Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I got this from Lyn over at:Brits blog


1.   If you had to choose between buying paper towels or napkins, which one would win?

I guess paper towels although I have discovered that I always have napkins and I'm often out of Paper towels, but as Lyn said you can use Paper towels for more things, including a napkin!

2.   What first appealed to you about blogging, and why?

I've always kept some sort of journal either paper or on the computer, so this was a natural next step. I started writing here regularly though about the same time Kelly did! :)

3.   Do you prefer to wear shoes, slippers, or go barefoot in the house?  Why?

Slippers. We have hardwood and young kids, when you do the math that equals dirt and sand are dragged in...so I wear slippers so I don't get anything stuck to my feet...the rest of them wear nothing inside. As soon as they come in they take off their shoes!

4.   Let’s say you’re camping, with whomever you want.  What one thing about home would you miss most?

I love camping so since it's JUST camping and not like I'll be living that way forever I don't think I'd miss anything, I know I never have in the past!

5.   Ice cream or cheesecake?  What flavor? Ice cream without a doubt...chocolate!

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deshelestraci said...

Chocolate for sure!  Although chocolate cheesecake is my favorite!  I have to wear shoes in the house too!  Same reasons!