Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day


To All The Dad's Out there.....Happy Father's Day


This year Chad will once again have a Daddy's girl to spoil. He was an amazing Daddy to Jordyn. She became a BIG Daddy's girl the last couple months of her life, and as hard as it was for me, Chad needed and deserved that time where he had her utmost adirmation and devotion. He loved being a Daddy to a girl and although we're ALWAYS be Jordyn's parents, we don't get to parent her. So it's truly a special year that we once again will welcome a daughter into our family.


This last graphic makes me think of Chad and our boys. Chad LOVES to go fishing and the boys definately have this love as well! I'm blessed to have a good husband and a man who's an amazing Dad. I think it's become common place for people to put men down, we seem to forget that woman are just as bad if not at times worse than men from parenting to being a spouse to just being cruddy people. Men have a lot of pressure on them, just as much pressure as women. Men just have a different sort of pressure. Instead of celebrating these differences we put them down. For this next week I'm setting a goal for myself and challenge each of you reading this to do the same....if you're married or even divorced or have a significant other (if not then do it about your own father)...I'm going to share something good about Chad and my own dad.


I haven't mentioned my own dad. He has always been a hard working man. We grew up comfortable for the most part. We were middle class, they were able to get for the most part what they needed and most the time wanted. We had a nice home, clothes, and opportunities to do things. For the most part I had a fun childhood. My dad grew up as a Farmer's Son, and his father was for the most part a no nonsense kind of man. I didn't ever know my grandfather I have about 2 memories of him, but he wasn't the same man they grew up with. He loved his family, but he expected them to do as they were told and not question him. He had 12 children, a loving wife, and a lot of work to do didn't have time for your kids to argue with you or be opinionated! Amusingly I think all my dad's siblings (including my dad) are VERY opinionated. They had a good life as well. I grew up for the majority of my childhood out in the country. We ran around during the summers out in the pasture down to the creek, playing in the water. We were "forced" to work in the garden, take care of the animals, mow the yard, help with house hold chores, but still had a pretty carefree childhood. My dad worked at (still does) Goodyear Tire Plant. He worked 2 and 3rd shift most of my childhood, when I was in high school he was finally on Day's. While in Jr High I think he always worked 2nd shift, because I don't have any memories of him being able to go to any school events (sports, etc). We saw him on the weekends. It's the way it was. He had to make a living and he did it. He didn't complain. He just did it. He didn't like missing out on his family, but he had to provide for us. During the summer's we obviously saw him a lot more. He was there in the morning, and then on his way to work he'd drop us off at the pool, we'd get to be there for about 3 hrs a day and then Mom would pick us up when she got off of work. (We lived in a small town so if we ever misbehaved at the pool our butt's were in sooooo much trouble! LOL).

So to all the hard working Dad's, to all the loving Dad's. Happy Father's Day. No one is perfect but there's so many who truly cherish their children. I've been blessed with a wonderful husband who's a wonderful dad. A dad who was a great dad, and a maternal grandpa who absolutely adores us (to this dad's dad died when I was 3), and all the men who were extra "Dad's" and "Grandpa's" in my life....oh how blessed I've been with the men in my life!

Chad and our boys

Our boys and my Dad in May during their visit here to Germany!


janid731 said...

I am a daddy's girl as well and I can already tell my daughter is....It's hard sometimes when as mom I am with her most of the time and do most of the work and then have her prefer dad as soon as he gets home...but I know that it is healthy for her to have that bond and it will help her throughout her life if that stays there.  My mom has told me how she would at times get jealous of the bond my sister and I had with our father even though she was the one we were most involved with....I now understand! :)

Enjoy your Father's day!


emabecmar said...

I was a daddys girl many many many years ago. Sadly my dad died in 2005. I miss him. Both my girls are daddys girl's. They do nothing wrong in his eyes. Happy fathers day to your dad and your hubby. ((((((hugs)))))))

pixiedustnme said...

What wonderful pictures.  The boys are so handsome!  I hope Chad enjoyed his day :-)

randlprysock said...

Beautiful entry!

mkolasa101 said...

Love this post and the photographs - wonderful tribute to your hubby and dad's everywhere.  Takes me back a bit to when my boys were small, got a picture a lot like the one of daddy taking the little one into the water.   Life is so very good isn't it?

Blessings to you,

Marlene - A Poet's Point Of View

sangrialel said...

I just love that picture of Chad and the boys!  How awesome that both of you will get to have that little girl to parent again. I can't wait till you have her!  Linda