Friday, April 20, 2007


Today was a pretty relaxed day for the most part. Jacob was motivated and did his school work this morning, he took his spelling test this afternoon and got a 100 on it! Spelling words has been one of those things I've been messing around with a bit. Initially we started with 5 and he did really well with them so I thought we'd try 10 and that was just too much, so we're back to 5. Every week he gets 5 words, I have him write them out 3 times, every day, then on Friday he writes them out 3 times we wait an hour or two and I give him his test. When Chad came home Jacob was telling him how he got a perfect on his spelling test so Chad just starts throwing words out there, some he knew some he didn't know how to spell all he only was off on one letter (the ones he got wrong). It did annoy me though that he does that, Chad that is. I know it's hard that he's not as involved in Jacob's schooling and since Jacob doesn't have home work we're done normally long before Chad gets home from work. They do read together and he see's the progression there, but Chad doesn't have as much patience after dealing with some days some complete idiots at work....but one thing I really love is having Jacob read to me. Jacob is finished with his Kindergarten curric. We will be starting 1st grade on Monday. We will be schooling all year long, taking breaks as we desire. When my parents come for 2 weeks next month, no school and once summer is officially here we'll be going to one subject a day throughout the summer. We'll be doing school up until the day before the baby comes and then we'll take the rest of August off, for me to heal, get into some what of a routine with the baby and having 3 children in the house! I'm sure we'll probably start off slowly 1 or 2 subjects starting back up, but hopefully by the end of September we'll be back to full time and Jack will start a more structured preschool curric. hopefully our days will go smoothly! It'll work out I know that for sure!!

So anyways today my friend Bobbie called to see if  Jacob could spend the night with Brandon and if tomorrow we'd like to come over for a BBQ. Jacob had a tball game and pictures tonight too, so they had pictures taken, then his game. They did great. They don't keep score. All the kids get to bat every inning (they play 3 innings). So after the game Jack tells Mr. Tim (Bobbie's husband) that he wants to stay the night with them. Ok now Jack is 3 1/2 and has NEVER spent the night anywherewithout me or Chad. The ONLY time I've ever been away from him was when he was about 1 1/2 and I went to our Women's Retreat when we were still in Kansas and the retreat was about 15 miles from our house and Chad and the boys came to the hotel and helped us set up and were there the next day to help tear down, I think I was away from them for about 15 hrs, maybe 18...maybe and they were at home with Chad!! So, Tim told Jackson that yes he could spend the night! Bobbie tells me that Tim said Jack can stay the night. I was not very sure about it, he's my baby and he's only 3 1/2. I ask Chad and of course he's fine with it, so Jack's having his first over night away from not just mom, but dad too. He's just literally right across the street from us, but man it's big for momma. Next weekend I'm actually going away and will spend 3 nights away from my children and I'll actually be away for Chad's birthday, which is Sunday. I feel bad to a point that I'm going to not be home for his birthday, but then I started thinking this is something I really need to do, I want to do and dang look how many birthday's the Army's kept us apart for! LOL! I will be home the next day so really not too bad. I'm going to have his gift already bought and will give it to him the day I come home, but will have the boys give him their gifts on his actual birthday! It'll work out!

Do pray for me that I'm ok being away from my boys for so long. I guess it'll be good preperatioin for when I have this little girl and have to be in the hospital away from them. I know this is a horribly boring post, so I'm going to head to bed! Tomorrow Chad will be meeting the boys at wrestling and then bringing them home afterwards, we'll get a couple loads of laundry done. I have to get things done for Awana on Sunday then we'll head over to Bobbie and Tim's for the BBQ, enjoy friendship, then come home and do some more laundry. We HAVE to get some laundry put away! We're getting closer and closer to my parents coming and dang we have so much to do before they come!! We need to get the boys bedroom cleaned, we need to get our bedroom cleaned! I'm hoping next week our new entertainment center will be delivered and when it is I think we'll rearrange our living room. I really need to get our huge cario cabinet sold, so I need to take a couple pictures of it and get it posted up around post and in the local post papers. It's really huge about 7 feet tall. I may call the Thrift Shop, they now have a room opened up for furniture so that would be a good choice, we just  need to find someone with a truck and a few of Chad's soldiers willing to help him get it there, over their lunch hour or if they can get some time off during the day. I will have to call them Tuesday and find out what day we can bring it down there, that really would be the easiest way! I should get some other items together and take them to the thrift shop too, some toys for sure!

Oh not sure if I told you guys we ordered a whole new living room suite! It's being made and I guess it should be here in about 8 weeks now, it's been 2 weeks ago since we ordered it and it takes aprox 10 weeks for it to be made and shipped and delivered to us! I can't wait for it to get here!


Ok seriously going to bed now!


pixiedustnme said...

I cannot believe he just up and decided he didn't want to sleep at home!  What was that kid thinkin?!!  LOL  I'm sure he did fine >sniff<  Just tell him not to let it happen again for a few years!

jckfrstross said...

i am sure he will do fine:) but its hardest on mom huh:) enjoy your weekend


lifesabench6 said...

Hi Christy- my hubby does that too- with coming home and drilling my boy on what he learned today.  It's hard because he sees the progression too, but our son for some reason doesn't like to talk about what things he's learned.  I'm trying to get him to open up  bit more, but he's only 6 so it could just be a phase he's going through.  What I love so much about homeschooling is when our son finally "gets" something.  He's just learing to read now, and to see the happy look on his face!!! I'd never have got to see that if he was learning somewhere else.  You must be so busy though- I've only got 1- and you're busy getting ready for precious girl!!  God bless you all Christy!  Have a wonderful time!  Carolyn :)

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Awww so cute of Jack asking to spend the night with someone....I use to love sleepovers as a kid...heck i still do about once a year or so we have an adult girls night slumber party in my family...haha!  Hoping all goes well when you are away those few days...keeping you in my prayers!  Oh wow Christy...too bad you don't live in Kentucky...cause i would be all over that curio cabinet...Mine is so little...ya can't fit much in it... yours sounds huge...I bet it's beautiful. Surely the thrift shop will be thrilled to take it! Have a great weekend