Friday, April 6, 2007

It's Friday


Thank you all for the congratulations! Chad and I are now starting to talk names. I went through the whole baby name book on the girls section yesterday and wrote down all the names I like, then named them off to Chad and he said all the ones out of that list that he liked. Then we played around with middle names to go with the 1st name. The list is starting to get a little shorter, I think we narrowed it down to 11, but there's one name on that short list I'm really not very fond of and just can not picture my daughter named this's a beautiful name just not my personal choice!



I did come across a website that gives biblical names, tells the biblical reference which we love! That will definately help us in making the choice as well! God's so good and will give us the perfect name for this little girl!


Today was a gorgeous day!! So glad we're not getting the temps and weather that the midwest to the east coast is getting! We enjoyed a beautiful mid 60 degree, no wind day! We took the boys and our friends son to what we call the Airplane park! They have a large wooden structure and it's built like an airplane! It has a slide for the tail, different climbing area's on it and of course a steering wheel and seats too! It's really awesome! There's a lot of other structures there as well. The boys had a great time! We were there for 2 hrs, then walked down to make sure Brandon could continue to stay outside, and we went to our neighborhood park that we go to pretty well daily. The boys spent that time mostly catching bugs! LOL We came in at 7 tonight. Now they're eating popcorn ,for dinner. :X We had lunch at 2:30 so none of us are really hungry. We don't hardly ever do these sort of junk dinners, so here and there is ok I figure. The boys love it and well can't get any easier! LOL

Tomorrow the boys will go to wrestling practice until noon, come home I will have lunch ready, I'm thinking we'll just have sandwiches and then we're going to head outside for the afternoon. Jack will go 2 days without a nap, actually a good chance he'll go 3 days since Easter is Sunday. We need to dye eggs tomorrow so I'm thinking we'll do that when we finally come inside.


I need to get the house cleaned up tomorrow too. It's not too bad, but still needs to be done. Easter morning our friends are going to drop their dog off and we'll watch him until Tuesday.  They're getting ready for a deployment, so they're heading to Edelweiss for a few days and they don't allow dogs. We enjoy Sparky so for a few days it's nice! The boys love,love, love to play with him and so does Chad, so it'll be a fun few days.

Well the boys decided they want to have some pizza, so I'm making them a pizza right now. Got to love those frozen ones. I know they're not good for you...we did have a good lunch though doesn't really even it all out, but it helps!

God Bless


hsauls said...

I think Heather is a LOVELY name for a girl! *wink*

jckfrstross said...

have a Happy Easter:) good luck with the names its hard to pick the right one.


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Happy Easter Christy!

emabecmar said...

sounds like you had a fun day. Happy Easter to you and your family. (((hugs)))

janid731 said...

How fun to pick out names.  What is the website of the Biblical meanings?  I would love to see that!


xxroxymamaxx said...

Yay!  That is soooo wonderful!  I'm so happy for you...and a girl! Wow.  I'm way past having babies. lol  But I do love them.  :)  How exciting for you.  I named my oldest daughter Kara and she has my husband's middle name Lee.   My husband named my other daughter Cindi and she has my middle name Michelle.   It worked out great.  My son was adopted at a year old so we didn't name him.  Picking out names is sooo much fun!  Good luck and Have a great Easter!  I love that tag with the butterfly bling.  Very pretty!  love ya, Shelly

republicanjen said...

Have you considered Dovie?  ;)  My little girl needs a name twin.  ;)