Saturday, June 9, 2007

Still hot

No graphics this entry, I'm on Chad's laptop vs sitting the desk on my computer. was a good day. The boys slept until about 9:30 and I got up about 10 minutes after them!! Amazing I tell you! My boys just rarely sleep in, so it's nice when they do! They had wrestling this morning. Chad and them left at 10:30 and I got up there a few minutes after 11. Oh it was so hot in there. The moment I sat down in the room where they wrestle the sweat was just dripping off of me. The kids were drinking tons of water, which is good. Jacob was great! Jackson paid absolutely no attention and played with the other kids who are also younger and have no desire to pay attention! What's amazing is that Chad will tell the boys a position here at home and Jack knows them. So he is obviously watching at times, just not actively! I took a lot of pictures. I'll download them on my computer tomorrow sometime and will have to share a few! After wrestling Jacob went home with a friend of ours for a planned play date. They had a water gun fight with other kids and had a blast. He got home about 8 pm! I went to a Pampered Chef party. It was a lot of fun. I knew pretty well everyone there, there were 4 people I hadn't met and they seemed very sweet. She made pizza's which were wonderful, one was a veggitarian and the other was the same veggies but with chicken, that one was so good! It was definately high protein and it didn't have pizza sauce on it, which I thought would be a loss, but it was actually great and now I don't have heart burn!! Definate perk! LOL I just ordered 3 small things, because a friend booked a party off of me when I did my online party and so this week I'll be ordering things from her because I get 60% of a hostess gift and we're going to order a few other things. I did find that I have a lot more PC items than I realized. I knew I got tons when I hosted my party, but I have far more than I realized! LOL My goal is to have all my kitchenware Pampered Chef and well I'm getting very close to that. Of course they keep coming out with new things, so there will ALWAYS be something to buy, but oh how I love their products!! If you have some of PC items you understand, and if not you have no idea what you're missing! I really believe PC makes the best kitchen items out there!!! What's nice is that Chad likes PC items as well and never gives me a hard time about buying them. I have used common sense when I go to buy things. We're replacing a lot of things we got when we got married so it's for the most part 10 yrs old, and of course I have plenty of hand me down items from my mom. I have almost cleared out those hand me downs.

One thing we were talking about after the party ended was someone said PC and Tupperware needs to team up, and another friend said she has a friend who sells TW. I have a lot of odd and end bowls (some rubber maid & some just really, really cheap ones). So she said if we want she'd have a TW party, if so I'll be clearing out my cabinets and buying me some of those. I have a lot of stuff I simply don't need. A lot of them lids are missing, have warped, etc. So I'm more than happy to just toss those into recycling and start over with stuff that will last, take a beating, and keep working well!

Ok so enough of that boring stuff! I got home and Chad and Jack had been having a fun afternoon just the two of them. They don't get a lot of one on one time and they were both in just great moods. I'd enjoyed my little break so it was just a great day for all of us.

It's still really hot, so Chad pulled another fan into the living room that is normally in our bedroom (and will return tonight! LOL). Finally after Jacob got home, the boys showered, off to bed they went, and I just wasn't feeling very good because I was hot and just by the touch my skin was hot. So I got into the shower. I normally can't handle cool showers, even when I'm hot...but tonight oh man it was cool and it felt so good. It took me a minute to get used to it and be able to go under the shower head completely, but once I did it was heavenly! I told Chad it was like getting into a pool that'd been warmed by the hot sun after a couple days...simply refreshing. It never took my breath away. As soon as I took the shower off, the heat hit me and I was so tempted to turn that shower back on. LOL It was hot! I found the lightest weight nightgown I have, thankfully it has speghetti straps and isn't very long so I'm really comfy now.

Tonight we were talking more about the A/C. The way our apartment is set up isn't the most a/c friendly as far as the living room goes to keep cool. When you walk in, it's to an entry way/hallway. If you turn left it's to the playroom (so it has a door on it) or right it's to the kitchen (no door), if you go straight through a door way (no door though) into the dining room/living room. It's a HUGE room. From the diningroom area you can turn left into a short hall way that has a door on it. Straight goes into the bathroom, left goes to the boys room, right to our bedroom. After talking to a friend about how I can keep the livingroom cool during the day, is I'm going to hang up some curtains over the doorway from the entry way so that it won't look tacky as it would with a blanket hanging there. I actually have some pretty blue curtains that an old neighbor gave me when they moved from here and I think they'll work perfectly. I wish they were a little heavier, but I think anything will be better than nothing! We'll use a cafe rod to hang the curtain up. I'm really hoping it will look nice vs tacky! :) We'll see I guess!

Since the PX still doesn't have any A/C's back in we're going to go and look off post. We can use a VAT form so we don't have to pay the 19% tax that Germany has already added into their prices (yes you read that right...19%). That VAT form may even make it cheaper than they'd be at the PX the way it is. We have 3 stores that we know for sure have carried them, so we'll go there and find one. It was once again in the 90's here. It is supposed to cool down this coming week into the 70's though with rain everyday as well, so that will be nice. We get paid on Friday though and we'll be buying an a/c that day! :)

Tomorrow I have laundry I HAVE to get done. I've been more normal self and avoiding it for the most part a few loads here and there, but it's once again way behind. Chad said he'll help me get caught up so we'll spend more than enough time doing that tomorrow. We're going to search for my maternity clothes once again tomorrow. That's in the basement so it should be cool down there at least! Hopefully we can find them. I have a lot of sleeveless tops and quite a few shorts as well, so we HAVE to find them. Chad said he'll go through every single box and search every one of them if he has to, to find them for me. He see's how hot and miserable I am and if we don't find them I'm going to have to buy me some more clothes and I just HATE to do that with only about 2 months left of this pregnancy. So hopefully we can find them! I'm not sure what I'm going to wear to church tomorrow. I have a maternity skirt, I put it up before my parents come and honestly not sure which drawer I literally stuffed it in. :X Not sure what shirt I'm going to wear either, since well they're all pretty well dirty! I know I have a couple, just wish they were sleeveless. The chapel doesn't have a/c either.

Well, it's after midnight. I have a few journals to read and then I'm going to go climb into bed and read until I fall asleep! :)


I know this was full of a lot of boring stuff. LOL


pixiedustnme said...

you are never boring!  LOL  here's hoping you find some a/c soon ;-)

springangel235 said...

NEVER boring...I enjoy reading...just wish I could get to alerts more often than I do.  I worry about you and the family in the heat..with no air conditioning...please take care...hope you find some relief soon...hugs and love,

scotthlori said...

There is nothing worse than being HOT when you're pregnant!


happysunshien said...

I gave birth to kadie in October....ickkkk.....the summer was MISERABLE for me!


ps still working on that picture entry...about to leave for church.. :)

sangrialel said...

I have tons of bowls with missing lids too!  Linda

randlprysock said...

Hope it cools off.  Fans really help!!  Hugs,