Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day (part 2)

I wrote the first post this morning before church, so here's how are day was! :)




This morning while Chad got into the shower the boys sat down and made Daddy their Father's Day Cards. It's been a little difficult to sneak that project in since he's home all the time! So we had to wait until this morning! Jacob is VERY artististic and a little perfectionist when it comes to drawing. He spent about 20 minutes on it making sure it was just right. Jack's took about 3 minutes! LOL He was sooo excited though to give it to Daddy and Jacob was too! :) Chad LOVED them and of course said they were MUCH better than any store bought card! They were both made with complete love and devotion! I then told him that his gift was bowling today.



We went to church where all the dad's picked a book and a beautiful book mark (I might have to lift that since Mr. Chad rarely reads books!). We had a great sermon on forgiveness. We have the head chaplain and then there are others who are not assigned specifically to the chapel, but assigned to different units. Most of them are "Protestant" ministers so they come to the Protestant service (we range from Baptists, Methodists, Non-Denom, Luthern, etc) so at different times he'll ask another chaplain to give the service, which trust me is such a wonderful gift! The head chaplain is in my opinion very, very seeker friendly and well I don't find that biblical and he likes to do a skit every week, which for me gets old and silly. I like a sermon that makes me think, makes me go home and want to read more of the bible, to learn more. I want to get convicted of sins, I want to walk out of church feeling that I've just heard the word of GOD vs the word of a man wanting to bring in more bodies. I think as a congregation it's our job to reach out to the community, but as a pastor it's their job to speak from the bible. God's words don't need to be light and cheery, no need to perform a skit week after week, I want and know I need to walk out of there feelingconvicted at times, because simply put I'm a sinner and so is every single person in that chapel. was a wonderful change of pace (actually last week too as another chaplain filled in then too).




Anyways....after the great service we came home and changed into shorts and off to the bowling alley we went. We had lunch there. Their food is actually about the best on this post for take out/fast food so we enjoyed lunch. I didn't feel like bowling (lots of discomfort today from the little miss growing inside of me) so I took care of the score board and was the cheerleader of my guys! They played 3 games. They had a blast! Chad said he'd like to start going at least once or twice a month (bowling). I know the boys would love it. It's something we can all do as a family or if I'm not up to it, they can go do together. They can opt for as many games as they want too. Since it was Father's Day shoe rental was free and the games were each $1.00 per person per it cost $9.00! I'd say we walked out of there with a very cheap gift! Those are the best gifts though...the ones that don't cost a lot, and everyone has a great time! Family time is one of the most important things to Chad and I. The boys thrive having it and we know how important it is and that as the boys get older these days will be harder to do. Plus add in those pesky little 12-18 month deployments the Army requires...making the most of the time we have together is all the more important!



We came home and just lounged around. Ok actually Chad and I both took a nap while Jacob played on the computer and Jack watched Alice in Wonderland! I slept for about an hour and Chad slept for about 2 1/2 hrs.




Chad requested chili for dinner (it's been in the 70's here so it was do-able). I got the chili going and when Chad woke up we actually did some cleaning! Yep I made the man help me clean on Father's Day! LOL Hey if I could do it on Mother's Day he could do it on his day! LOL It wasn't much. I put all 3 baskets of clothes away (sorted out the boys had them put away theirs and then I put mine up, Chad's are still waiting for him to put away!) Chad vacuumed the living room and dining room and he swept the hall way. So like I said it wasn't much, just a little cleaning! While we were finishing up my friend buzzed up to see if the boys could go to the park with her and her son (and baby girl) we told her sure and that we'd be out soon. We finished up our cleaning (about 10 minutes) and joined her for about 2 hrs! We came inside and the chili was perfect!! We boiled up the hot dogs and had our chili! Dinner was great! It's been months since we've had chili and it definately hit the spot! The boys went to bed with no problems. Which isn't unusual. They're normally pretty worn out by bedtime the way it is.




Chad thanked me for such a great day and we have plans to go for a walk over to the lake that's here on post tomorrow. The hot dog buns we had went moldy (it's been a little humid here and bread goes bad so fast here when the humidity hits so we now have to start keeping it in the fridge for the rest of the summer). So we're going to take the bread over to the lake and feed the fish and any ducks that may be there and then let the boys play. They have really cool things for kids to do there. Hopefully there won't be a lot of other people there. Now with school out and it's a 4 day weekend there's a chance of people BBQ'ing there, but either way it'll be nice to have a break from our normal routine! It's a nice little walk over there so the extra excercise will be good and I'm sure the boys will bike over there and that will hopefully help get some extra energy out!



I'm so happy it's summer! I just love the carefree days of summer. We do less school work in the summer, spend so much more time outside, and laughter and smiles just seem to pop out constantly!


Well, although it's now officially 12:05 am here in Germany it's not Father's Day...but I'll say it anyways...Happy Father's Day 2007!




randlprysock said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!!  We put Rob to work a little too on getting the pool ready for the kids.  Hugs,

jckfrstross said...

sounds like a fun day:) have a good week:)


pixiedustnme said...

I'm so glad you had a good day!  (and dang girl, find out what entry made your journal so wide would ya, it's drivin me crazy!)

sangrialel said...

I am glad to hear that it was such a wonderful Fathers Day for Chad.  Linda

springangel235 said...

What a great day all of you had...enjoy the week ahead...hugs,