Thursday, April 12, 2007

Loving Spring in Germany

It's Thursday and woke up with a great deal of peace over everything. I know I have no control over how long Chad will be in Iraq when the time comes again (and yes it will come again even if these idiot Democrats continue their idiocity in trying to set a publicly KNOWN time line...yeah just TELL the terrorists our plans!)

Anyways....Jacob spent the night with one of his best friends (our families are all very good friends), Bobbie (mom) called to see if Jacob could spend the whole day today with them. They went to Heidelberg to go see the castle there (I urge you to google's AMAZING!) We haven't been there yet, so hopefully we can go there sometime soon. Then they were going to drive on over to Ramstein and go eat at Chili's (yes..that's right America's Chili's!) It's on post I believe. I'm sure Jacob will enjoy that. I think when we go to Heidelberg we'll just stay there and eat at TGIFriday's (yes again the American one!!) I'm going to guess it's still going to be a couple hours until Jacob's home (it's 7 pm here now) because Ramstein's a good 3-4 hrs from where we're at!

Jackson and I enjoyed our day toghether! We don't get a lot of one on one time together so it was so nice! We had a lot of fun just playing this morning and hanging out. He talked all morning long! He IS a talker, but well normally Jacob's there too who also talks (I just don't know WHERE they possibly get that from! LOL).After Jack's nap we got up and headed outside into the high 70 degree day we may have actually hit the 70's! I started off in a tshirt and jeans. We walked over to the gym to exchange Jacob's baseball pants (they gave Chad grey for him, but he's supposed to have black) then stopped by the ACS and I booked the Yellow Ribbon Room for PWOC so we can do a Mom's Morning Out for the wive's who's husband is down range or who's husband's about to be heading that way next month. Then dropped my book off at the library, then off to Chad's office (it's right across from the library! We got up to his office about 15 minutes before the end of the work day so Jack ate a jello I down a water. We started heading home together and a spouse that's the FRG leader in another company, but with in our Battalion stopped us and told us she's just GIVING away a car. It's a Mazda something, so we went home and Chad got out of his uniform. I changed into shorts and a tank top, and Jack changed into shorts and we headed over to her place and looked at the car. Chad has to fix the gas tank, because it has a hole on the top of it, but it runs and is in good'll be a good 2nd car and we won't have to put all these miles on our van! Chad's going to go get something from the car care center tomorrow to fix the tank temporarily until he can get another tank. He'll go get it registered in our name tomorrow. Registration is $30.00 and he's going to go to the junk yard here on post and hopefully he can get a tank there and it should cost he thinks about $ a decent 2nd car for $45.00 not bad! When we get ready to PCS back to the states, we'll just sell it!

The 2nd car will come in so handy while my parents are here too. My mom and I are going to go to Poland one day, so Chad, my dad, and the boys will stay here. This will let them go out and do something IF they want...or they can just stay here and relax. I really like that we can stop putting ALL the miles on my van which will be so nice. It's a 4 door car so that will definately be handy! I'm actually pretty excited about it.

Ok so after we looked at the car, we're kept walking. Chad wanted to look and see if he could find his stolen far no luck. The little punk probably has it locked in their storage room or depending on where on this post they live in their garage. Chad does have another bike though. One of his soldiers PCS'd and gave it to him. It's a really nice bike as well. Chad has it locked up in our storage room for now. We bought a new bike lock for Jacob's bike so hopefully the little jerks won't come and try to take it again (the other locks we'd had for a few years, but they appeared to be in good shape so we're not sure if they broke easily or if they cut them, since the locks were gone as well.

Anyways...we got back home and took Jack to the park for a few then Chad and Jack ran to get Chinese and ice cream (it just sounds soooo good...some strawberry ice cream!). That's where they are right now. Chad's going to stop and get him some speghetti ice (giletto aka Italian ice cream and I'm sure Jack will get something there too) then he was going to run to the shopette and get me mine I wanted AMERICAN ice cream! That's what I'm in the mood for!

Tomorrow the boys and I are going with Bobbie and her family (who Jacob's with today) to the Zoo. It's supposed to be in the 80's tomorrow! It's going to be so nice! A perfect day for the zoo! We are just going to ride with them in their van. I'll just have to run and get some euro's for zoo entrance and lunch! Not sure what time we're leaving, I'll find out when they drop off Jacob. Update...Bobbie just called me, they're just now on their way to Chili's and stuck in a stau (trafic jam). Jacob's going to go ahead and stay the night with them and in the morning when they come to get Jackson and I for the zoo, he'll run up here and change his clothes (he has all his hygiene items and pj's so he's good for the night). I'm seriously thinking that they will be getting home close to midnight for the fact that they still have to drive to Ramstein and still order, eat, and then drive home and they have a new born too! Well I consider a 3 month old pretty well a new born! She said Jacob LOVED the castle! She mentioned maybe all of us going down there one day together (both families) and I think that'd be great, then we'll just all head to TGIFriday's for dinner! LOL Hopefully we can go before Tim deploys, just depends on what everyone's schedules are like.

Ok, so that's been my day in a nutshell! We also decided they're going to come about 9 in the morning to head to the zoo! It's going to be a great day. I know the boys will love it. I'll take my camera and get lots of pictures!!

Have a great day!!


scotthlori said...

Guess you are staying busy busy busy!

I've never heard of spagetti ice before ... glad you explained it, 'cause the though of it made me queasy.  LOL


dondieroy said...

sounds like you have had a good day.  That is good news with getting the second car.. WOW.. that was nice of them..  Hope you have a great evening.
take care and enjoy the zoo.. sounds like you are going to have nice weather.
take care,

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Awww I wanna go to the zoo this spring/summer...
Have a great time!!! Can't wait to see pics

janid731 said...

I am so glad that you have been given peace from God.  Your's is not an easy life and I appreciate your family and husband for the sacrifices you have made to keep my family and country safe.  I support you (army and other armed forces) so much and have gained an understanding that sometimes the horror of wars are necessary to prevent worse horrors (if that makes any sense!). Will continue to pray for your family as you go through this time!

Great news on the second car!


pixiedustnme said...

just how MANY times can you mention the nice weather and the words shorts or tank tops in ONE post?  :-P

crewsfour said...

Sounds like you and Jack had a great day together - its so important to do the one on one bonding at times.  I'm glad Jacob liked the castle so much - you're so blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful county temporarily.  Yea on the new to you car - $45. is a steal!!  Have a great time at the zoo - enjoy the weather!!!  Leene

jckfrstross said...

Castles :) i would love to go and just visit castles:) WTG on the second car:) what a deal:) what fun the zoo can't wait to see the pictures:) enjoy your weather we have snow headed our way ugh