Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Keeping it in Perspective

I let it go out the window there for a while...what? My perspective, reality...God's got this. I'm still sad and still don't understand why the Army has to take the  brunt of this extention exclusively...but God knew this was going to happen and that's what I have to focus on. What good am I as a Child of God's, as a Christian woman...if I don't remember that this is only happening with GOD's permission. Does it mean it's God's will, I don't know that....but I know he knew this was going to happen and that's all I need to remember. That when Chad DOES redeploy, which he WILL do in the next 12 months (most likely LESS) and when he does have to go for 15 months...God's got him. God will be with him and one way or another I'll be with him again. None of us know how tomorrow will go or end....Chad could redeploy and it could be the last time I see him as he gets on that bus...I just have to remember it's only with God's permission and that Chad's a Christian and one way or another I'll be with him again some day. I do pray that every single soldier down range (Afganistan or Iraq) is a Christian, but I know without a doubt they're not, which means they will NOT go home to Heaven. It breaks my heart, but it's the reality and all I can do is pray for them that they do find Jesus and believe in him.

Just for the record...going to Italy for a year is NOT a's called an Unaccompanied (or hardship) Tour! Also I had a question about the Marine's where I stated they on average deployed for 7 months...yes it's a fact, it's also in the AOL article. I had always THOUGHT they deployed for the average 12 month tour like the ARMY but a few weeks ago on our News over here on AFN (Armed Forces Network) they were talking about the Marine's 7 month deployments. Chad knew this considering when he's deployed he's been with Marines too, I just never realized this! Also Emily over at: Emily's Purple Pages  talked about this time line not too long ago too! There are always exceptions to everything, but what I was talking about in my first entry tonight...was the AVERAGE Marine, Average Airmen, Average Sailor out on ship! This is from personal knowledge of friends who have a spouse in those other forces.


Please also keep in mind and perspective this is MY journal, my thoughts, feelings...which includes frustrations, sadness, etc. I am for the most part a happy, easy going person...but there are things that will get me hot. I normally vent to friends vs here. It's what works for me. This isn't a private journal so I'm not quite as open with my feelings at times and trust me I in general have A LOT to say, but this isn't the place I'm the most comfortable at to do that. Anyone can read this and at times anyone HAS read this. There are plenty of UGLY people out there who like to stir up drama and I just don't have the time or energy to deal with that junk. Some people thrive on it...I have a family and simply don't have time for that kind of drama.

Anyways...this is the last entry of the night.


jckfrstross said...

ok vent all you want:) i do feel for the families who have loved ones over in harms way. and i don't believe 15 months is right 12 in my opinion is too long. Zach was over there from 12 and i liked to kill me. You are right God is in control


carly0042 said...

You would not be human if you did not go through thoughts like what you had on the earlier entry the good thing is God is always there. Even when we forget, he always has us covered and you always know where to lay your burdens. Thank God for that right?

republicanjen said...

When I heard about that I thought of you.  Such long deployments!  I heard it was so that they could have longer times with family, but could just be spin.

delela1 said...

I've just gone back and read some of your previous entries.  First...blessings to you, Chad and the boys.  A baby on the way.  Woo hoo!  :)

Like you, I tend to keep a lot to myself when it comes to my entries and completely understand your approach.

bhbner2him said...

I know that when you are trying to prepare your head and heart to accept this for your spouse, it has to be hard.  A blow out of the blue.  It appears they tried to make it appealing, beneficial in some way.  But it still has to effect so many things in each family's life.  God get you all through it when it's Chad's turn.  And through the waiting until it starts.  -  BArbara

therealslimemmy said...

they do the longer deployments so that they have more time at home...i was asking my husband about them marines go for 7 months then are sent back over agian sooner.
his squad will be leaving again in sept...
i hate deployments.
they are hard...especially when you dont get to have much communication.  some have lots others like i had barely any.
hope you have a good day