Friday, June 29, 2007

Thank you

I wanted to thank all of you for reaching out to my friend during her greatest heartbreak. I did talk to her husband briefly last night and she called me in the middle of the night, but unfortunately I didn't hear the phone so she left a message.

Her faith is God is strong, yet she's still a grieving mother. So please keep her in your prayers. The pain doesn't just leave after a few days, weeks, or even months. This is a lifetime journey of grief she is on now. There will be good days and there will be the worst of worst days, and lots of in betweens where you're just not sure where you fit in.

Pray for her as the rest of the world goes back to what they see as normal life again (after the funeral, etc) and she and Matt are left with empty arms that should be filled up with Miller Grace. Pray for them as they continue to parent their other 2 daughters, and as they grieve seperately and together as man and woman/husband and wife as well as parents together and seperately. Men and women in general grieve differently. Pray for them to be gentle with each other as they deal with their grief in the way that the each individually need to, even if it makes no sense to the other one.

If you could muster a prayer for me as well, that I can be what she needs in a friend. You all have no idea how much I love Emily. I am blessed with friends I have 3 best friends, Chad (my husband), Tami, and Emily. I talk to Chad obviously every day, and Tami and Emily multiple times a week. There are weeks and months where we talk every single day, and then times where we go for a few days without talking. I want to be what she needs me to be for her, do God's will as her friend, as I continue being a wife and mother here as well. One last prayer request. Pray that the birth of our baby is not painful for Emily. I do not want my joy to be another source of pain for her.


emabecmar said...

Am keeping all in prayer and also you too. I hate it when children pass away. My sister's 5mos old grandson passed away in 2005 and that hurt so much. He is so missed. God Bless. (((((((hugs)))))

janid731 said...

You are an amazing friend. As I have read Emily's and Jillian web pages through you it has made me appreciate the health of my little one. I know it could change so quickly and without warning so I want to make sure I appreciate each day with her.  You and your friends are in my prayers.

I hope you have no "guilt" and can enjoy the birth of your baby girl.  I have a very close friend who has been trying to get PG for 10 years with no success and had a hard time telling her I was pregnant (while on birth control) was very hard. But she has a wonderful heart and was so supportive of me despite her own grief. I believe Emily will be like that as well. Praying for you both!

hunybea4him said...

I will be praying for you and your friend.. God put you in eachothers lives for a reason and he will equip you for what ever service he will lead you in ((((((((HUGS)))))))

Much Love,

chevyz71gurl74 said...

I agree with Mary below...God put you and Emily in one anothers lives for a reason... you are a wonderful friend Christy....there is no doubt in my mind that you will be there for Emily in every way possible...Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers....


deshelestraci said...

Blessings and prayers to them and you!

randlprysock said...

I think your friendship with Emily is meant to be.... you are there to help her up through sharing together.  I've had this same thing happen over a different situation but with friends I encountered that I believe God brought to me because I'd all ready been through the pain and loss they themselves were going through.  Huge hugs,

ksgal3133 said...

Sending all of you so many prayers!
As we both know, it's the worst thing possible to happen to a parent, to lose a child. It feels like it's harder the longer it goes on.
I am so sorry....