Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just sharing some things

I wanted to share some important links that I think if you're a parent you need to be using. It's not secret I'm a Conservative Christian and I want my children to grow up in a world that's not full of immoral views and values.

Here's one that I really have been pleased with. I agree with 99% of what they put out and have been very pleased that much of what they stand for, the changes that have needed to be made have happened. It happens because mom's and dad's who share the same or similar values and desires for their children, themselves, and other children step up to the plate and are telling Hollywood and Big Business that it's NOT OK.

www.AFA.net if you sign up you'll get emails sometimes every few days, sometimes just once a week. Often they'll ask you to sign a petition or email a particular company, etc. AFA is "American Family Association".

In association with AFA is One Million Mom's: www.OneMillionMoms.com

There's also One Million Dad's: www.OneMillionDads.com


I hope you will get involved, stand up for your children and your family and for your future children's.


janid731 said...

thanks so much for these links--as a new mom and conservative Christian myself I am always looking for help! :)

Have a great day!


ukgal36 said...

How you doing today Christy?? My silly alerts are all out of wack!!!
hugs from across the pond..