Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday's Happenings


Hello! How's all your Sunday's been? Ours started off with church, and after that a group of us took our friends out to lunch to say Thank you. The husband has coached all our children (boys) in wrestling, for FREE. They offer wrestling here, but it's expensive (80.00 and includes uniform, etc) and it's only offered for 8 yrs and up. So Mike has been coaching our kids since January. We took him and his family to a biergarten, which has a great park area for the kids to play in, as well as animals (goats and horses which are pinned up but the kids can feed them and pet them). The kids LOVED it. The great thing about biergartens is that the food is CHEAP. For the 4 of us to eat it cost 12.60 euro (about 14 or 15.00 USD) and then drinks, all together it was less than 20 euro's and the portions were HUGE! The boys split a schnitzel (a pork tenderloin) and pomme fritz (fries), I had a schnitzel sandwich which was absolutely huge and Chad had brats. Chad and I decided when we go back there we'll just split a sandwich as well, because I only ate half of mine! We were there for about 3 hrs. We sat under the tree's at the tables and it was soooo nice. The park area is not shaded, but the kids didn't care they all just ran and played and played HARD I might add!



I'm really going to miss Carrie and Mike, and their kids. They have 3 boys and they're great! They're ALL boy! Ornery as can get out, but so much fun! LOL Carrie and I grew up 20 minutes apart! Her step grandparents live about 1-2 miles from my parents and she'd go there at times as well. We met, right here in Germany. We actually met at PWOC and just clicked. I absolutely love that woman and life will not be the same without her. Great thing though is that I know we'll meet up again. They probably will not retire in Kansas (Mike's from Montana) but all her family still lives in and around Topeka so she'll always come back and so we'll at least get together and visit each other! They leave in a little over 2 weeks. They're going to go visit friends and family and then in July will sign in to Ft. Leavenworth . What's great is that 2 other friends from here are also going to Leavenworth so they will immediately know people, plus they all already know other friends there so they're truly blessed to be going to that military community. We're definately losing a great family and great friends. I'm thankful that I had the two years here with Carrie!



So after that we came home and I got immediately started on laundry which other than a couple loads I've totally avoided! :X So far I've washed 12 loads, yes you read that right, 12. I do have a couple more small loads, but for tonight I'm done. I'll finish it up tomorrow, of course they'll be more clothes and I actually just remembered I have to wash bedding tomorrow too so there's at least 4-6 more loads as well, but that's easy.


Chad's down in the basement looking for my maternity clothes (again). I think he's found a few pieces. I really hope he finds the rest. I just don't have that much, which was pretty well all given to me other than a couple things I've bought. I have quite a few though and I just can't bring myself to go buy clothes when I KNOW I have things! So if you'd all say a prayer that Chad will find them I'd honestly be so grateful.


For dinner tonight I'm making goulash. I'm actually a little worried about that. I have my follow up tomorrow with the specialist for the gestational diabetes and I just want my numbers to be low. I am taking my book in tomorrow so hopefully when he see's all the low numbers he'll see that I'm fine, which I truly believe that I am. I'll continue to eat this way throughout the pregnancy, because well I can't be too safe when it comes to this little girls health or mine. Oh I've also been losing weight. Now most, if not all of you are thinking "why is that good she's pregnant"...yes I am. I HAVE gained weight this pregnancy, but only 7 lbs so far. But I'm VERY overweight and my ob actually told me that if I lost weight it'd be ok. NOT to diet, because that'd be stupid, but if through eating better I lost it and with excercise then it's ok. The baby is 100% growing perfect and seriously she can live off the fat I have! Anyways, it's been nice to see that so far I've dropped 3 lbs so far! :) It's not a lot but I'll take it. I hope that once she's born the weight will come off fairly easily. I'm going to start back up walking. I'm hoping to find a friend or two who will want to go walking with me and the boys every morning. My goal will be by 3 months post partum to have lost 20 lbs. I think it's more than possible with breast feeding, excercising, and eating right.


Oh and onto another subject! I'm thinking (just thinking right now) about becoming a Pampered Chef consultant. If you'll all pray for me over that as well. Here we have a lot of restrictions on us as far as what we can do with home business's like PC, so I need to find all those restrictions out. I do know it's possible and I'm thinking that most my business will probably come through online parties, which definately works for me. I have so much PC though and I LOVE their products that it feels like a nice fit and the extra money will be nice. I'm going to talk to a few of my friends who are doing it here and in the states and find out more about it. It'd be nice to just have something that could bring in some extra money here and there as well as something I already have a ton of, love, and enjoy using! I will not make the decision until after the baby is born, as I have enough on my plate the way it is, not that life's going to get easier, it's just going to get busier but I just feel at peace over waiting until after she's here! Chad and I talked briefly about it, but he pretty well said he supports what ever I'd like to do. So we'll see! :)



Oh I looked at the forcast for this coming week and it's supposed to rain everyday and be cooler! YES! We will go on payday and get a a/c, I did look in Stars and Stripes (military newspaper) and there were quite a few adds for them, so I'd prefer to be able to get one there (much cheaper) but no matter it's got to wait until Friday when we get paid. I'm happy that it is going to cool down a little, at least I won't feel like I'm melting everyday and feel miserable.

Ok I better go finish dinner!



pixiedustnme said...

cooler is always good!  i'm so glad you're having a nice day :-)  

zoepaul6968 said...

i loved the entry and the tags who did the tags for you?

sangrialel said...

I am glad to hear that you are going to get some rain and a little bit cooler weather!!  Linda

jckfrstross said...

It was in the 90s here today :) too hot if you ask me have a good week


deshelestraci said...

Sorry that your friend will be leaving soon.  That has to be the worst.  Send some rain our way.  It is so dry here.  No chance of rain until next weekend.  

emabecmar said...

thats always a sad part of being military bound. you make good friends and they eith ETS or get transferred. I lost track of 3 very good friends due to that. I hope Chad found your maternity clothes. Gonna rain here in Philadelphia all week. (((((((((((hugs))))))))

randlprysock said...

Sounds like a great Sunday!!  I love going to the park... and church is always wonderful.  It's good to be in the house of the Lord.  I wish you a smooth pregnancy.  I always had fun wearing the maternity clothes.  I actually liked wearing them.  Hugs,