Thursday, April 19, 2007

So Disturbed

So I sign on to AOL and I see the face of a murderer and well honestly I don't want to see this monster's face. I have not blogged about Va.Tech for a reason. It saddens me, but honestly I have nothing to add that others have not. I think tragedies bring in a great deal of love from many, some ugliness from a few, a lot of people will turn to GOD for a few days but then they'll go right back to living, turn away from GOD again, and although they will not forget this tragedy it'll become news from yesterday. Much like Columbine and the other school shootings, much like 9-11, etc. Our society can truly be so empathetic, but short attention spans, such short attention spans. I'll honestly be shocked if in another week or I'll even stretch it to two weeks, we hear hardly anything at all about this tragedy.

So, anyways...I just am not happy that I have to look at this murderers face everytime I look at the welcome page. It disgusts me, he disgusts me. He's pure evil, whether he was mentally ill or not, he did Satan's work end of story.

I am praying for those who were killed, for their families and friends. I pray for the students and professors who witnessed these horrors and who will forever have it engraved into their minds. I pray that people will not try to profit off of these people's deaths or this evilness. I don't need to see this guys face every 5 turns of the aol page, no one does.


springangel235 said...

I agree with you about not wanting to see his face on turned my stomach, along with the news reports...on his recently...that is all we are seeing now.  My prayers go out to all of the families and students...hugs and love,

dondieroy said...

I agree too...  I don't want to see his face..  When I see him, it makes my stomach turn.  I get such a bad feeling by just seeing his face..  I pray that God will comfort all the ones that lost someone in this tragic crime.  May God give them the peace they need..  
Take care,

sangrialel said...

Christy I know it is hard to look at his face because of what he did and all the saddness it brings but I use seeing his face each time I see it as an opportunity to pray for him also.  I pray that God will give me the grace that He Himself had when He was walking this earth.  He offered forgivness to all of us and He loves all of us.  

randlprysock said...

Yes I have been thinking much the same.  Don't want to see his face anymore.

pixiedustnme said...

ah, so true - we have truly fallen prey to our short attention spans.  i truly believe that it is currently one of Satan's strongest tools.  So much could be done to change our world if people could get past the empathy and pay attention to something other than themselves for more than 5 minutes!

linnpooh said...

I so agree Christy....I was so upset with NBC. I have no desire to see him or his "package".

Pooh Hugs,

emabecmar said...

I so agree. They keep plastering his face every where. Giving this murderer so much recognition, and forcing the families to relive this over and over again. Let it go, let the families heal. (((((hugs))))))))