Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I know I wrote the little update Monday morning, but feel like it's been forever since I actually wrote anything worth while and have to say I don't think I have anything really worth while still to write!

Yesterday I hosted a Mom's Morning Out for our Local PWOC (Protestant Women of the study), we gave mom's who's spouse is deployed or about to deploy next month to drop off their kids for a few  hours. It was from 8:30 to noon. We had 9 kids, granted 2 of them were mine, but that's the most we've had! It really was a good morning and the kids were great. There was one little boy who we had a few issue's with, I talked with his mom when she picked him up and well lets say he left crying knowing he was in trouble when he got home! I shouldn't giggle about that, but well I am! LOL I know as a Mom I want to know when/if my children misbehave if I'm not there and I give the same curtiousy to other mom's.

That went well and then at 2 I watched my friends little girl she's 16 months old, just as sweet as can be! My friend keeps Jacob for me while I'm at PWOC which is definately nice. She doesn't charge me. We made a deal that when she needs childcare, as long as I'm home/free I'll watch her. It's worked out well. Jacob's well behaved normally plays with her little girl, watches a movie sometimes, plays, draws, has a snack, and then I come and pick him up. This morning she said to let Jackson stay and he loved it! She took them to the park, so they got some outside time this morning as well.

Of course yesterday and today being mornings I needed to be up and out of the house the boys both slept in! I had to wake them up both mornings! Yesterday I woke them up at 8 am. Chad was home and I was actually able to leave the boys with him, go pick up the keys for the Yellow Ribbon Room (where we did the Mom's Morning Out) and get things ready for the kids to arrive, since the YRR is literally right across from Chad's office it worked perfectly. This morning I needed to be out of the house no later than 8:35, and I had to wake the boys at 8:20! I got them dressed and had them each grab an apple for breakfast, I grabbed a bag of grapes, the boys grabbed a few toys, a movie and off we went. I amazingly made it to PWOC early!

PWOC was amazing! I shared with the ladies we're having a girl. We're down to 3 classes left for this session, then we'll have a break for a few weeks and start up our summer video series.

Tomorrow I have the PEP briefing for PWOC, I just go and tell the new spouses to the area about PWOC and almost always talk about what's going on at the chapel as well! It takes about 15 minutes so it's pretty quick and easy!

I hope to come up with a better entry later. I am just feeling rather blah right now and kind of tired.

Oh I guess something really great is that the baby is getting REALLY active! She kicks and hits a lot and throughout the day and evening! It's really so nice and reassuring to feel her inside of me. Growing and active!

God Bless


dondieroy said...

sounds like you are as busy as a bee.  take care and have a great day

linnpooh said...

So glad the baby is letting you know she already loves you!

Pooh Hugs,

deshelestraci said...

I love hearing that the baby is kicking and being so active!

ksgal3133 said...

aww I loved it when I was pregnant and could feel them kick :)

Have a great rest of the week!