Friday, June 22, 2007


I was MIA for a few days, but I'm back! Our internet and phone had been down since Tuesday night. I had some withdrawals but I'm all good! I was on for a couple hours earlier today, but then had to start cleaning up the kitchen and start dinner and vacuum the living room and swept the kitchen and under the bird's cage...goodness birds are a mess.



I made chicken enchilada's tonight. They're my mom's recipe and they're great, but oh so rich and soooo fattening! :) We invited my friend Bobbie over. She has a 6 yr old son who is Jacob's best friend and then she has a 5 month old daughter. Her dh is currently deployed. She was here 3 or 4 nights this week! She's definately one of my best friends here and she lives right across the park from us so we see each other almost every day. Dinner was great and Bobbie brought dessert, chocolate pie..yum! We were all stuffed. They headed home at 11 (PM..yep! LOL). I know we can't make the deployment all better, but I know it helps to have friends to hang out with and Chad and her husband are great friends and he told her he's glad she spends time with us!




Yesterday we went to Playmobil Fun Park for the day. We got there at 10 am and left there at 4:30. The last 1 1/2 hr it was pouring rain so we played indoors. We actually got stuck out side in the storm and it was bad. The rain was coming down in buckets, thunder and lightening, and the wind was really strong. We thankfully had shelter in the castle, but when it let up just a little we took off for the main building, which has tons of tables, tons of play area's with all the playmobil toy sets, and also a HUGE and I mean HUGE jungle gym (in a room that's probably 1500-2000 square feet's HUGE!) so while the rain finished up, the kids played! When it finally let up we let them all go down the slides outside which are close to the gate and then we headed home! Of course we got caught in traffic so it took alittle longer, but we were home by 6 pm. Jacob went home with them and had dinner. Bobbie brought him home and stayed for an hour or two and we just all visted while the boys all 3 played.





Wednesday we had PWOC and after that I had my ob apt. My apt went great. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and this baby girl is big. She weighs 4 lbs 6 oz right now! Yes that's right. HUGE! I'm only 8 months and she's already that big. I'm a little scared! LOL All I can say is there's comfort in knowing I do NOT and will not be pushing her out of my body! LOL I asked when I'll have my c-section and she said that they do them here anytime between the 37 and 38th week. Now to give you an idea of that, my 27th week starts July 25 and my 38th week starts August 1. The thought that she could possibly be born in July is really overwhelming to me. That's earlier than what they do in the US, which is normally 39 weeks. So in 5 to 6 weeks we're going to have a little girl in our midst! This pregnancy has really gone by so quickly. I know that's rare for a pregnant woman to say, but it really has. I really can't complain about this pregnancy. I had some morning sickness and trust me that was no picnic, but I KNOW it could have been worse. I have had some sciatic nerve issue's, but it was worse with Jackson, so again it could have definately been worse. I had the scare with gestational diabetes, but thankfully with diet that has so far been kept at bay. I feel truly blessed by this pregnancy and do not take this blessing lightly. I look at my friend who's having anything but a gentle pregnancy and I definately don't understand why it's her and not me. She's younger, in much better shape than I am and yet she has so much on her plate. PLEASE keep Emily in your prayers. She'll be meeting her youngest daughter soon, very soon.





Next week will definately  be a calmer week for me, which I'm glad for! I don't mind being busy, but let me tell you I was really tired today! I know it's from all the walking yesterday and just being out and about at Playmobil. I just had no energy! LOL Let me just say nesting is not something I've had with my 3 previous pregnancies and it's yet to show up with this one! I do have things I need to do to get ready for this little girl. I need to go through all of Jordyn's clothes and wash those up and put them away in her dresser. I want to get a bassinet so that if I'm going about things during the day, I can lay her in that and not worry about one of the boys trying to pick her up. I need to buy my sling/wrap. I will probably have her in that most of the time, but if I have to shower during the day it'd be nice to have a bassinet to put her in. We will not be using a crib, since we cosleep. No need for bottles since she will be getting the REAL thing! I want to order some more cloth diapers, so I'll have to buy some more of those on payday (next Friday). That's about it. I know there's some odds and ends I will need to have around, but for the most part we're ready. She'll be here one way or another if I'm ready or not soon enough!




Oh tomorrow Chad's fixing my van!!! Something went out on the power steering, thankfully it wasn't the pump or the lines, I can't think of what it was but it was less than $40.00 to get the parts, so tomorrow he's going to take it and fix it. We're getting rid of that free car. It's just been a mess. It needed new brakes. Chad's put brakes on every vehicles we've ever owned and never had any issue's, until this darn car. It took Chad and 3 mechanics to get the breaks on and then the emergency  break won't work and here it has to work or they will not let you get it registered! The exhaust pipe has been it's own issue as well and it just comes down to the simple fact that Chad does not have time to work on this thing and get it to where it needs to be. Chad decided to see if someone wanted to buy it, with him being up-front on what needs to be done. Since he put the breaks on it and spent over 8 hours doing that, got the new exhaust pipe (just needs to be put on and the old one taken off) he asked $200.00 for it. It ultimately just pays for what we put in it and the time. Since the lady who gave it to uswas less than honest about it. So hopefully that'll be done and over with this weekend or next week and not our headache anymore. It was nice having a 2nd car, but it's really not necessary and it's shown to be more of a hassle than a blessing. Hopefully the guy who's buying it can get it working. He's not a soldier, but a German citizen..he's the brother in law of one of Chad's soldiers. Chad was completely honest with him about the car so he knows what he's getting. He has a lot more extra time and he will not have the time constraints that we had trying to get it fixed to get it tagged.





