Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm bored!

Jacob's done with his school work and he's off doing something on his own in the playroom's Heather's little surveyTightening the corset


Your name: Christy

Your age: 30

Your location: Germany (the state of Bavaria is as much as I'll tell!)

What's the weather like there today? Actually it's rather chilly today, after many day's in the 80's but brr!

How much did you pay for your last tank of gas? Ummm Chad filled up the tank, but I think we had a half a tank and it was close to $40.00, I think we're in the 2.70's right now.

Your relationship status: Married for 10 yrs

Number of kids/grandkids: 1 daughter in Heaven, 2 little boys, and 1 little girl on the way!

Pets: In Germany: 1 Cat Pounce (who has CONSTANT UTI's) and 1 bird (a canary that NEVER shuts up). In Kansas 2 dogs BJ and Brittany and 1 cat Cassie

Do you live in a house/apartment/bat cave??? We live in military housing, an apartment. OF course it's bigger than the house we lived in at Ft.Riley..go figure

Square foot area of your home OR # of bedrooms and bathrooms: I believe it's a little over 1300 sq feet.

Early bird or night owl? Night owl definately

Do you have life insurance? Of course I do and Chad has it via the military and we have our own as well. We're parents, we'd be very irresponsible if we didn't.

Last vacation destination: We went to Garmisch (our next will be Austraia and The Netherland's when my parents come!!!)

Last heartbreak: My friend, Jessica's daughter Jillian relapsing AGAIN but with a different cancer this time (

Last celebration: Watching Jacob last night at his tball scrimmage! :)

Strangest (most out of place thing) on your computer desk: the windchime I got from Poland LAST year that I've Yet to hang up! :X

Strangest thing on your bathroom counter: a children's book that Jack left in there!

Plans for the weekend: Friday Jacob's first official game, not sure for the rest of the weekend!

Best thing you can say about the person you snagged this from: Very loving


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