Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My shoulder feels great, thanks for those who sent me well wishes! To those wondering I don't take medications when pregnant, even thouse considered safe, mostly because so many of them just have not been study very long and most things I can suck up and get through. I just think of Jordyn. All that she went through, all the pain she endured if she could do it, I can surely do it for a few months! :)

I'm not sure if I shared that this weekend I'm going away for 4 days! I will be at training for PWOC from Friday through Monday! We're going to be staying at a 4 Star Hotel. We each had to pay $35.00 for part of the registration, it's aprox. $1,000.00 a person so not too bad huh?!! I'm really excited. The accomadations will be wonderful, but most of all I'll be with some wonderful Christian women. It'll be training as well as fellowship with other ladies! Everyone who's been there has raved about the location and just said the experience is amazing, life changing! Here's the link to the hotel we're staying at! It's about 4 hrs away from where we are stationed! Sauerland-Stern-Hotel

Well it's time to make lunch, the boys are playing (Jack's painting and Jacob's playing in the playroom). Oh...now they're playing hide and seek! LOL TTYL!!

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deshelestraci said...

Oh to get away for 4 days!!!!!  What a treat!