Sunday, April 22, 2007

The paths God leads us

Ok one all of you are wonderful and some just bad for encouraging my craving that I had last night! (Terri you're the worst! LOL) Anyways....I'm past the little craving I had for cinnimon rolls, although I am thinking I will make some this week, the boys love them, Chad loves them. They're a yummy breakfast, great snack, and always enjoyable! Hopefully I'll get motivated enough to make a double batch and freeze half of them, but well I'm not holding my breath for that! LOL

Tonight we had our next to last Awana meeting, well really it was our last official meeting because next week is Awards night and the party! I will be missing it because I'm going away for PWOC training. I'm looking forward to going but sad I'll be missing the Awards night for the kids. I have a lot to do this week though to prepare for Awards night. Make sure I've written out a certificate for each child, we're going to make candy bags for all of them.

Now I know this is going into a whole other direction, but doesn't God just amaze you? I have a "friend" (she knows how she is) who has felt led to go down a path, everything looked to be going smoothly and then God with his great humor and timing through in a little bit of fun you could say,  she now have more waiting to find out if this path she's felt led to go down IS indeed what God wants for her than she thought. This could be what she thinks, a new walk in her life or it could be God just seeing if she was WILLING to take that path, willing to listen to him. I think we all have been in that situation that God opens a window and it either leads to a door opening or simply leads to a window with some fresh air blowing in, showing that yes we are indeed willing to follow him, listen to him, and put us out there. I think God wants to see if we'll walk the walk as well as talk the talk. I don't know what God has planned for her and her family. I know that she's done what it appears God wants her to do and I have no doubt that pleases God. If that path is God's will, then it'll happen...if part way through he decided it was meant for someone else then she at least listened to God, followed him, and did what he led her to do. Everytime God calls for us, it's NEVER wasted. It may be a new walk or it may be a learning experience. It'll be interesting to see God's plan here, where he leads my friend.

We all know God's good at showing us what we need to do, even when it's not what we expected, planned for, worked towards. He can sometimes, ok no often change things half way through, 3/4 the way through, sometimes all the way until it's time for the door to open and then he says "no". my precious friend no matter what God's decision is on this opportunity for you what ever happens is because it's God's will for you. If you get the job, it's because he wanted it for you and if you don't it's because it's his will! We know he's never wrong and won't lead you wrong! I love you!

I pray that if God's leading others of you down a path and puts up a few road blocks or completely gives you a detour you recognize it's God. I pray that through the easy days and the hard days you praise him, thank him for the opportunities, every one of them whether they're easy or hard lessons he teaches you. Remember that God's got you. He does allow free will, but when we lean on him and let him take the lead he will and he will guide you correctly. He loves you and wants what is best for you, even when at times what's good for you is painful, hurtful, confusing, joyful, rewarding, amazing. We never know how God's going to show us his way.

Have a great rest of the Sunday!

God Bless


bhbner2him said...

The worst place to be is banging your head against a wall without God!  With God any place is fine.  Praying discernment and direction for you friend.  -  Barbara

jckfrstross said...

how true on Gods paths:) have a good week


linnpooh said...

That is so true! God has a plan for our may take a time for it to be laid out for us, but He does direct all of our paths. The test for me is always the patience to wait it out and not try and take over the reins for myself!

Thanks for the great entry.

Pooh Hugs,

chevyz71gurl74 said...

=)  Mmm Cinnamon Rolls...haha

Christy...I soooo needed to read this entry today...
You have such a way with words and are so inspirational...
With God by our side, we should fear nothing. I know sometimes in life things get crazy...and the decisions we make in life are hard...but all we need to remember is to turn to God and he will help us anytime....night or day!  Thanks for such an uplifting read ~ hope you have a great week