Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day, well it's officially over for us over here in Germany. Chad and the boys got me scrapbooking items, paper, a little teddy bear,  and a beautiful card. Chad and the boys got loaded up on candy and the boys also got little teddy bears.

Wed. are my PWOC day (bible study) but I didn't go. Jack was sick. It started off as a cold, but it's turned into more. He's now battling a fever off and on just does not feel good. Earlier today he was feeling kind of yucky but was still doing an air guitar, shaking that booty, and singing, with in two hours he was burning up cuddled up beside me on the couch and with in two hours after that he was announcing he just didn't feel good.

So...please keep my little guy in your prayers. I'm catching what he has I think and add on morning sickness. I can't breath much (although Jack's nose seems to be a faucet stuck on the on position), have a little cough, and my stomach was hurting earlier. Those who have been pregnant understand the difference in morning sickness and actual sick to the stomach. So if you'd also pray I don't get sick. Chad has a 4 day weekend, so I suppose if I have to get sick this is the time, but I just simply don't want to be.

Saturday I'm taking my friend Michelle and her family to the airport and saying goodbye to her. I hope to get to visit her, possibly when Chad goes back to Iraq. I haven't decided for sure yet, but we've talked about it. I'm going to miss her so much. The last half of the deployment there wasn't a day that went by we didn't talk a few times a day. We'd call each other off and on all day and normally end our evenings talking to each other. We'd get each other normally laughing so hard. We'd spend normally a couple days for a few hours together during the week too. It was actually an adjustment when our hubby's came home to not talk as much. But now she's leaving not only Germany by they're leaving the Army. He'll be a reservists, but it's not the same as Active Duty. The Army's not your day to day life and all it's joys and hardships.

I pray that Michelle, Matt, Austin,and Rose have a wonderful life in Florida and I'm going to miss my friend so much.


Well this definately went off track a bit, not a lot about actual Valentine's Day.


God Bless


jckfrstross said...

I am sorry your friend is leaving:( but you can go and visit florida is nice i hear :) have a good week and i hope all get well soon


deshelestraci said...

I hope you all heal up quickly!  Sounds like you got some good things for Valentine's day!

xxroxymamaxx said...

Well I'm happy that you all had a nice Valentines! : )  Love, Shelly

randlprysock said...

Happy you had such a lovely Valentine's!  Scrapbooking is wonderful!!  Hugs and I know you will miss your friends when they move to FL.  I am not however missing FL that much but I sometimes miss my old kitchen there and being unpacked.  Hugs,

springangel235 said...

So wonderful to read you had a nice Valentine's Day...have a wonderful week...hugs and love,