that all goes well, say a prayer will you please! We're talking the Army here and well lets just say that like the civilian sector they can be rediculously stupid to the point that you just want to physically cause them HARM!

So, anyways...I got to sleep in until a little after 9 this morning which was nice. Got up and had breakfast. The boys cleaned up the playroom since they left it a mess last night and after that we went over to Engineer Lake and fed the fish, let the boys play, and just had a great time there. They have made it a very educational area with signs up for different wild life, tree's, grasses, etc throughout the area. They found a snail, the tiniest frogs I've ever seen, and when Chad and the boys went into the woods they lifted up a huge piece of wood and found DISGUSTING mice (sooo glad I didn't see them, yuck!), oh and the boys found a "cool beetle"! LOL  When we fed the fish it was awesome! There are always tons of small ones and we've seen a few big ones, but these trout were absolutely HUGE and there were tons of them. They are able to get very big there because there's no fishing allowed there much to Chad and the boys dismay. It would be so nice if they were allowed to do catch and release, but they don't so oh well. We had a great time feeding them and watching the huge ones literally jumping out of the water to get the bread we were throwing in and all the small fish clamoring after the bread before the large ones ate it! Both boys ran, ran, and ran some more!!!

We came home, had lunch. Jack went down for his nap and Jacob did his school work. He did his spelling test (he didn't get his school work done on Friday since we were out all afternoon). He missed one word, so he had to write that out 5 times and then I gave him his new words for the week. I've been doing them in alphabetical order and we were down tothe last 6 letters of the alphabet so instead of his normal 5 words, he has 6 words. Starting next week we'll start over again with new words and go through the alphabet again. It's simply easier for me to do it alphabetically. I don't say them in order come test time, but he's done very well with his spelling tests! He also did reading today. I was going to have him do math, but he just simply did not want to do it and the moment I mentioned math his face fell. So I said he had a choice between math and reading and he JUMPED up with a huge smile on his face and ran and got his book and proclaimed he LOVED to read! LOL So he read. I have him read and then after words I take his book and ask him questions on what he read. To make sure he's reading everything he's supposed to and that he's understanding what he read. He did great on it as normal! When we start back in September he'll be starting small book reports, so I want to make sure over the summer while the school work is VERY light that he is truly  understanding what it is he's reading. We probably won't start the book reports immediately as he needs to be better at spelling, but it's something he knows is coming and as well as he's been doing with spelling tests and reading I think he'll be good. We'll start off with oral reports (longer than what he's been doing right now and without help/questions from me) and once I feel he can write a small report (we're talking a few sentences/short paragraph to start with) then we'll start those. I really don't see him having problems with it because of how well he's been doing so far.

So anyways once he was done with school work, him and Chad goofed off and then Chad took him outside while I waited for Jack to get up from his nap and I just lounged on the couch! It felt good and it was nice to sit in quiet for a while! Once Jack was up we went over to the park. Jackson proceded to get himself grounded from his bike because he road out into the street when he saw a friend of ours come home. So a swift swat from Momma, and I made him get off his bike and we walked over to where we were all sitting and he was told no more bike for the rest of today. He was not happy, but this is about teaching him boundaries and safety and lessons will be learned without serious injury or death being involved. Otherwise they had a great time at the park, we were there for about 2 1/2 hrs and then time for dinner.

Jack had a huge attitude when we went for dinner (we went with a friend of ours to Charley's just a local on post fast food hot sub eatery), so I told him  he was coming home, taking a shower and going directly to bed. He did it without complaining amazingly. He got out of the shower and was actually very happy and no problems going to bed. Thank goodness! Chad read the boys a story and they fell asleep during it!

I do have pictures from today at the lake, but haven't uploaded them onto the computer yet. I'll do that tomorrow. The next post will be pictures, from when my parents were here. :)

Oh tomorrow our china cabinets that go with our new entertainment center is supposed to be delivered!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!


crewsfour said...

It sure sounds like you guys had a good time at the lake today, its always fun when the little ones get to see "cool" animals.  One of our favorite things to do is feed the fish also, we get such a kick out of seeing them wrestle over the bread.  It sounds like you will be very busy with schoolwork but what a great thing that he's doing book reports and spelling tests.  Good luck with getting the referral tomorrow, I know what a pain that can be - have a great night.  Leene

mumma4evr said...

great pics!!!

randlprysock said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of the new china cabinets!!  Great job on the spelling tests!