Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Why You Should Let Your Children Get Dirty!!

I came across this article and love it!! I'm a huge advocate about letting your kids go and get dirty. My boys don't get half dirty, or so-so dirty...they go all out and become filthy! A day at the park demands a night in the tub.

I have a friend who freaks when her son gets dirty. I don't get it. She thinks he's "filthy" when he has a little dirt on his face (and only his face)! Ha!!! Even if they have no where to go, the moment they get inside he's got to get in the tub. I think it's a little much personally. Let the kid play outside, get dirty, and just savior being a boy. They grow up far too fast, we all know this. Time goes by and before we know it that tiny baby we're nursing are 6 yr olds reading US story's.

We need to enjoy these moments. The moments of getting dirty, running their tonka trucks through the dirt and sand. It's those moments we'll cherish in our hearts when they become Daddy's and Mommy's themselves.

We're not a family that carries hand sanitizer around with us. I have a bottle in my van for when we're on trips and stop at rest stops since I've yet to go into one that has soap, just cold, no freezing cold water, or if we're having lunch on a trip in the van...then we use it. Otherwise it's just good old non antibacterial (yes you read that right) soap. A little bacteria is good for our immune systems. As seldom as we're sick (and compared to many families with children around the same age we're never sick it seems!!) I think our method is working!


Here's the link: Why you should let your children play in the dirt - ParentDish

and the article:


Nolan loves dirt. He loves to smear his little fingers in whatever gooey muck he can get his little fingers into, if there is a puddle he will splash in it, if there's a chunk of thick brown soil he will attempt to insert his limbs as far as they will go. And up till now, I have stopped him: Nolan, yuck. That's dirty.

But he might just know exactly what he's doing. This recent BBC article claims that exposure to dirt might lift mood as well as the immune system. Apparently, seratonin, a key ingredient in the brown gunk, may restore a healthy immune function in people who are depressed and prone to infection.

More study is needed, caution experts, but in the meantime, I guess it wouldn't hurt all of us to learn from our kids and smear a little mud.


deshelestraci said...

One of the friends who I am trying to reduce my time with is a freak about her kids getting dirty.  My only complaint about my kids getting dirty is my having to salvage the clothes.  Do you have spray and wash over there?!

happysunshien said...

my kids have always loved to get dirty!  always...Kadie's favorite thing still at age 15?  running around in the rain in the front yard in the spring and summer....or running in the mud puddles while it is raining...thats my girl...AUstin would just as soon not get wet in the rain but damn he loves a good mud puddle and mud pie i join


jckfrstross said...

i agree:) both my kids yes even amanda loved to get dirty. i have a picture of zach he was playing in the yard and figured out how to turn on the hose lol made a big old mud puddle he looked like spike the dog mud everywhere but one eye he enjoyed it too. have a good easter


lifesabench6 said...

Shoot Christy- I don't need to read those articles- I couldn't agree more!! Our boy is constantly filthy- from head to toe.  (Except when we have to go somewhere- then I make him clean up first)  He rolls around with the dog- plays tug of war with the dog, lays down and gets buried in the sand box, digs in the garden- you name it!  It's a bit hard right now because it's so dry here and very dusty- but otherwise- get down and play!!!  I agree- we need them to be kids for as long as they can!  I have a friend like yours who hates a speck of dirt- I told her my boy hardly ever gets sick, except for colds- hers has had ear infections, stomach viruses' flu, colds and all the rest.  Who's germs are better?!  Have a Blessed Easter Christy! Carolyn :)

janid731 said...

That's great!  I know I have heard that gardeners tend to be healthier and happier then the general public...maybe that's why! :)


crewsfour said...

My girls also love getting dirty and I certainly don't mind, I figure the more they're out running around and burning off the energy the easier they are to get to bed at night.  Leene

bhbner2him said...

I often say after one of mine got out of the tub after a day in the yard, "You could plant tators in here!"  Nothing wrong with a little good clean dirt.  Hubby had cuts doctored with white clay when he was a child.  -  Barbara

springangel235 said...

I've raised so many boys, and dirty is the name of the game with a 7 year old now that get's dirty at the sign of looking outside, LOL.  Have a great week...hugs,