Tomorrow it's supposed to rain most of the day and be much cooler (69 for a high!) and next week we're supposed to drop down to the 50's! Insanity I tell you! LOL So much for going swimming like I'd hoped! It'll be way too cold! It's supposed to rain everyday next week as well. Hopefully it'll just rain and finish and we can go out to the park everyday or wait until evening. If not we're going to have to find some activities that can be done inside somewhere, where they can burn energy!

Oh....Tuesday our china cabinets were SUPPOSED to be delivered. They weren't. The furniture truck showed up on post, but didn't have our cabinets in them. Chad went and tracked the drivers down and they didn't have them. So he called the store and she claimed she never told me the 19th. Chad said she promised next Tuesday they'll be delivered. They better be is all I can say, because I don't want to waste another day waiting on them. Our living room furniture she said would be delivered to their warehouse on the 27th, and they'll deliver it to us on July 10th. Why we have to wait almost 2 weeks is beyond me other than there must be a Germany holiday in there besides the 4th of July (although they don't deliver here on Wed. anyways) but either way she told Chad that was a GUARENTEE. He told her if the cabinets were not here next Tuesday and that if the furniture was not here on the 10th, that she better be prepared for a phone call from a VERY VERY ANGRY customer. So we shall see. I really hope it all comes on the dates it's supposed to. It'll be nice to have everythinghere, arranged like we want it before the baby comes. That's a mess I don't need to deal with once she's here that's for sure! Once it's here and I have it all arranged like I want it, I will definately take pictures! The next thing we will be looking into getting are new mattresses. We desperately need them. I'm hoping to take a trip before the baby comes and ordering them, but we'll just have to see what Chad's work schedule is like. Where we are planning on going is open on the weekends (it's on another military base). We have friends there so it'd be great to not just order the matresses, but get to see our friends as well! I'd rather do the trip before the baby comes and hopefully have new mattresses before she comes as well, but we'll have to see!

I know I'm behind on all your alerts. I'm trying! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a little time on here and can get through quite a few of them!! :) We'll see!



chevyz71gurl74 said...

Hey girlie!
I haven't been online much myself, had a yucky ol' virus!
Feeling somewhat better, but still not 100%
Glad you have a friend who lives so close to hangout with...i'm sure it really helps her while her DH is deployed....being there for one another means everything.  Yum chicken enchiladas...never had made them myself...but i like them.  Gonna try to start back on my diet this i better quit talking about yummy food...haha  Naw, i'm not giving it all up...just gonna eat in moderation and not act a pig of myself.  
I cannot believe the baby is almost time has flown by.... how exciting!   I know you will be so glad to get all your furniture settled where you want it, seems ya'll have been waiting forever.  We need a new couch and loveseat, kitchen table and chairs...and a mattress as well...I want a pillowtop....ahhhh....this time we are getting a nice one!   I would like a couch and loveseat that is microfiber or whatever it is called...really soft and comfy...with recliners built in.  I wanna just win the that too much to ask for.??   haha   Have a great weekend....


happysunshien said...

omgoodness...that little girl is almost here?  holy cow where did the time go?  


deshelestraci said...

Must have been nice in some ways to have no phone service.  I would be in withdrawal without the internet though~  Not really!

fairylaura said...

Chicken enchiladas! YUMMMMM!!!! You have me wanting some now. I'm gonna make some for dinner tomorrow. ;)

Christy, thank you for your support. Right about now I need it. I just want to spend as much time with Adrian as I can. Our furniture is already in Germany. YAY! All we have to do is wait for housing. We're number 42 on the list, so I'm not expecting anything available anytime soon. We have a temperary apartment though, so that's good. I cannot wait to get there! I'll definitely keep you updated. Thanks again!


janid731 said...

Glad you're back..not having your computer can be so stressful!

I can't believe how fast your preganancy has gone either....seems we were just finding out! :) lol  Glad it is still going oh so well.....can't wait to see pics of her!

Have a great day!


springangel235 said...

I am so happy you are back!!!  I get in a panic state when my internet goes down...hope you all have a beautiful week...hugs,

pixiedustnme said...

ok, so long post and all i have to say is i'm still thinking those chicken enchiladas sound good!  LOL - are they the ones you make where you cook the chicken and then do the sauce with cream of chicken soup and sour cream and shredded cheese and then bake it all in the oven?  I just made those this week and they were SOOO good!

sangrialel said...

Chicken enchiladas sound like heaven!  I am glad  your back online, I missed you.  Maybe you can send me the recipe for the enchiladas, my boys would love them.  Linda